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March 11 Energy News

March 11, 2020


¶ “Why Russia And Vladimir Putin Are Waging An Oil War With America” • Vladimir Putin knows America’s fragile oil industry is built on a mountain of debt. Moscow’s refusal to join with OPEC to mitigate oversupply is aimed in part at drowning US shale oil companies, which compete with Russian oil but rely on higher prices, in a sea of cheap crude. [CNN]

NYSE (Timothy A Clary | AFP via Getty Images)

Science and Technology:

¶ “The Climate Crisis Is Disrupting Life For Millions, A Report Finds” • The wide-ranging State of the Climate report outlines the latest science and includes data from a variety of disciplines in order to evaluate the current and future impacts of climate change on everything from heath and global economies to food insecurity and refugee displacements. [CNN]

¶ “Samsung Reveals New Solid State Lithium Metal Battery With 900-Wh/L Density” • Researchers for battery powerhouse Samsung just published a study highlighting its next generation solid state lithium battery. The new battery has better energy density than traditional lithium-ion technology and promises to usher in a new generation of batteries. [CleanTechnica]

Samsung SDI lithium-ion cells (Kyle Field | CleanTechnica)


¶ “Fiji Coastal Communities Forced To Move Inland” • Coastal communities in Fiji are having to move inland due to climate change. Toguru has lost half of its land. What was once 10 acres is now 5. Soon, the villagers of Togoru will join five other villages in Fiji; they will have to relocate before their homes are completely submerged. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Rising Temperatures Surge Energy Demand In ASEAN” • The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has seen electricity demand grow at 6% annually. It is among the fastest in the world. Renewable energy meets 15% of its demand, but a hotter climate has led to an increase use in air-conditioning, and peak demand is growing. [The ASEAN Post]

Rooftop solar in Manila (AFP image)

¶ “50Hertz Delivers Record Renewables Volume” • German transmission system operator 50Hertz transported a record of about 60 TWh (60,000 GWh) of renewable electricity in 2019, mainly from wind and solar power. 50Hertz said it has costs under control and will continue to invest heavily in electricity infrastructure for the energy transition. [reNEWS]

¶ “Power’s Carbon Emissions Fall, Renewables Rise, But More Needed – Report” • A report from think-tank Ember says a 3% drop in coal-fired electricity in 2019 led to a 2% drop in overall carbon emissions. But its authors warn that the move away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable power generation needs to be accelerated. [Smart Energy]

Coal plant and wind turbine

¶ “Japan Marks Ninth Anniversary Of 3/11 Disaster Quietly As Virus Concerns Halt Events” • Japan quietly observed the ninth anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami that rocked the Tohoku region, killed over 15,000 people, and triggered the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns, amid health fears about the COVID-19 virus. [The Japan Times]


¶ “The Purple Food Changing California” • Since 2014, parts of the California coast has lost more than 90% of their bull kelp forest due to problems related to climate change. Losing the kelp forests could mean an ecosystem cascade that would devastate many species and local economies. The solution may involve eating purple sea urchins. [BBC]

Purple sea urchins (Michael Zeigler | Getty Images)

¶ “Does This Tiny Island Off The Coast Of Maine Hold The Answer To The Future Of Electricity?” • Isle au Haut gets electricity via underwater cable from the mainland, about 7 miles (11 km) away. But that cable, installed in 1983, is old and could fail at any time. Islanders have been looking at a local microgrid to replace shore-based electricity. [Ensia]

¶ “Call to Double Vermont’s Renewable Energy Capacity Ignites Debate” • A bill requiring utilities to get 100% of their electricity from green sources by 2030, up from the existing requirement of 75% by 2032, is viewed by many lawmakers as one of this session’s most consequential pieces of environmental legislation. But the bill has some opposition. [Seven Days]

Installing a PV system (Norwich Solar Technologies image)

¶ “Plan Advances To Convert Utah Coal-Fired Power Plant To Run On 100% Hydrogen With Storage” • The Intermountain Power Plant in Delta, Utah is coal-fired. It is being transitioned first to run on natural gas, then to a mixture of gas and hydrogen, and then to 100% renewable hydrogen by 2045. It will have a capacity of 840 MW. [S&P Global]

¶ “Kansas Wind To Fuel Aircraft Manufacturer” • US energy company Evergy is to supply 55 MW of electricity to Textron Aviation from the 300-MW Soldier Creek wind farm in Kansas under a multi-year power purchase agreement. The PPA covers almost all Textron’s electricity needs at its facilities in Wichita and Independence, Kansas. [reNEWS]

Wind turbine (Textron Aviation image)

¶ “Goldman Sachs Forms JV To Develop Distributed Solar Projects” • Telos Clean Energy announced entering a joint venture with Goldman Sachs’ Alternative Energy Investing Group to develop, construct, own, and operate distributed solar power projects. Goldman Sachs can invest up to $275 million in the joint venture activities. [Saurenergy]

¶ “US Energy Storage ‘Surges In Q4 2019’” • The US energy storage market installed record capacity the fourth quarter of 2019, deploying 186 MW and 364 MWh of storage, according to Wood Mackenzie’s latest data. The front-of-meter market “spiked 160% in quarter-over-quarter growth,” with 103.8 MW deployed in the last quarter of 2019. [reNEWS]

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