October 11 Energy News

October 11, 2020


¶ “New York Pathways To Bus And Truck Electrification” • To achieve New York’s ambitious climate and clean energy goals outlined in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, New York needs to aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, the largest source of emissions in the state. [CleanTechnica]

New York City (Image by Robert Hoffmann via Unsplash)

¶ “Robert Redford: The Big Question I Want Answered” • After pointing out the importance of climate change, Covid-19, habitat destruction, and other complex issues, Robert Redford observes that while these issues threaten our way of life, they are being addressed neither by our federal leadership nor the press. He says the question is, “What do we do now?” [CNN]

¶ “Over The Water. Will Nuclear Power Plants Have To Adapt To Global Warming?” • Nuclear reactors need water to operate. There are around forty power plants in France, sited on rivers for water. These reactors represent almost half of the freshwater withdrawals carried out each year on French territory. It is four times more than agriculture. [Pledge Times]

Belleville nuclear plant (François GOGLINS, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “On Wednesday, Mike Pence Downplayed Hurricanes. Last Night, Delta Proved Him Wrong” • In the debate, Mike Pence minimized the extreme weather taking place across the the US this year, claiming, “there are no more hurricanes today than there were 100 years ago.” Then Delta arrived, just one of the record-breaking events of the year. [Mother Jones]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Tesla’s New Structural Battery Pack – It’s Not Cell-to-Pack, It’s Cell-to-Body” • Tesla’s Battery Day was not just full of surprises. When you read between the slides, Tesla made a lot of product announcements, many of which are still awaiting their discovery. The one this article is about is Tesla’s new battery pack, which is to replace its battery skateboard design. [CleanTechnica]

New Tesla battery pack

¶ “Electric Cars Cost Less To Own – Consumer Reports Agrees With Us” • For years, CleanTechnica has been publishing stories showing that as electric car technology has improved, the “total cost of ownership” comparisons have become increasingly compelling. Now, analysis published by Consumer Reports agrees. EVs save a lot of money. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Tesla And Fastned Join Forces To Build Germany’s Largest Fast Charging Station” • The Rhine–Ruhr region would be the second-largest metropolitan area in the USA if it were situated there. Some 13 million people live in its cities. But compared to the Netherlands or California, it is a charging desert. That is changing. [CleanTechnica]

Fastned charging station

¶ “SSE And Coilte Explore New €80 Million Wind Farm” • Coillte Renewable Energy and SSE Renewables are jointly exploring a 72-MW renewable energy project at Gortyrahilly, County Cork, which could involve an investment of over €80 million. The project is a proposed wind farm that could range from 60 MW to 72 MW. [Independent.ie]

¶ “Investors And Graduates Flock To The UK’s Burgeoning Windfarms” • The UK is pursuing an ambitious plan for offshore wind power. It will require an average of one wind turbine to be installed every weekday for ten years, £50 billion of investment from the private-sector, and many workers. [The Guardian]

Hywind floating windfarm (Photograph: Equinor)

¶ “Graziers Join Calls For Queensland Government To Stop Spruiking Coal And Embrace Renewable Future” • Withersfield Station has been held by the Graham family since the 1950s, but persistent drought conditions have made it much harder to run cattle. Their call to act on climate change joins many others. But the government is stuck on coal. [ABC News]


¶ “New ACC Will Decide Major Moves On Clean Energy, Electric Choice” • A race for three out of the five seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission may shape the state’s move away from fossil fuels. The current commission is set to pass rules requiring “carbon-free” electricity by 2050, but the next commission will guide their application. [Arizona Daily Star]

Wind turbine blade (Chris English, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Climate Change Led To California’s Rolling Blackouts” • California energy officials said extreme heat fueled by climate change, along with poor planning, led to the rolling blackouts in August. They have repeatedly stressed that California’s efforts to increase its use of renewable energy did not cause the blackouts, and called for further increases. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “YCCD Achieves Net-Zero Energy Consumption From Renewable Energy Sources” • California’s Yuba Community College District reported on its efforts to use renewable energy on its campuses. The district said it has installed 4 MW of solar power and roughly half a megawatt of battery energy storage across five sites since 2012. [Lake County News]

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