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March 26 Energy News

March 26, 2020


¶ “Nature Is Trying To Tell Us Something. Is There Anybody Listening?” • The coronavirus has upended our society. The head of the Federal Reserve predicts a 50% reduction in America’s GDP in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year with unemployment of 30% or more. Meanwhile, President Trump is pushing for the pandemic to be over by Easter. [CleanTechnica]

Sign of the times (Image: Federal Reserve Bank Of New York)

¶ “What Is The Best Approach To Putting A Price On Carbon Emissions In The US?” • There is no doubt the carbon tax would help put the US on track to zero emissions by mid-century. It happens that there are carbon tax proposals backed by Big Oil, but those favored by environmentalists are rather different. The question is what is best? [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “This Giant Glacier In Antarctica Is Melting, And It Could Raise Sea Levels By Five Feet, Scientists Say” • In the last 22 years, one giant glacier in Antarctica has retreated almost three miles. If it fully thaws, sea levels would rise almost five feet, according to researchers at the University of California, Irvine and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. [CNN]

The Denman Glacier, in East Antarctica (NASA image)

¶ “The Great Barrier Reef Likely Just Experienced Its Most Widespread Bleaching Event On Record” • Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has likely had its most widespread bleaching event on record, according to a US government scientist who monitors the world’s coral reefs. It was the third mass bleaching event on the reef in just the last five years. [CNN]


¶ “GE Gets Nod With Cypress Hardware in Vietnam” • Co-developers The Blue Circle and AC Energy have placed an order for GE Renewable Energy’s Cypress turbines for a 40-MW wind project in one of the best wind resource areas in Vietnam. GE will supply eight of its GE 5MW-158 model for the second phase of the Mui Ne wind project. [reNEWS]

Wind turbines in Vietnam (Image: The Blue Circle)

¶ “Sweden Reaches 26% Electric Vehicle Market Share!” • Sweden had an overall EV market share of 26%, an achievement that is stunning for early 2020. The Swedish electric vehicle market is unusual, because about 80% of electric vehicle sales are plug-in hybrids. In most EV markets, 50% or more of those sold are fully electric. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Acciona To Build Huge 1-GW Wind Farm In Queensland After Landing CleanCo Deal” • Acciona, the Spanish renewable energy giant, is set to build a 1-GW wind farm in Queensland after it signed a deal with Cleanco, the state government’s newly created clean energy generation company. It will be the largest wind farm in Australia. [RenewEconomy]

Acciona’s Mt Gellibrand wind farm in Victoria

¶ “Coal’s Demise Is Fueling A Wave Of Green Energy Solutions” • In Europe, the US, and China, renewables are now cheaper than coal – by a lot. And now, the industry is facing another challenge: COVID-19. The slow and painful death of the coal industry is creating some interesting new opportunities for investors in green energy solutions. []

¶ “Wind Capacity Grows By Over 60 GW In 2019” • Global wind energy capacity increased by over 60GW in 2019, making it the second highest year for new installations, according to a report from the Global Wind Energy Council. The 15th edition of the “Global Wind Report” said year-on-year growth in 2019 was 19%, with 60.4 GW installed. [reNEWS]

Attaching a blade (GWEC image)

¶ “Coal power remains in global decline, despite Chinese surge” • The impact of coronavirus has prompted a surge in coal-fired power plant construction permits in China, with the government issuing more permits in a couple of weeks of March than it did all of last year. However, would-be developers are having difficulty finding financing. [The Sydney Morning Herald]


¶ “Colorado Utilities Take Step Into Energy Markets As They Evaluate What’s To Come” • Like the Continental Divide that splits Colorado waters into those flowing toward the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, the state’s electrical utilities have decided to go either east or west to take advantage of new or growing energy markets. [Energy News Network]

Independence Pass, Colorado (Wasif Malik | Flickr)

¶ “Renewable Energy Advocates Decry Lack Of Help In Stimulus Bill” • The latest version of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill moving through the US Senate would give some economic relief to households and businesses, but the renewable energy industry is disappointed the bill does not extend investment tax credits for its projects. [POWER Magazine]

¶ “Most Of Hawaii’s Electric Batteries Are Paired With Wind Or Solar – EIA” • Nearly all of Hawaii’s utility-scale battery storage capacity is installed with onshore wind turbines or solar PV systems, allowing excess electricity from those generators to be stored and used later, the US Energy Information Administration saids in a report. [Renewables Now]

Hawaii wind farm (David J Laporte, CC 2.0 Generic)

¶ “Old Dominion Electric Cooperative Contracts With EDF Renewables For Additional 30 MW Of Solar” • In 2019, Old Dominion Electric Co-op and EDF Renewables North America agreed to build 30 MW of solar power on 10-12  sites in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Now, they have increased that to over 60 MW of local solar energy. [Solar Builder]

¶ “TVA Delays Two Spring Reactor Refueling Outages By Two Weeks Due To Pandemic” • The Tennessee Valley Authority took the “precautionary step” of delaying planned outages at the Sequoyah 2 and Watts Bar 1 nuclear reactors this spring by two weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, a TVA spokesman said. It is the first such delay announced. [S&P Global]

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