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October 15 Energy News

October 15, 2020


¶ “Keep It Clean: How Renewables Can Lead The Recovery From Covid-19” • Despite the profound impact of the pandemic, most of the critical issues that were facing the Australian energy industry before the pandemic haven’t changed. Many of those issues will become even more important as we look to jumpstart the economy and replace lost jobs. [Utility Magazine]

Wind farm (Shutterstock image)

¶ “Amy Coney Barrett’s Climate Dodge Isn’t Just Unscientific. It’s At Odds With Most Americans” • Twice this week, Amy Coney Barrett refused to acknowledge the scientific reality that the climate is changing. The second time, she doubled down, saying that the very issue of climate change was “a very contentious matter of public debate.” [Huffpost]

Science and Technology:

¶ “ExaWind Supercharges Wind Power Plant Simulations On Land And At Sea” • ExaWind has groundbreaking simulation capabilities so engineers can create virtual environments where they can test their designs in real-time and move forward with confidence, minimizing industry risk and ensuring optimized performance down the road. [CleanTechnica]

Simulated flow structure of a 5-MW wind turbine
rotor (Graphic by Shreyas Ananthan, NREL)

¶ “Using Ammonia To Store And Transport Renewable Energy” • Although ammonia is a gas at room temperature, it is much more readily liquified than hydrogen, enabling large quantities of energy to be stored and transported. It can be directly in fuel cells, converted back into hydrogen, or burned in an internal combustion engine. []

¶ “‘Staggering’ Rise In The Number Of Natural Disasters” • A report from the UN Office on Disaster Risk Reduction says there were 7,348 disaster events recorded worldwide in 2000 to 2019, with 1.23 million fatalities and $2.97 trillion in losses. There were 4,212 reported disasters 1.19 million deaths and losses of $1.63 trillion in 1980 to 1999. [Environment Journal]

Storm over Bavaria (P Horálek, ESO, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “11% Plugin Vehicle Share In France!” • While the overall French automotive market had a so so month (down 3% in September), plugin vehicle sales continued to be steaming hot (up 322%). Plugin hybrids (PHEVs) were up 486%, to 7,867 units, faring better than 100% electric vehicles (BEVs), which were up only 138%, to 10,011 registrations. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Audi And Volkswagen Both Amp Up Their Plug-In Hybrid Offerings” • In separate press releases, Audi and Volkswagen have announced two new plug-in hybrid variants for their largest SUV models – the Audi Q8 and Volkswagen Taureg. Make no mistake; both cars looks substantially different on the outside but they are virtually identical under the skin. [CleanTechnica]

Audi Q8 (Credit: Audi)

¶ “Total, Adani Expand India PV Portfolio To 2.3 GW” • Total’s joint venture with Indian renewables developer Adani is to expand its solar PV portfolio to 2,300 MW from 2,100 MW. The expansion comprises a 100-MW and a 30-MW facility in the north of India and a 75-MW installation in the west of the country. [reNEWS]

¶ “11-kW Bi-Directional ABB Chargers Coming To France, UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium” • ABB, one of the leaders of the EV charging industry, is taking a step toward bi-directional 11-kW charging. The charging station comes along with a vehicle-to-grid partnership in France with DREEV, which is to expand to the UK, Italy, Belgium, and Germany. [CleanTechnica]

V2G charging with a Nissan LEAF

¶ “Renewable Energy Investments Can Surge 35% Through FY23 In India: CRISIL” • By stimulating global investor interest and enabling regulations, India can fuel the addition of as much as 35 GW of renewable energy (solar and wind power) capacity, with ₹1.5 lakh crore ($13.6 billion) of investments through fiscal 2023, CRISIL analysis estimates. [Saurenergy]

¶ “Ikea Adelaide Constructing Unique Microgrid On Its Way To 100% Renewable Energy” • Ikea Adelaide and Planet Ark Power have come together to make good use of the vast expanse of an Ikea rooftop. They are constructing what Planet Art Power is calling Australia’s largest grid-connected commercial microgrid of its kind. [pv magazine Australia]

Rendering of Ikea Adelaide on completion (Image: Ikea Adelaide)


¶ “A Ground-Mounted Home Solar Power System For Less Than $13,700?” • Answering those who think solar systems are too expensive, GoGreenSolar has a 5-kW solar power kit for only $7,228.  Together with other parts needed for installation and the labor to get that done, the total system cost is $13,700. This figure is without incentives. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Hundreds Of Electric Blue Bird Buses Across The USA – Got One Yet?” • While we don’t yet have the chance to celebrate thousands of electric school buses across the USA, Blue Bird has announced that it has already sold hundreds of electric buses, and there’s been “a surge in demand for their 100% electric school buses.” [CleanTechnica]

Blue Bird Electric School Bus Safety

¶ “Arizona regulators give OK to requiring more energy efficiency from utilities” • After four years of debate, workshops and multiple attempts, the Arizona Corporation Commission gave initial approval to a new requirement for electric utilities to boost their energy-efficiency programs. They voted 4 to 1 to increase the efficiency standard. []

¶ “DOE Awards $160 Million To TerraPower And X-Energy To Build Advanced Nuclear Plants By 2027” • The DOE awarded $160 million to X-energy and TerraPower, with the potential for billions more in federal funding, as the companies strive to build a working model of their smaller scale, more flexible advanced nuclear reactor designs by 2027. [Greentech Media]

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