November 25 Energy News

November 25, 2018

National Climate Assessment Report:

¶ “Climate Change is Already Hurting US Communities, Federal Report Says” • Climate change is already causing more frequent and severe weather across the US, and the country is poised to suffer massive damage to infrastructure, ecosystems, health, and the economy if it is allowed to continue, the 4th National Climate Assessment said. [WBFO]

Neighborhood in Paradise, California (Noah Berger | AP)

¶ “Climate Change Will Shrink US Economy and Kill Thousands, Government Report Warns” • The Fourth National Climate Assessment delivers a dire warning about climate change and its devastating impacts, saying the economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars – in the worst-case scenario, more than 10% of its GDP – by the end of the century. [KNWA]

¶ “Al Gore Calls Out Trump for ‘Burying’ Climate Change Report by Releasing it on Black Friday” • Al Gore has lashed out at the Trump administration accusing it of seeking to ‘bury’ a US government report on climate change by releasing it on Black Friday, when people’s minds would be focused on sales starting the Christmas shopping season. [Daily Mail]

Flooded neighborhood

¶ “White House Says Dire Climate Report Based on ‘Extreme Scenario'” • The Trump administration is downplaying the 4th National Climate Assessment. It said the study was largely based on “the most extreme scenario” and does not account for innovations that could diminish carbon emissions and the effects of climate change. [Voice of America]

¶ “3 Big Takeaways from the Major New US Climate Report” • Climate change is here, it’s expensive, and it’s deadly, according to a dire new report. The risks are not just down the road. The report connects climate change to current issues from declining water levels in the Colorado River Basin to the spread of ticks carrying Lyme disease. [Vox]

Searching for human remains in California (Umair Irfan | Vox)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Superconducting Tape Could Lead to Lower-Cost Wind Power” • Wind turbines can need about a ton of rare earth metals each, and that is costly. But the EU-backed EcoSwing project upgraded a wind turbine in Denmark with superconducting tape that reduces the required amount of rare earth metals to as little as 1 kg (2.2 lbs). [Engadget]


¶ “Amazon Rainforest Deforestation ‘Worst in 10 Years’, Says Brazil” • You would think that with all the warnings about deforestation and its impact on climate change, deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest would continue its decline. But according to the government of Brazil, it has grown much worse. And the outlook is not good. [Digital Journal]

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest and deforestation
(CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture | flickr)

¶ “Government Threatens to Cut Solar Power Subsidies” • The Japanese government is threatening to cut existing solar power project subsidies angering the power producers and investors that say the cuts will undermine their profitability and violate earlier agreements. Japan’s feed in tariffs are currently among the highest in the world. [Japan Today]

¶ “NKT, Boskalis Win Ostwind 2 Export Prize” • A consortium of NKT and Boskalis secured a €550-plus deal to supply and install the grid wire for the Ostwind 2 connection in the Baltic Sea. The Danish cable manufacturer will deliver 270 km of offshore and 8 km of onshore wires for the grid hub, which will connect two offshore wind farms to shore. [reNEWS]

NKT cable production in Sweden (NKT image)

¶ “Pro-Nuclear Activists Win Landslide Electoral Victory in Taiwan” • In a surprise victory, Taiwanese voters on Saturday decisively rejected the government’s phase-out of nuclear power, 59% to 41%. The referendum also required a vote with over five million in favor of its passing, and its support was well over that number. [Forbes]


¶ “Mills Administration: Energy Policy to Change ‘180 Degrees'” • Eight years of Maine’s Gov Paul LePage and Republican allies working to encourage natural gas and transmission lines will end as a Democratic government shifts Maine’s energy policy to boost local, green-power development and blunt the impacts of a warming climate. [Lewiston Sun Journal]

Wind farm in Maine (Michael Surran, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Fayetteville Moves Toward 100% Renewable Energy, Saves $6 million in Future Energy Costs” • In Arkansas, the Fayetteville City Council unanimously voted to approve an agreement with Ozarks Electric Cooperative and Today’s Power Inc for the development, construction, and operation of Arkansas’s largest solar power system on municipal land. [KATV]

¶ “Attorneys to Drop Nuclear Lawsuit Against SCE&G if State OKs Latest Dominion Deal” • If state utility regulators approve Dominion Energy’s latest plan to buy South Carolina Electric & Gas, their decision would also wrap up a contentious class-action lawsuit demanding refunds for the power company’s customers, according to attorneys. [Charleston Post Courier]

One More Thing, Keep the VECAN Conferance in Mind:

Georgia Mountain wind farm (

¶ “One Afternoon Workshop at the VECAN Conference, an Afternoon Workshop:” • “Beneficial Electrification: A Key Decarbonization Strategy” Beneficial electrification replacing direct fossil fuel use with clean electricity in a way that reduces overall emissions and energy costs, such as conversion to electric vehicles and heat pumps. [Green Energy Times]

Have a sublimely beautiful day.

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