November 3 Energy News

November 3, 2018


¶ “Six Environmental Ballot Measures Attract Massive Out-of-State and Industry Cash” • Voters in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Washington will head to the polls on November 6 with the chance to decide on hotly contested environmental regulations. A lot of industry cash is being spent to influence the vote. [Center for Public Integrity]

Colorado view of mountains and a
Nodding donkey (David Zalubowski | AP)

¶ “Access to Electricity Is Growing Rapidly Around the World – Except in Africa” • For the first time ever, there are fewer than a billion people without electricity globally, new data from the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2018 shows. But most of the half billion people who have got electric power since 2011 are in Asia. [Quartz]

¶ “Coal’s Last Gasp Is a Win-Win for the Economy and Public Health” • Coal plants are shutting down at a record pace because the power they produce is too costly. But the biggest economic benefit of replacing coal plants with renewables is not in the ratepayers’ monthly electric bills. It is the savings that will come with cleaner air. [Environmental Working Group]

Pollution, a major health issue


¶ “UK Weather More Extreme Due to Climate Change, Says Met Office” • Climate change has led to an increase of extreme weather events in the UK, according to the country’s weather service. The coldest days in the past decade were 1.7°C warmer than between 1961 and 1990, while the warmest days were 0.8° hotter. [CNN]

¶ “UK Pushing Pure Electric Cars … By Cutting Support for Plug-in Hybrids” • The UK is 10th in Europe for the percentage of new cars that are plug-ins, and the large majority of those plug-ins have been hybrids. The UK is aiming to change that. It is trying to stimulate more pure-electric car sales and phase out the plug-in hybrids. [CleanTechnica]

Nissan LEAF UK

¶ “Experts Back Mike Cannon-Brookes: Australia can be Clean Energy Superpower” • Energy experts backed billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes’ claim that Australia can become a clean energy superpower by using wind, solar, and pumped hydro to deliver some of the world’s cheapest electricity, forcing coal out of the power system. [The Australian Financial Review]

¶ “Germany Plans 20% FIT Cut for Commercial and Industrial Solar” • The ruling coalition released a draft bill by the Federal Ministry of Economics with a proposal for a 20% FIT reduction for solar systems ranging from 40 kW to 750 kW. The thought is that with the decline in the cost of PVs, the feed-in tariff should also decline. [pv magazine International]

Large rooftop solar system

¶ “Japanese Sodium-Sulfur and Lithium Batteries Used in German Grid Demonstrator Project” • A ceremony was held in Niedersachsen, Germany, to mark commencement of operations at a ‘hybrid’ energy storage plant. The project uses 4 MW / 20 MWh of sodium-sulfur with 7.5 MW / 2.5 MWh of lithium-ion batteries. [Energy Storage News]


¶ “Tesla and Panasonic Producing ~60% of World’s EV Batteries, and Tesla Service Coming Soon to a Continent Near You!” • In response to an article by Teslarati, Elon tweeted that Tesla and Panasonic are together the world’s largest EV battery producer. Musk indicated that they are producing about 60% of the world’s EV batteries. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Model 3 manufacture

¶ “Supreme Court Won’t Block Children’s Climate Change Lawsuit” • The Supreme Court rejected the request by the Trump administration to stop a lawsuit brought by youths who are seeking to hold the government accountable for failing to do enough to fight climate change. The lawsuit could be stopped in a different court or later, however. [CNN]

¶ “New Solar Projects to Supply SV Clean Energy” • Silicon Valley Clean Energy has signed two long-term agreements with EDF for the largest solar-plus-storage projects to be built in California. It will be used to serve Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and Hollister. The two projects will provide 153 MW of solar and 47 MW of storage. [Morgan Hill Times]

Power lines on San Benito farmland

¶ “$1 Billion Palen Solar Project Gains Fed Approval for 500 MW PV, Side-Steps California Energy Commission” • The decade-old 500 MW Palen Solar Project has finally won decisive federal approval to go ahead as an estimated $1 billion PV project in the California desert, covering up to 3,140 acres of land, after years of controversy. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Avangrid Plans 2 GW of – Including Offshore Wind – and Thousands of Jobs” • Avangrid CEO James P Torgerson, speaking at a conference, said his company has plans to inject a combined 2 GW of renewable energy into the New England power grid, create thousands of jobs. Much of the new capacity would be offshore windpower. [Windpower Engineering]

Offshore windpower

¶ “Tampa Electric Solar Plan Blazes with Another 260 MW” • Tampa Electric won state approval to add 260 MW of solar to its generation fleet by January and to recover the cost. The five separate projects are the second phase of the utility’s solar program, which will involve an $850 million investment and add 600 MW of solar capacity by 2021. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “SCE&G Lied to Regulators to Keep VC Summer Project Alive” • On at least two occasions, SCE&G intentionally buried damaging reports that could have prompted the South Carolina Public Service Commission to scrutinize or cancel the Cayce-based utility’s $9 billion nuclear construction project, the commissioners were told. [The State]

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