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November 27 Energy News

November 27, 2018

National Climate Assessment Report:

¶ “Donald Trump Buried a Climate Change Report Because ‘I Don’t Believe It'” • President Donald Trump dismissed a study, produced by his own administration, warning of the potentially catastrophic impact of climate change. Why, you ask? “I don’t believe it,” Trump told reporters on Monday, adding that he had read “some” of the report. [CNN]

California wildfire (Image: Joel Angel Juarez | ZUMA Wire)

¶ “Here’s How Climate Change Will Impact Your Part of the Country” • The lengthy National Climate Assessment includes detailed information about how specific regions of the US will be impacted. Here’s what else you need to know. For example, one of several effects in the Northeast is that we would see 650 excess deaths per year from heat. [CNN]

¶ “Climate Change Threatens Traditions of Indigenous People – National Climate Assessment” • The report states, “The impacts of climate change on water, land, coastal areas, and other natural resources, as well as infrastructure and related services, are expected to increasingly disrupt Indigenous peoples’ livelihoods and economies.” [CleanTechnica]


Science and Technology:

¶ “Concentrated Photovoltaics Achieve Solar Conversion Efficiency Record of 41.4%” • Concentrated PV uses lenses or mirrors to concentrate sunlight on a special type of PV cell. A research consortium led by the Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Research, announced that it had made a CPV with a solar conversion efficiency of 41.4%. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Poland Awards Nearly a Gigawatt of Wind Energy in Latest Renewable Energy Auction” • Poland’s Energy Regulatory Office announced last week that it has awarded nearly 1 GW of wind energy in a mixed renewable energy auction at prices so low experts believe the country could award a further 850 MW of capacity. [CleanTechnica]

Wind turbines in Poland

¶ “European Utilities Begin Investing In Energy Storage” • A report published by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, Europe Energy Storage Landscape 2018, highlights the recent trend among major European utilities which has seen them begin investing in the region’s relatively new energy storage market over the past two years. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Greenpeace Energy Wants to Buy Germany’s RWE Coal Business, and to Replace It With 8.2 GW of Renewables” • The Hamburg-based green electricity provider wants to shut down RWE’s coal power plants and replace them with 8.2 GW of wind and solar power plants. Approximately €7 billion will be invested in the new facilities. [pv magazine International]

Coal-burning power plant in Germany (Greenpeace image)

¶ “Europe’s Power Could Be Carbon-Free by 2045 with Further Investment in Renewables” • The European power sector could be fully decarbonized ahead of the 2050 targets set in the Paris Agreement if enough effort is put into electrification and into deployment of renewable energy, according to a study from Eurelectric. [Offshore Wind Journal]

¶ “The Changing Coal Landscape” • The Integrated Resource Plan 2018, which recently concluded its 60-day window period for public comment, has laid out a clear path for reducing coal generation in South Africa from approximately 70%, to around 44.6% of the total energy mix within the span of only 12 short years. [Independent Online]

Renewable energy (IOL file photo)

¶ “France to Close 14 Nuclear Reactors by 2035: Macron” • President Emmanuel Macron said that France would shut down 14 of the country’s 58 nuclear reactors currently in operation by 2035, of which between four and six will be closed by 2030. He also said that France would close its remaining four coal plants by 2022. [Phys.Org]

¶ “Developing Nations Now Leading on Global Clean Energy” • Higher energy demand, lower technology costs, and innovative policy making allowed developing nations to seize the mantle of global clean energy leadership from wealthier nations, according to a comprehensive new study from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

Solar trackers and sheep


¶ “RIP: GM Will Close Five Assembly Plants in North America, Eliminate 15,000 Jobs, and Cease Production of Chevy Volt” • GM announced it will cease production at five assembly plants, four of which are in the US and one in Canada. Three of the plants build cars, and the other two make driveline components for passenger cars. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Boulder and Pueblo Could Be the Next Cities to Create Their Own Utilities in Pursuit of 100% Renewable Energy” • Municipal utilities could lead the 100% renewable charge. Six communities, from Burlington, Vermont, to Kodiak, Alaska, have reached the 100% renewable electricity target. Five of those are municipal utilities. [The Colorado Sun]

Solar array

¶ “Change the Rules, Add Power Lines to Let Renewables Plus Storage Aim for 90% of the Grid” • Grid Strategies has published a report commissioned by the Wind Solar Alliance. The purpose of the report is to suggest refinement to the rules that govern the day-to-day electricity markets across the US to foster renewable energy and efficiency. [pv magazine USA]

¶ “SCANA Settles $2 Billion Lawsuit over VC Summer Project’s Failure” • SCANA Corp agreed to a $2 billion settlement with the South Carolina customers it charged for a failed nuclear plant. The settlement, however, is not a done deal, as it still requires approval from a judge and the South Carolina Public Service Commission. [Greenville News]

And one more thing, don’t forget the VECAN Conference:

People’s Climate March 2014 (Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “At the VECAN Conference: an Afternoon Workshop” • Michael Shank’s workshop, “Communicating Beyond the Choir: Persuading Policy Makers and More People to Act,” offers a unique opportunity to get an in-depth training from a leading national communications expert about what works to inspire far more people to act. [Green Energy Times]

Have an intriguingly flawless day.

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