January 22 Energy News

January 22, 2023


¶ “‘Climate Deniers Are Victims Not Villains’ – A Psychologist’s Guide To Winning Them Over” • Climate denial comes from different kinds of people. Some are angry because they believe the fossil fuels interests. But the average climate dismissive is not an evil business mogul looking to squeeze all possible profit from the world before it burns. [Euronews]

Supercell (NOAA, Unsplash)

Science and Technology:

¶ “How One Volcano Could Trigger World Chaos” • Every year, approximately 90,000 ships pass through the narrow sea lane of the Malacca Strait, which links the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Their cargo comprises an estimated 40% of global trade. It’s only a matter of time before a natural disaster like an earthquake or volcano strikes the region. [BBC]

¶ “Robotic Technology Is Reducing The Price Of Offshore Wind Power” • Off the coast of Portugal, a team of underwater robots is scanning the bases of wind turbines, looking for signs of damage. The activity is part of a project to reduce inspection costs, keep wind turbines running for longer and ultimately reduce the price of electricity. [Environment + Energy Leader]

Windfarm in Lancashire (Pete Godfrey, Unsplash)


¶ “Ukraine War: Hiding From Putin’s Call-Up By Living Off-Grid In A Freezing Forest” • When Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilisation of Russian men in September of last year, Adam Kalinin – not his real name – did not want to leave the country. So he decided that the best thing he could do was to move to the forest and live off-grid. [BBC]

¶ “BMW’s Excellent Solid-State EV Battery Adventure” • The conventional lithium-ion technology has been shouldering the EV battery load for almost fifteen years, and automakers are looking for the next big thing. Solid-state batteries may be coming, but so will even more improvements to lithium-ion batteries. BMW is pursuing both. [CleanTechnica]

Solid-state battery (Courtesy of BMW Group)

¶ “Thai Manufacturers Urged To Shift To Renewable Energy To Reduce Costs” • The Ministry of Industry of Thailand stressed that manufacturers should seriously embrace renewable energy to reduce the burden of rising electricity bills. Renewable energy could be combined with efficient management of electricity to lower costs. [Vietnam Plus]

¶ “This ‘Floating City’ Concept Could Be The Answer To Climate Change” • This ‘floating city’ concept could house up to 50,000 people and be powered by 100% renewable energy. The living spaces are all connected by walkways, airways, and waterways. Take a look at its vertical gardens and 25 acres of interconnected social spaces. [Business Insider India]

Floating City (Luca Curci Architects + Tim Fu Design)

¶ “Ukraine Issues Warning Of Disaster As Russia Launches New Offensive In Zaporizhzhia” • As Russia has begun shelling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, elevating fresh fears of a possible nuclear catastrophe, Ukrainian officials again warned about the looming disaster in the making as intense fighting has broken out. [Republic World]

¶ “The Community Of Bataan Rejects The Plan To Activate The Nuclear Power Plant: Life Is More Important Than Cheap Electricity” • Citizens reflect that there are high risks and costs associated with nuclear energy. While nuclear power may seem cheap by producing cheap energy, the costs to convert, upgrade, and maintain the plant are exorbitant. [Agenzia Fides]

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (Jiru27, CC-BY-SA 3.0, cropped)


¶ “Dolphins Make A Splash In New York City’s Bronx River” • Dolphins are swimming in New York City’s Bronx River for the first time in over five years. “It’s true – dolphins were spotted in the Bronx River this week!” wrote the Parks Department. “This is great news – it shows that the decades-long effort to restore the river as a healthy habitat is working.” [CNN]

¶ “This Butterfly Was Once Thought Extinct. Now It’s Off The Endangered Species List” • Fender’s blue butterfly has fluttered away from the brink of extinction. The species, once so rare it was thought to be extinct, is no longer considered endangered. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is reclassifying the species from “endangered” to “threatened.” [CNN]

Fender’s blue butterfly (Jeff Dillon, US Fish and Wildlife Service)

¶ “Tesla’s Huge Expansion Plans At Giga Texas” • Tesla has been looking to expand Gigafactory Texas since its opening, but the scope of its plans hasn’t been exactly clear. Now, Tesla has filed official documents for multiple expansion projects, set to yield huge increases in the production capacity, the surface area, and the reach of the factory’s projects. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Aptera Reveals Launch Edition EV” • Aptera held a live online event where the company revealed the Launch Edition version of its three-wheeled solar-powered car. There are some really cool things about the final design, but also some downsides early adopters will face. You can see the event yourself or read a recap and commentary. [CleanTechnica]

Aptera Sol (Aptera image)

¶ “Octopus Energy And Enphase Bring Virtual Power Plant Technology To Texas” • Texas grid operator ERCOT is mandated by law to build the grid as cheaply as possible. So, of course, it fails. In fact, Texas has made installing a solar system with battery backup the least expensive option. Octopus Energy and Enphase have a plan for that. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “How LSU Researchers Could Help Protect Louisiana, Nation’s Cultural Heritage From Climate Change” • With support of a roughly $473,000 grant, an interdisciplinary team at LSU is developing a risk assessment scale that will help institutions understand their vulnerability to a number of different risks of a changing climate. [LSU Reveille]

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