October 14 Energy News

October 14, 2020


¶ “Mitch McConnell Leaves Kentucky Nearly Last In Everything While Drowning Democracy And US Progress In The Senate” • Kentucky is a coal state. What has happened to coal with Donald Trump in office is exactly what Hillary Clinton said. She had a plan. Donald Trump didn’t. He simply claimed that he would magically save the coal industry. [CleanTechnica]

McConnell’s successes (Risky Liberal 86.43 via Twitter)

¶ “Five Things Individuals Can Do To Fight Climate Change” • In a recent Yale poll, two-thirds of Americans said they felt personal responsibility to reduce global warming. While it is clear that “solving” climate change will require an unprecedented overhaul of the global energy system, there are things everyday people can do to reduce their carbon emissions. [Quartz]

Science and Technology:

¶ “The Great Barrier Reef Has Lost Half Its Corals Within Three Decades” • Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has lost 50% of its coral populations in the last three decades, with climate change a key driver of reef disturbance, a study has found. Between a quarter and a third of all marine species rely on reef systems at some point in their life cycle. [CNN]

Great Barrier Reef corals (CNN)

¶ “Exploring Eagle Hearing And Vision Capabilities To Reduce Risk At Wind Farms” • Purdue University and the University of Minnesota are studying the visual and auditory capabilities of bald and golden eagles to help improve the deterrents used for wind energy facilities. Their findings will be made at to eagle deterrent technology developers. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Trump Administration Study Finds Climate Change, Oil Drilling Could Threaten Polar Bears” • A study examining polar bear habitats in Alaska found that upcoming large industrial activities could have an effect on polar bear populations. The bears are already fighting for survival due to climate change factors including rapid ice loss. [KTVU San Francisco]

Polar bears in Alaska (Getty Images)


¶ “Queensland Transition To Renewables Would Generate Almost 10,000 Jobs, Analysis Shows” • Queensland has the potential to draw all of its electricity from renewable sources in a 15-year transition away from fossil fuels that would generate almost 10,000 jobs, according to analysis commissioned by the Queensland Conservation Council. [The Guardian]

¶ “Mainstream Secures $280 Million Construction Finance” • Wind and solar developer Mainstream Renewable Power closed a $280 million construction finance facility with AMP Capital Infrastructure Debt Fund IV to support a 1,300-MW build out in Chile. The proceeds will be used to fund 951 MW of onshore wind and 350 MW solar PV construction. [reNEWS]

Windpower construction (Mainstream Renewable Power)

¶ “Solar Energy Reaches Historically Low Costs” • In some parts of the world, solar power is the cheapest source of electricity in history, thanks to policies encouraging renewable energy growth, according to a report by the International Energy Agency. In most countries, it’s consistently cheaper to build solar farms than new gas-fired power plants. [The Verge]

¶ “Hydropower Pushes For Greater Access To Green Finance” • Hydropower, the largest source of renewable electricity, could begin using environmental, social, and corporate governance measures to bolster project financing from the end of this year. Investors are increasingly scrutizing environmental, social, and ethical standards. [Greentech Media]

Hydropower dam in Norway (Photo: Statkraft)

¶ “Tsunami-Hit Onagawa Reactor To Get Restart OK By Year’s End” • A nuclear reactor that was damaged by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami is all but certain to resume operations after the governor of the prefecture hosting the facility decided to give his blessing to its targeted 2022 restart, according to local officials. [The Japan Times]


¶ “Tesla Cofounder JB Straubel Wants To Build The World’s Top Battery Recycling Company” • Tesla cofounder and longtime CTO JB Straubel has big plans for the battery industry. He is trying to turn his startup Redwood Materials into the world’s top battery recycling company. He also plans to create one of the largest battery materials companies. [CleanTechnica]

JB Straubel (Tesla Owners East Bay via Twitter)

¶ “The TVA’s Slower Pace Toward Renewable Energy Weakens Nashville’s Future, Report Finds” • A growing number of electric utilities in the US have made a pledge to reach “net-zero” CO₂ emissions by 2050. But not the Tennessee Valley Authority. And that, according to a report, puts the Music City at an economic disadvantage. [The Tennessean]

¶ “NREL And CharIN Test Out Megawatt Charging System In USA” • In September, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory joined forces with the Charging Interface Initiative to host a high-power EV charging connector test event. Results from the tests will help inform development of interoperable connector and inlet designs. [CleanTechnica]

Evaluating fit and ergonomics (Photo: Dennis Schroeder, NREL)

¶ “Hillsboro Harnesses Renewable Power From Water Pipes” • In Hillsboro, Oregon, the concession stands, EV charging stations, and stadium lights at Ron Tonkin field are being powered with renewable energy. It’s not solar or wind power, but hydropower generated by the water flowing through the pipes right below the stadium’s parking lot. [KGW.com]

¶ “Home Depot Will Buy Enough Power From A 284-MW Solar+Storage Project To Power 150 Stores” • Enel Green Power North America is building a 284-MW Azure Sky solar+storage project. The Home Depot will buy the electricity generated from a 75-MW portion of the Azure Sky solar project through a power purchase agreement. [Solar Power World]

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