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November 17 Energy News

November 17, 2018


¶ “Oil Demand for Cars Is Already Falling” • The International Energy Agency published its World Energy Outlook this week. It is the IEA’s annual effort at revising assessments of future demand for and supply of fuels and electricity. It says oil use for cars will start to fall in the 2020s. But the fall has already begun in some world markets. [Bloomberg]

Chevy Bolt EV concept, 2015 (GabboT, Wikimedia Commons)

Science and Technology:

¶ “China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Galaxies Away from Solving Earth’s Energy Needs, Scientist Says” • Despite the achievements at the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak reactor in China, scientist Zhang Tiankan said it might still be some time before the country is able to tap the energy produced by the nuclear fusion process. [Yahoo News]

¶ “Orbital Marine Power Unveils Design for World’s Most Powerful Tidal Turbine” • Marine energy company Orbital Marine Power revealed the design of its commercial production tidal turbine, the Orbital O2 2-MW. Orbital Marine Power is to deploy the turbine at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney in 2020. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

Tidal turbine (Orbital Marine Power image)

¶ “Renewable Energy to Enhance Food Security Across World” • Adoption of renewable energy will help ensure food security across the globe, a top official of the International Renewable Energy Agency said. Many developing countries lose 30% to 40% of agricultural harvests due to lack of storage and processing facilities in rural areas. []


¶ “Volkswagen Converting Zwickau Automotive Plant to Produce Electric Vehicles” • In a move that it believes is the first of its kind in the world for a major car factory, VW is converting its auto factory in Zwickau, Germany from internal combustion vehicle production to manufacture of electric vehicles. The plant makes 330,000 cars per year. [CleanTechnica]

Inside the VW Zwickau plant

¶ “82% of G20’s Energy Supply Still Comes from Fossil Fuels” • A report published in Climate Transparency showed that 82% of the G20’s energy supply is still sourced from fossil fuels and not one of the countries’ climate pledges is sufficient to keep global warming to as low as 1.5˚C. The current trend will see global warming of 3.2˚C. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Canada Among Worst Offenders as World Falls Short of Climate-Change Targets” • A study published in the journal Nature Communications finds that if all other nations set similar to current emission reduction efforts in Canada, Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia, it would result in a 5.1°C warming of the planet by the end of this century. []

Toronto skyline (Frank Gunn | Canadian Press)


¶ “Due to Wildfires, California Now Has the Most Polluted Cities in the World” • With wildfires raging in Northern California, San Francisco, Stockton and Sacramento were the world’s three “most polluted cities” on Friday morning, according to Berkeley Earth, a nonprofit that aggregates data from air-quality monitoring sites. [CNN]

¶ “US Military Bases Using Solar, Wind, and Battery Storage for Energy Security” • Trump says America needs coal for grid security. The military proves otherwise. Military bases are using wind, solar, and battery storage to stay resilient in the face of extreme weather or attack. They are using renewables for the sake of security. [CleanTechnica]

Assembling a solar shade canopy (US Army photo)

¶ “Solar Energy Beats Coal on Critical Infrastructure Resilience, Says DOE” • The DOE is putting $46 million into solar energy to address the problem of supplying emergency power for key community facilities. Its perspective is that on-site energy generation is the most efficient way to ensure that the lights stay on at critical facilities. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Vail Resorts Will Be Net Zero by 2020, Thanks to VPPA” • In July, 2017, Vail Resorts announced its Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint campaign: net zero emissions, zero waste to landfills, and zero corporate impact on the forests and habitats, all by 2030. Its power purchase agreement with Ørsted will cut the emissions by 2020. [CleanTechnica]

Wind turbine (Photo: Schneider Electric)

¶ “As Trump’s Tariffs Raise the Cost of Solar Installations, Elon Musk and Tesla Cut Their Prices” • Tesla, unmoved by tariffs, is reducing prices on its solar systems 10–20% in recognition of the progress it has made streamlining its solar sales process by integrating Tesla Energy products into its existing high-traffic storefronts. [Red, Green, and Blue]

¶ “Maryland Clean Energy Bill Could Triple Offshore Wind Investment” • The future of Maryland’s energy use looks a bit greener after the midterm election. With a roster of newly elected officials in the House of Delegates and Senate, legislation promising a larger commitment to renewable energy is likely to pass in the next session. [Delmarva Daily Times]

Wind farm (Tomasz Wyszoamirski | Getty Images | iStockphoto)

¶ “Trump Says He’ll Nominate Andrew Wheeler to Head the EPA” • President Trump said he intends to nominate Andrew R Wheeler to be EPA administrator. A former coal lobbyist, Wheeler has already been instrumental in major environmental policy rollbacks, including former President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. [New York Times]

¶ “Entergy Arkansas Inks Deal with Sierra Club, Others to Shutter Aging Coal, Natural Gas Plants” • Entergy Arkansas signed a historic agreement with the Sierra Club and other environmental groups to shutter the utility’s old coal-fired plants and an aging natural gas facility, and replace them with cleaner power options. []

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