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October 19 Energy News

October 19, 2020


¶ “Why The US Election Could Decide Battle Against Climate Change” • Scientists studying climate change say that the re-election of Donald Trump could make it “impossible” to keep global temperatures in check. They’re worried another four years of Trump would “lock in” the use of fossil fuels in the US for decades to come. [BBC]

Trump digs coal (Getty Images)

¶ “World Energy Outlook From IEA Is Full Of Doublespeak” • The annual World Energy Outlook from the Internatinal Energy Agency reiterates a vision in which fossil fuels continue to dominate the energy mix far into the future. This provides investors and governments with a foundation to make financial decisions favoring fossil fuels. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Let Nature Design Your Renewable Energy Strategy” • It is time to redesign our energy strategy. And the very same nature that created an impressive energy palette with sun, wind, water and more can show us how to do it. Every point on the globe has multiple natural resources with unique synergies. All we need to do is balance them. [Renewables Now]

Tapping ocean power (Source: Seabased AB)

¶ “Big Banks Could Lose Billions In Global Energy Transition” • US banks began to grow reluctant to provide loan financing to oil and gas firms before this year’s price collapse and pandemic. Well productiveness was lower than forecast and borrowers were sinking deeper into debt. Banks had to protect themselves. The trend has intensified across the world. []

¶ “Texas Has A Big Lesson For Australia: Renewables Are Where The Money Is Flowing” • Australia is a lot like Texas. They have similar sized populations and economies and are hugely invested in resources extraction. Both have thriving renewable energy industries, powered by market investment, while gas is failing. But Australia plans to subsidize gas. [RenewEconomy]

Wind turbines in Texas (Drew Kolb | Flickr)

Science and Technology:

¶ “NREL Advances Thermochromic Window Technologies” • The US DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory reported a breakthrough in developing a next-generation thermochromic window. The NREL scientists say that a new solar cell not only reduces the need for air conditioning but generates electricity at the same time. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

¶ “Sharks Have Killed 7 People In Australia This Year, The Most Since 1934. Climate Change Could Be A Factor” • Sharks have killed seven people in Australia this year. There were no shark attack deaths in Australia in 2019, and most years see one or two deaths. While this year’s large number could be simple bad luck, it could also result from the climate crisis. [CNN]

Bull shark (iStock photo)


¶ “Western Australia OKs Renewable Power Export Project” • The government of Western Australia approved development of a 15,000-MW solar and wind project, which will export electricity to Indonesia and supply the WA iron ore sector. It is the first stage of the proposed Asian Renewable Energy Hub that is targeted to expand to 26,000 MW. [Argus Media]

¶ “Solar, Storage, And Wind – Success Stories In Australia, US, And Vietnam” • Traditional power generators have a problem. It takes years to design, build, and activate any coal or gas powered facility. Building a nuclear power plant can take a decade or more. But renewables, especially solar, can come online quickly. Here are a few examples. [CleanTechnica]

Solar array in Vietnam (Courtesy of Trungnam Group)

¶ “New Zealand To Keep Oil Drilling Ban, Renewables Push” • New Zealand’s ruling Labour party has won an outright victory in national elections, after winning 64 of 120 seats in the October 17 election. It will maintain the country’s ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration, and the victory sets the scene for a further expansion of renewable energy. [Argus Media]

¶ “Australia Key Player In Global Power System Transformation Team” • The Australian Energy Market Operator has joined five power system operators around the world, each with have more than 50% renewables in its mix, in a new partnership. Its mission is “to foment a rapid clean-energy transition at unprecedented scope and scale.” [pv magazine Australia]

Floating solar system (Image: Hanwha Q Cells)

¶ “Egypt To Establish New Wind Power Complex With 2000-MW Capacity” • Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy announced that work is underway to construct a new wind power complex with a capacity of 2,000 MW in the Red Sea governorate. Of that, 500 MW will be generated by the German company Siemens. [Egypt Independent]


¶ “Penn State Now Purchasing Renewable Electricity From Solar Farms” • Penn State has recently begun purchasing renewable energy from three recently built solar farms in Franklin County, according to a university release. The purchase is part of a larger goal the university has to be more sustainable and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [Onward State]

Solar farm (Courtesy of Lightsource BP)

¶ “Fisker Ocean Gets Real With Help From Magna” • This past week, Fisker announced that its upcoming Ocean electric SUV would be built by none other than automotive super-supplier Magna. It is a move that offers Fisker access to Magna’s global supply chain and gives the latest iteration of the Fisker EV brand real, instant street cred. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Offshore Wind Project Completes Final Step, Ready To Deliver Renewable Energy To Virginians” • Dominion Energy announced that final testing of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot is complete. It is ready to enter commercial service, providing clean energy to Virginians. As it runs, a technical review will be under way. [WJHL-TV]

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