November 27 Energy News

November 27, 2022

Science and Technology:

¶ “Could Centuries-Old Wheat Help Feed The Planet?” • Could the key to feeding the world with a changing climate be hiding in a 300-year-old museum collection? That’s a hope of scientists combing through 12,000 specimens of wheat and its relatives archived at the Natural History Museum, as Climate change, pests, and diseases pressure wheat crops. [BBC]

Wheat (Pixabay, Pexels, cropped)

¶ “MIT Researchers Solve Dendrites Mystery To Creating Smaller And Lighter Batteries” • A breakthrough on dendrites by MIT researchers may lead to building a new type of rechargeable lithium battery that is safer, lighter, and more compact than existing models. It’s a concept that has been pursued by labs all over the world for years. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Solving The Hydrogen Transportation Conundrum” • The dream of a global economy powered by renewable hydrogen is coming into sharper focus, except for one key sticking point: Transporting it adds costs. An inexpensive, efficient, and sustainable transportation medium would help, and apparently green ammonia is first in line. [CleanTechnica]

Green ammonia project (Courtesy of GeoPura)
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¶ “Wave Energy: The Potential Of Wave Power Plants To Power Our Future” • Though solar and wind energy has been receiving the most attention in recent years, wave energy has the potential to be a bigger and more reliable form of renewable energy. Here, we will explore the potential of wave power plants and how they could help power our future. [Greener Ideal]


¶ “How Much Damage Has Russia Done To Power Supplies?” • After facing setbacks on the battlefield, Russian forces have been concentrating on attacking Ukrainian power facilities, fuel depots and water works. Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s national power company, says damage to electricity installations is so great that 50% of the demand cannot be met. [BBC]

Kyiv (Viktor Talashuk, Unsplash)

¶ “The Better Car Company” • The Good Car Company is getting better. With A$200 million ($135 million) in financial backing from Boundless Earth, which was founded and funded by Mike Cannon-Brookes, the Good Car Company is now able to increase its imports to Australia tenfold. They are rising from 200 cars per year to 2000. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Don’t Forget The 2-Wheel Electric Revolution In Southeast Asia” • The summit season has kicked off big time in Southeast Asia, and green vehicles are in the spotlight. Local police are even riding electric motorcycles to escort delegates. Southeast Asia’s cities are crowded, and smaller, more nimble vehicles make more sense. [CleanTechnica]

Electric motorcycles (Courtesy of Business Wire/Zero Motorcycles)

¶ “Rural Properties Going Off-Grid With Renewables For Energy Security And To Reduce Costs” • The Queensland Farmers’ Federation said a number of its members were considering a move to operating off-grid. Their reasons ranging from wanting to be energy independent, to saving money or reducing their farm’s operating emissions. [ABC]

¶ “Lake District’s National Trust Adds New Power Unit” • The National Trust welcomed a new power unit in Barrowdale as part of an ongoing multi-million pound project. The installation of this hydro, and a biomass boiler at Sizergh, have helped the Trust generate 50% of its own energy in an ambition to become net carbon neutral by 2030. [Westmorland Gazette]

Lake District (imagenation.jpeg, Unsplash)

¶ “Two Major UK Renewable Energy Projects Delayed Due To Red Tape” • The UK could add enough renewable energy to power a million homes by channelling water from the Scottish Highlands, yet two large projects aiming to do that will be tied up in government red tape until at least 2024. The stations could generate as much as 2 GW. [The National]

¶ “‘Goodbye to them:’ Victoria votes to end coal and make radical shift to renewables” • Labor Party faithful gathered on Saturday night to celebrate their stunning win of Victoria’s government, and the near complete evisceration of the Liberal Party’s belief that promises of a gas led recovery could somehow lead to salvation at the polls. [Renew Economy]

Yallourn power station (Marcus Wong, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “Fears For All Ukraine’s Nuclear Plants After Emergency Shutdowns” • There are growing fears that Russia’s relentless targeting of Ukraine’s electricity grid will threaten the safety of the country’s nuclear power plants, after of an unprecedented emergency shutdown on Wednesday, in which all of Ukraine’s nuclear plants were forced to go offline. [The Guardian]


¶ “VinFast To Deliver First 999 EVs In USA” • VinFast just marked a major milestone in its global expansion, with a ceremony for the first batch of its EVs being exported to the US. The first batch includes 999 VF 8 SUVs. They are expected to arrive in a port in California in about 20 days after departing from MPC Port in Haiphong, Vietnam. [CleanTechnica]

VinFast VF 8 loading in Haiphong (VinFast image)

¶ “Aptera Officially Announces It Will Use The Tesla Charging Connector” • In some ways, this is hardly news at all. Since Aptera re-emerged in 2019-2020, all of the vehicle’s prototypes have had a Tesla plug behind the small license plate. The whole vehicle’s aerodynamic design would be compromised by trying to use a larger plug. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Florida Leaders to Avoid Saying ‘Climate Change’” • Following Hurricanes Ian and Nicole, Florida’s new House Speaker and Senate President have pledged to do more to strengthen the state’s coastlines. Republican lawmakers, environmental groups say, are omitting a crucial element of the puzzle. They can’t say “climate change.” [NewsBreak Original]

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