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August 29 Energy News

August 29, 2018


¶ “50% Of Industrial Climate Change Emissions Tied To Fossil Fuel Companies” • The Rocky Mountain Institute released a report saying that in 2015, half of the global industrial greenhouse gas emissions came from 50 companies working in fossil-fuel industries. It says many mining companies are among the top greenhouse gas emitters. [CleanTechnica]

Strip mining coal

¶ “Fakenomics: Coal lights the fires under climate science” • The coal industry in the United States was the first source of funding for climate denial during the late ‘80s and ‘90s. The industry knew that its survival depended on undermining climate change science and threw its considerable influence and power into funding climate denial. [The Ecologist]


¶ “EU Could Move To Scrap Import Controls On Chinese Solar By September” • Reuters reported that the European Commission proposed to dismiss a request for an “expiry review” of existing anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures, a move which has received backing from a majority of the European Union’s 28 Member States. [CleanTechnica]

First Solar manufacturing plant

¶ “In a posh Bangkok neighborhood, residents trade energy with blockchain” • Residents in a Bangkok neighborhood are trying out a renewable energy trading platform that allows them to buy and sell electricity among themselves, signalling the growing popularity of such systems as solar panels get cheaper. The system will begin operating next month. [Reuters]

¶ “Iran opens its largest wind farm in renewable push” • Iran has put its largest wind farm into operation, marking a turning point in its bid to procure electricity from renewable sources such as wind power, solar and hydropower. The 18-turbine wind farm in northern Iran has a nominal capacity of generating 61 MWh of power annually. [PRESSTV]

Turbines at the 60-MW wind farm in northern Iran

¶ “Facebook Pledges to Power Operations With 100% Renewable Energy Within Two Years” • Facebook announced that it has set a target of powering its global operations with 100% renewable energy by the end of 2020. In addition, it announced that it is committing to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 75% in the same timeframe. [Fortune]

¶ “European market for renewable energy continues to grow, with wind power surging ahead” • New data from the Association of Issuing Bodies comparing year-to-date supply and demand of Guarantees of Origin for 2018 and 2017 show that renewable energy supply has increased by 45 TWh, while demand is up by 34 TWh. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

US National Wind Technology Center (Dennis Schroeder, NREL)

¶ “‘NEG is dead’: States go it alone on energy policy” • Australia’s National Energy Guarantee seems to be gone with former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. State Labor governments now vow to go it alone on their own ambitious renewable energy schemes after the Coalition government left a “vacuum” in national energy policy. [The Australian Financial Review]


¶ “Spokane, Washington, aims to be free of fossil fuels by 2030” • The city council of Spokane, Washington, adopted an ordinance that would make it the second city in the state to set the goal of being powered entirely with renewable energy by 2030. Spokane’s Sustainability Action Plan will include a specific climate action roadmap. [The Architect’s Newspaper]

Forest in Oregon (Jason Leem | Unsplash)

¶ “US Renewable Energy Sources Surpass Nuclear In First Half Of 2018” • According to the Energy Information Administration’s latest “Electric Power Monthly” report, renewable energy sources accounted for 19.867% of the country’s electrical generation during the first half of the year, while nuclear power accounted for 19.863%. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Falling Renewables Prices Present ‘Unprecedented Opportunity’ For Western Co-ops” • The declines in prices for renewable energy are creating opportunities for the electric cooperatives in the Mountain West region to deliver cost-savings to their members, according to a new study from the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute. [North American Windpower]

Colorado countryside

¶ “After Settlement with Walmart, Duke Energy to Change its Clean Energy Program” • Duke Energy Corp. has agreed to change part of its Green Source Advantage clean-energy program in a settlement with Walmart Stores Inc. Walmart took a stand against the program, saying it was too expensive and would not add renewable energy. [Energy Manager Today]

¶ “California bill requiring 100% renewable power heads to Brown’s desk” • California took a giant leap toward its climate change goals with lawmakers voting to approve a bill that would require the state to get 100% of its electricity from carbon-free energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal by 2045. The bill has gone to the governor. [The Desert Sun]

Geothermal power plant in California (Photo: US DOE)

¶ “NYS renewable energy advocates want an easier to understand solar valuation policy” • Some solar developers estimate that over $800 million worth of community solar projects have been cancelled in New York state since the Value of Distributed Energy Resources Policy was implemented in 2017. Advocates called for the governor to review net metering. [WBFO]

¶ “Radioactive waste stranded as US shifts from nuclear energy” • The US appears to be witnessing the slow death of nuclear power. Nuclear plants are aging out and retiring, as cheaper, simpler, and less controversial sources are taking over the market. But the lack of a long-term repository leaves communities as de facto waste storage sites. [Chemical & Engineering News]

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