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January 23 Energy News

January 23, 2023


¶ “How The World’s Largest Banks Are Funding Fossil Fuel Companies” • There’s no way to sugarcoat this. The world’s largest banks are providing the money fossil fuel companies need so they can continue degrading the environment to the point where the humans may no longer be able to survive on our little blue planet [CleanTechnica]

Money (Ibrahim Boran, Unsplash)

¶ “$1 Trillion Of Oil And Gas Assets Risk Being Stranded By Climate Change” • Mark Campanale, founder and executive chair of the nonprofit financial think tank, Carbon Tracker, explains that many companies risk having assets stranded both financially and physically because of the pressure that climate change is putting on the market to evolve. [BRINK News]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Algae That Blights Our Seas Is Harvested To Make Useful Products” • Excessive outbreaks of seaweed are clogging up waters from the Caribbean to the Baltic. Now the algae is being harvested alongside farmed crops to create ingredients for cosmetics and food products. The outbreaks happen when tiny cyanobacteria suddenly multiply rapidly. [BBC]

Mari Granström in a lab (Origin by Ocean image)


¶ “Nearly 220 Million People In Pakistan Without Power After Countrywide Outage” • A nationwide power outage in Pakistan left nearly 220 million people without electricity on Monday, threatening to cause havoc in the South Asian nation already grappling with fuel shortages in the winter months. It is unclear how long the outage will last. [CNN]

¶ “BEV Sales Double In South Africa In 2022, Plenty More Room For Growth” • With only 1024 battery EVs sold in South Africa since 2018, it’s clear that sales have been slow compared to auto markets around the world. This is due to the limited variety of battery EV models in the country, coupled with the high import duties and taxes levied on EVs. [CleanTechnica]

BMW iX3 (BMW image)

¶ “IRENA Report Says Renewables Can Meet 60% Of Nigeria’s Energy Needs By 2050” • The Energy Commission of Nigeria and the International Renewable Energy Agency published a report, “Renewable Energy Roadmap for Nigeria.” It focuses on ways to meet the country’s growing energy needs in sectors by adopting renewables. [SolarQuarter]

¶ “Climate Scientists Worry As ‘Sun Tourism’ Catches Up Fast In Himachal Pradesh” • ‘Sun tourism’ is catching up fast in the Indian mountains of Himachal Pradesh as one gets more balmy days in the winter compared to the country’s northern plains, where the fog is screening out the sun. It is a worrying sign for climate scientists. [The Weather Channel]

Mountains of Himachal Pradesh (Sreehari Devadas, Unsplash)

¶ “With Its New Energy Policy, Odisha Hopes For A Frictionless Transition To Renewable Power” • The government of the Indian state of Odisha is offering exemption on duty and surcharges, along with other benefits and is targetting renewable energy capacity of 10,000 MW by 2030, according to its renewable energy policy, 2022.  []

¶ “Pexapark And Afry Have Launched A Daily Valuation Curve To Accelerate Renewables Investment” • Two European energy companies, Pexapark and Afry, launched the ‘Daily Valuation Curve,’ a pricing data system that will give investors and lenders greater certainty over the lifetime value of renewable energy projects. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

Wind turbines (Courtesy of Afry)

¶ “Balanga Bishop Writes Against Revival Of Bataan Nuke Plant” • The Diocese of Balanga, led by Bishop Ruperto Cruz Santos, has spoken against the idea of reviving the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. The letter cited the 2018 findings of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, which said the Philippine plant is “absolutely outdated.” [Power Philippines]


¶ “A Treasure Trove For Rural And Commercial-Scale Solar Projects” • Eight teams in the Solar Energy Innovation Network tackled the challenges of adopting renewable energy while also addressing disaster preparedness to provide a blueprint for other communities pursuing projects focused on solar-plus-storage, resilience, and general use of solar. [CleanTechnica]

Solar panels (Dennis Schroeder, NREL)

¶ “Tesla May Benefit From US Economy ‘Soft Landing,’ Goldman Sachs Reports” • As the Federal Reserve hopes to engineer a “soft landing,” steering the economy clear of recession while reducing inflation, companies like Tesla could benefit. One investment firm put Tesla on a list of companies that could be well-poised if the Fed succeeds. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “California ZEV Sales Near 19% Of All New Car Sales In 2022” • California has announced the latest data showing the state’s accelerating transition to zero-emission vehicles and ZEV market dominance. Last year, 18.8% of all new cars sold in California were ZEVs and 40% of all the ZEVs sold in this country are sold in California. [CleanTechnica]

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