May 15 Energy News

May 15, 2023

Science and Technology:

¶ “Oceans Have Been Absorbing The World’s Extra Heat. But There’s A Huge Payback” • In March, the surface temperature of the world’s oceans was above anything seen in the forty years that satellites have been measuring it. But two kilometers below the surface, heat has been rising relentlessly for decades, thanks to burning fossil fuels. [The Guardian]

Ocean ice (John Salvino, Unsplash, cropped)


¶ “Deadly Storm Hits Bangladesh And Myanmar Coast” • A powerful cyclone hit the coastlines of Bangladesh and Myanmar after intensifying into the equivalent of a category-five storm. Cyclone Mocha did not make landfall at the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, as earlier feared, but still destroyed hundreds of makeshift shelters there. [BBC]

¶ “‘World’s Largest Ocean Restoration Project’ Designed For Dubai” • In a city known for superlatives, it’s no surprise that someone in Dubai plans to build another of the “world’s largest.” But unlike the tallest skyscraper or the deepest pool, the latest proposed project is not simply an architectural feat, it’s a win for ocean conservation too. [CNN]

Indoor cycling superhighway (URB image)

¶ “India To Open Lithium Reserves For Auction Later This Year” • According to media reports, the Indian government will offer mining rights for lithium reserves in Jammu and Kashmir later in 2023. The focus of the auction will be the recently confirmed 5.9 million tonne reserves in the Resai district of Jammu and Kashmir. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “A New Life For London’s Lost Rivers” • Old maps show rivers and brooks that provided “blue corridors” through London, providing both sources of food and recreation. But as London boomed, these waterways faded from consciousness – encased by walls, turned into polluted backwaters, or simply covered over. Now volunteers are restoring them. [BBC]

Firs Farm Wetlands (Image from Enfield Council)

¶ “New Zealand Electric Vehicle Price War?” • Newer generation EVs are arriving in New Zealand at lower price points. Among them are the Great Wall Motors ORA Good Cat and the MG 4 – both yet to be released in Australia. And older EV models are being discounted – NZ$9,000 ($5,600) off the Nissan LEAF and NZ$20,000 off some Audi e-trons. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “‘We Are Abaco Strong’ – The Bahamas Inspiring Resilience At Scale” • Solar and storage are changing lives in the Bahamas. Through solar and storage projects, national energy buildings audits, and solar training programs, the Bahamas shows how clean energy can make the country more resilient and energy independent at lower cost. [CleanTechnica]

The RMI and Compass Solar Team (Photo from RMI)

¶ “UK Could Unlock £70 Billion A Year In Renewable Energy, Report Claims” • The UK could unlock £70 billion every year by generating enough clean electricity to become a major exporter of energy to mainland Europe, a former government economist said. Meeting the UK’s climate targets could create an additional 279,000 British jobs, also. [The Guardian]

¶ “Budget 2023: ARENA To Shape Green Hydrogen Future” • The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will help develop a $2 billion revenue support program to scale up green hydrogen production in Australia. Hydrogen Headstart aims to position  the country as an early mover and global leader for green hydrogen. [Australian Renewable Energy Agency]

Ammonia plant on Brisbane’s Gibson Island (ARENA image)

¶ “UK State Pension Scheme Won’t Back Nuclear Power In Blow To Sizewell C” • The UK’s flagship state pension scheme says it has “no current plans” to invest in nuclear infrastructure such as Sizewell C. It is a major setback for the government’s mission to grow the country’s nuclear capacity. The National Employment Savings Trust manages over £27 billion in assets. [MSN]


¶ “This US Offshore Wind Farm Is Piloting A Bubble Curtain – What It Is And Why It’s Cool” • Vineyard Wind in Massachusetts will pilot a secondary bubble curtain, on a project with the local firm ThayerMahan, which specializes in seabed surveys, acoustic mitigation, and monitoring. Here’s what that is and why it’s great for the undersea environment. [Electrek]

Bubble Curtain (Vineyard Wind image)

¶ “The Catharsis Of US Climate Action Legislation” • As the US introduces legislation to regulate emissions from existing power plants, EPA officials say the proposed regulations are designed to offer flexibility to industry. For example, coal plants scheduled to retire before 2032 may not have to install new pollution controls like carbon capture technology. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “From Poop To Power, TECO Peoples Gas Leads The Way In Renewable Natural Gas Production” • Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson and Bobby Payne, Chair of the House Infrastructure Strategies Committee, joined TECO Peoples Gas to celebrate completion of a renewable natural gas facility at Alliance Dairies in Trenton. [Florida Politics]

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