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August 31 Energy News

August 31, 2018

Science and Technology:

¶ “Low-cost, printable solar panels offer ray of hope amid energy gridlock” • An Australian physicist is leading a push to pioneer a new type of low-cost solar energy he believes could make signing up for energy accounts as simple as taking up a mobile phone plan. They can be produced for less than A$10 ($7.20) per square meter. [The Guardian]

Installing printed solar cells (Photo: Newcastle University)

¶ “Minesto Successfully ‘Flies’ Marine Energy Kite” • Swedish developer, Minesto, has successfully “flown” its marine energy kite in full subsea trajectories at the Holyhead Deep site 8 km off the coast of Holyhead, North West Wales. The Deep Green technology generates electricity from tidal streams and ocean currents. [Renewable Energy Magazine]


¶ “The Growth & Challenges Of Distributed Solar PV In China” • Solar PV installations have boomed globally since 2010, with an annual growth rate of 40%. China is leading that growth. And China’s growth is especially high for distributed solar PV systems, which now account for 27.1% of China’s total solar PV installations. [CleanTechnica]

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¶ “UK contributes to $500 million South African energy storage project” • As part of Prime Minister Theresa May’s African visit, the UK announced it will contribute $73 million (£56 million) to a $500 million South African energy storage fund. The fund will help secure renewable power in South Africa by developing battery technology. [Energy Digital]

¶ “Northern Europe and Germany have been the leaders in wind farms constructed offshore, but US and China are gaining ground” • According to report by Global Market Insights Inc, the offshore energy market will surpass $60 billion by 2024 because of a worldwide quest for more sustainable and cleaner energy sources. [OilVoice]

Offshore substation on a barge (kees torn, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Mexican wave: harnessing the Pacific’s blue rollers for green energy” • Energy from the ocean breakers that pound Mexico’s Pacific Coast could soon be turned into electricity by an Israeli joint venture. Eco Wave Power says it could prove an effective way to deliver power to coastal communities in countries with little access to electricity. [Reuters]

¶ “Summer heat wave see’s solar energy output increase” • According to research from Oxford University, the European heat wave of this summer was a result of climate change. It also negatively impacted the continent’s wind-power industry. But when wind power dropped below average, solar power was above average. [Open Access Government]

Solar system


¶ “Climate change is going to cost California, and the bill will be staggering” • As California lawmakers struggled this week to address an apparent new normal of epic wildfires, there was an inescapable subtext: Climate change is going to be staggeringly expensive, and virtually every Californian is going to have to pay for it. [CALmatters]

¶ “Trump administration reconsiders rule on coal’s mercury pollution” • The EPA said it was reconsidering part of an Obama-era rule on emissions of mercury from coal-fired plants, its latest move to ease coal industry regulations. Mercury is dangerous to pregnant women and can put infants and children at risk of developmental problems. [Reuters]

Exhaust from burning coal (Brian Snyder | Reuters)

¶ “California energy storage subsidy extension passes Assembly” • After the passage of a California bill to mandate 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045, another bill which may contain one of the keys to making that happen has passed the Assembly. It will support the installation of nearly 3 GW of behind-the-meter storage. [pv magazine International]

¶ “Portland tidal energy startup entering rough investment waters” • Alternative energy startup Ocean Renewable Power Co, based in Portland, Maine, has developed a sustainable technology that allows underwater turbines to generate electricity from flowing rivers and shifting tides. It is seeking $12 million in new funding. [Press Herald]

RivGen Power System under tow to an Alaskan
village (Courtesy of Ocean Renewable Power Co)

¶ “Arizona Supreme Court: Voters will decide renewable-energy rules in November” • The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s voters will decide in November whether Arizona’s Constitution should require electric companies to get half their electricity from renewable sources such as solar PVs and windpower. []

¶ “Ohio business community backs 2.2 GW of Ohio solar” • Five prominent firms with operations in Ohio are endorsing a report advocating 2.2 GW of solar for Ohio by 2030. According to the report, reaching 2.2 GW of solar in Ohio would involve $3.6 billion in investment and boost the state’s GDP by $1 billion per year. [pv magazine USA]

Owens Corning plant in Toledo (Businesswire image)

¶ “FES to close all coal-fired & nuclear power plants” • The currently bankrupt FirstEnergy Solutions is planning to close all of its coal-fired and nuclear power plants in the coming years. It intends to close its last coal-fired power plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2021-2022, unless the federal government bails it out. [Kallanish Energy]

¶ “Ohio PUC details utility reform roadmap in PowerForward initiative” • The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio released a roadmap to their PowerForward program to help guide the state to a regulatory environment where distributed power systems in a grid can thrive, providing benefits to customers at a reasonable cost. [Utility Dive]

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