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November 20 Energy News

November 20, 2022


¶ “Are There Enough Materials To Manufacture All The EVs Needed?” • Research shows there are enough explored or prospective reserves to electrify the global transportation sector using current technology if a high amount of battery recycling occurs. In this scenario, global demand in 2100 will amount to about 50% of lithium reserves. [CleanTechnica]

Charging an EV (Jenny Ueberberg, Unsplash)

¶ “It Is Not All Sunshine: Middle East Invests Big In Wind Power” • The story of renewable energy across the Middle East and North Africa is usually told from one viewpoint: the sun that beats down relentlessly on the region’s deserts. But wind also blows across the Middle East’s plains, hills, and seas. And it has megaprojects harnessing it. [Jordan News]


¶ “COP27 Summit Agrees On Landmark Climate ‘Loss And Damage’ Fund, But Does Little To Encourage Rapid Cuts To Fossil Fuel Use” • Delegates from nearly 200 counties at COP27 agreed to set up a “loss and damage” fund to help vulnerable countries cope with climate disasters. But the final text lacks new language on cutting emissions, [CNN]

Israeli delegate Isaac Herzog and King Abdullah II of Jordan
(Haim Zach, Government Press Office of Israel, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “Ford Has #1 Plugin Vehicle In Germany In October!” • It seems the German automotive market has bottomed out and is back on a growth path. October brought a solid 17% increase in sales. But plugin hybrids jumped 35%, its highest growth rate since August 2021. Surprisingly, the Ford Kuga PHEV won the best seller title in October! [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Food Security And Solutions At COP27” • COP27, the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, addressed many dimensions of the climate crisis, including food security and solutions. If a just transition within the food system is to take place, a cultural shift in how we value food is needed. [CleanTechnica]

Food (Dan Gold, Unsplash)

¶ “Tradie Shortage Could Cripple Governments Emissions Reduction Targets, Say Researchers” • Electricians are emerging one of the most crucial professions in Australia’s transition to renewable energy. Researchers warn crippling workforce gaps may prevent the Federal Government from meeting its targets for emissions reduction. [ABC]

¶ “New Zealand Targets 100% Renewable Electricity By 2030” • New Zealand has some of the cheapest electricity in the world. More than 80% of New Zealand’s power comes from renewable sources like hydro and geothermal generation. Now, the government has set the target to make electricity 100% clean within the next decade. [CGTN]

Wairakei Geothermal Power Plant (Ingolfson, public domain)

¶ “Putin’s Nuclear Grip On Europe Could Spark Another Energy Crisis, Expert Warns” • An expert told that countries hedging bets on nuclear power to gain energy independence may not actually be able to escape Putin’s clutches. The Kremlin has dominance over nuclear fuel supplies, which could potentially trigger another price crisis. [Daily Express]


¶ “Some General Motors Dealers Are Repairing Tesla Cars” • At the company’s Investor Day 2022, General Motors president Mark Reuss said that GM service departments have now repaired more than 11,000 Teslas. “That’s a growing business for us. I gotta say it’s a new business,” Reuss said. Most Americans have a GM delearship close by. Not so with Tesla. [CleanTechnica]

GM dealership (Courtesy of GM Certified)

¶ “Archer Aviation Selects Georgia For Manufacturing Facility Next To Covington Municipal Airport” • Archer Aviation Inc, an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft pioneer, announced plans to build its manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia, next to the Covington Municipal Airport. Archer has partnered with Molicel for battery cells. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Fiat 500e To Return To America In 2024” • In Europe, the diminutive Fiat 500e, with a range of 199 miles WLTP from a 37.3-kWh battery, has been a runaway sales success, but it was withdrawn from the US market. At the Los Angeles auto show, Fiat CEO Olivier Francois told the press it will be reintroduced to America in 2024. [CleanTechnica]

Fiat 500e (Image courtesy of Fiat)

¶ “Local Renewable Energy Jobs Can Fully Replace US Coal Jobs” • A recent study by researchers at the University of Michigan finds that local wind and solar jobs can fully replace the jobs lost at coal plants across the United States as the country’s power-generation system transitions away from fossil fuels in the coming decades. [Intelligent Living]

¶ “California Drought: New Research Ties Specific Extreme Weather Events To Climate Change” • The rapidly advancing field of attribution science allows scientists to analyze the role climate change plays in extreme weather events. In California, the severity of both wildfires and droughts have been directly linked to climate change. [ABC10]

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