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August 24 Energy News

August 24, 2018


¶ “Trump’s coal plan – neither clean nor affordable” • The Affordable Clean Energy proposal does not disappoint coal executives: It lays out what the EPA appears to view as sufficient to meet statutory obligations set out in the 2007 Supreme Court decision in Massachusetts v. EPA, which said the EPA had to regulate carbon dioxide. [The Conversation US]

Coal burner

¶ “Redirecting Trump’s Coal and Nuclear Bailout to Fund Economic Redevelopment” • State policymakers face hard choices to define a pragmatic approach to nuclear facilities, depending on how they value pollution. But there are no good reasons to believe coal will become competitive on cost or pollution anytime soon. [Greentech Media]

¶ “The US is on the verge of an offshore wind revolution” • There is no question the US is a latecomer to offshore wind. It has precisely five turbines, churning out 30 MW since late 2016. In the rest of the world offshore wind is 20 years old and now represents more than 18,800 MW. But the US is poised catch up, and quickly. [Yale Climate Connections]

Block Island wind farm (Ionna22, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0)

¶ “Snubbing clean energy boom could cost Coalition billions” • Australian MPs turning their backs on billions of dollars worth of clean energy projects in the vain hope a new prime minister can bring coal investments back means snubbing thousands of construction jobs in their electorates to pursue obsolete coal technology. [The Australian Financial Review]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Tesla Battery Life Longer Than Anyone Expected” • Real-world experience has shown that concerns about battery life are overstated. Tesloop, a southern California intercity shuttle, put 400,000 miles on one Tesla in about three years. The original battery was replaced at 194,000 miles. The second replacement was at 324,000 miles. [CleanTechnica]

Tesloop’s Tesla


¶ “Morrison vows action on power prices as conservative MPs maintain the rage” • Australia’s new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, put lowering electricity prices at the top of the agenda of his new government, as conservative Liberal MPs vowed to continue to put the brakes on climate action and prop up coal-fired power. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

¶ “Kalashnikov’s CV-1 electric car touted as Russia’s answer to Tesla” • Russian manufacturing firm Kalashnikov has wheeled out a retro-looking electric car it says will give Elon Musk’s Tesla a run for its money. The CV-1 was presented at an event near Moscow. Kalashnikov said the care was inspired by a Soviet hatchback created in the 1970s. [BBC]

Car to give Tesla a run for its money (AFP | Getty Images)

¶ “India Plans 25-GW Solar Power Park In Jammu and Kashmir” • The government of India has once again floated the idea of setting up a large solar power project in the Ladakh region of its northernmost state of Jammu & Kashmir to take advantage of its high solar radiation. The government will issue a single tender to set up a 25-GW solar park. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Hurricane Lane, Hawaii’s Biggest Threat In Decades, Gives Glimpse Of A Warmer World” • Hawaii faces its biggest weather threat in 26 years as Hurricane Lane, its third major storm since 1959, lashes the state with rain and fierce winds. Climate change may not be the direct cause a hurricane, but it certainly adds to its intensity. [Huffpost]

Stuck car (Mario Tama via Getty Images)

¶ “Coal miner: Trump’s ‘false promises’ will ‘only line the pockets’ of executives” • In a New York Times op-ed video, Nick Mullins, a ninth-generation Appalachian from Virginia, said that if Trump wants to help the Appalachian mining communities that support him, “lowering emission standards is not the way to do it.” [CNN]

¶ “Trump Maladministration Claims America No Longer Needs To Conserve Oil” • The US has so much oil, it doesn’t need to conserve it any more, according to a memo quietly released by the DOE in support of the EPA’s decision to cancel scheduled increases in fuel economy standards for automobiles and light trucks. [CleanTechnica]

Oil platform

¶ “Vivint Solar Introduces Solar Leasing In Florida” • A leading US residential solar provider, Vivint Solar, announced that it will begin making available solar leases to its customers in Florida. The Florida Public Service Commission issued a declaratory statement affirming that Vivint Solar’s solar leasing plans do not make it a utility. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “US wind sector riding high” • The US installed 7 GW of wind in 2017 as the average price of long-term power deals for the sector dropped to 2¢/kWh. DOE figures released this week showed 89 GW of wind farms produced 6.3% of the nationwide energy mix in 2017 with 14 states hitting 10% and four of them getting over 30%. [reNews]

Wind farm (EDP image)

¶ “Boston Takes a Big Step Toward Community Choice Aggregation” • Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced that the city will issue a request for qualifications to assist with the creation of a municipal electricity aggregation program. The city is committed to making renewable energy more accessible to its residents. [North American Windpower]

¶ “Tri-State could save $600 million by boosting renewable energy use, report says” • Tri-State Generation & Transmission is an electric power co-op based in Colorado. Its members have pushed for more use of renewable energy sources, and a report says it could save more than $600 million through 2030 by doing just that. [The Denver Post]

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