March 22 Energy News

March 22, 2020


¶ “Can Renewables Make Airlines Carbon-Free By 2050?” • With the climate crisis accelerating and the EU aiming to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, every industry that emits greenhouse gas emissions must decarbonize. The consensus is that aviation will be the toughest sector for this to be achieved. Recharge takes an in-depth look. [Recharge]

First flight of Harbour Air electric plane (Harbour Air image)

¶ “The Electric Car Cost Tipping Point” • Watching the rapid market transition in clean technologies is like watching an approaching train. From far away, it seems like the train is coming along so slowly and taking so long, but once the train is near, it zooms past you super quickly. We are getting to the point of fast transition to EVs. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Is Hydrogen The Solution To Net-Zero Home Heating?” • A quarter to a third of the UK’s greenhouse emissions come from central heating. A switch from natural gas to hydrogen, one of three proposals for greener energy, has experts divided. There is a lot unknown about the switch, and there are other technologies for getting to net-zero. [The Guardian]

Hydrogen fuel cell bus (Liam McBurney | PA)

¶ “Why Is COVID-19 Taken More Seriously Than Climate Change?” • Climate change is an existential threat to the future of humanity. We are on a trajectory to destroying a livable climate. By contrast, COVID-19 appeared quickly and spread quickly. We have long known about the old threat, but the new threat is getting the attention. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “This Pandemic Might Actually Help Us Tackle Climate Change. Here’s How” • There is a strong link between economic activity and global carbon dioxide emissions, as fossil fuels dominate energy. This coupling suggests that with the COVID-19 pandemic, we may see a slowdown of CO₂ emissions due to reduced energy consumption. [ScienceAlert]

Misty forest (Nicolai Durbaum | Unsplash)


¶ “ZESA’S $500 Million Plan To End Load-Shedding” • Last year, Zimbabwe introduced an 18-hour daily load-shedding schedule after electricity production at Kariba Dam fell sharply as water levels in the reservoir fell. The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has a $500 million plan to use solar PV systems to reduce load-shedding. [The Zimbabwe Standard]

¶ “World Water Day: Often Overlooked, Water Resources Are Essential Part Of Solution To Climate Change” • On World Water Day, the UN launched a flagship report that says reducing both the impacts and drivers of climate change will require major shifts in the way we use and reuse the Earth’s limited water resources. [UN News]

Peat bog in Belarus drawing down atmospheric CO₂

¶ “India Sets Aside $55 Million For Municipal Solid-Waste Based Projects” • The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy announced that $55 million (£47.6 million) has been allocated for municipal solid waste projects. An initial grant of $11.37 million was for biogas projects, but this was increased and extended to biomass gasifier projects. [Energy Live News]

¶ “Workers Are Paying The Price As Beijing’s Last Coal Mine Closes” • Gutted factories and crumbling homes that will soon be abandoned dot the scarred hills in Mentougou, home to Beijing’s last coal mine. It is to close this year as the city battles choking smog. The mines have provided energy for Beijing for 300 years, but workers face uncertain futures. [Business Day]

Datai coal mine in Mentougou (Greg Baker | AFP)

¶ “Renewable Energy: Four Policies Approved To Boost Industrial Growth In Jammu and Kashmir” • In a bid to boost industrial growth, the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Council, headed by Lt Governor G C Murmu, approved four policies for tourism, captive power, sustainable energy, and AYUSH care. [EnergyInfraPost]


¶ “Coal Industry Group Asks Federal Lawmakers To Cut Funding For Black Lung Program, Citing COVID-19” • National Mining Association leaders called on the president and congress to cut a tax used to support coal miners with black lung disease and to give other financial benefits for the coal mining industry, as a COVID-19 pandemic response. [NationofChange]

Coal haul truck (Kristina Barker | Reuters)

¶ “Details Of Local Solar Projects Announced” • One of the 21 large-scale solar, wind and energy storage projects Gov Andrew M Cuomo announced for upstate New York is a solar project in the towns of Brasher, Norfolk and Massena. North Side Energy Center, LLC, plans to develop and operate the 180 MW project on leased private property. [NNY360]

¶ “New Road Map To A US Hydrogen Economy” • A coalition of major oil and gas, power, automotive, fuel cell, and hydrogen companies have developed and released the full new report, a “Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy.” The Road Map stresses the versatility of hydrogen as an enabler of renewable energy systems. [Green Car Congress]

Hydrogen fuel cell bus (Jason Lawrence, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “West Virginia, Pennsylvania Differ Over Coal Mining As ‘Essential’” • Coal mining is an “essential” business for West Virginia and will stay open during the coronavirus crisis, Gov Jim Justice (R) said. But in Pennsylvania, Gov Tom Wolf (D) issued an order requiring “non life-sustaining” businesses, including coal mining, to halt operations. [Cumberland Times-News]

¶ “Scientists Call For Fusion Power Plant In The US” • In an ambitious push to develop and implement nuclear fusion power in the US by the end of the decade, a team of 300 researchers just published a massive report that lays out exactly what the scientific community needs and what it should prioritize to get the ball rolling. [Futurism]

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