Month 28 Energy News

October 28, 2021


¶ “Tesla Invests In R&D, Not Advertising, And The Results Speak For Themselves” • The auto industry dropped over $14 billion on ads in the US in 2018, a spend second only to that of the retail industry. Tesla, however, is an automaker that spends nothing on traditional advertising. Tesla puts its money into R&D instead. And the results show. [CleanTechnica]

In the “lab” with the Tesla fleet (Tesla image)


¶ “Medicane Storm Tears Through Southern Italy, Flooding Streets And Leaving Two Dead” • A medicane – a hurricane-like storm that formed over the Mediterranean Sea – dumped one year’s worth of rain on the Linguaglossa region of Sicily in two days. The extraordinary wet weather is brought by climate change, along with periods of drought. [CNN]

¶ “These World Heritage Forests Have Gone From Removing Carbon From The Atmosphere To Emitting It” • Human activity and climate change-fueled disasters have turned ten of the planet’s internationally recognized forests, also known as World Heritage sites, from carbon absorbers into carbon emitters, researchers have found. [CNN]

Redwood National Forest (KC Welch, Unsplash, cropped)

¶ “China Rations Diesel Amid Fuel Shortages” • Petrol stations in many parts of China have begun rationing diesel amid rising costs and falling supplies. Some truck drivers are having to wait entire days to refuel, according to social media posts. China is in the midst of a massive power crunch, as coal and natural gas shortages have hit hard. [BBC]

¶ “General Motors Plans 40,000 EV Chargers Across US And Canada” • This week, GM made a new commitment about its EV charging infrastructure. It said it will install up to 40,000 EV charging stations in the US and Canada as part of its $750 million plan to bolster its presence in the rapidly growing electric vehicle charging sector. [CleanTechnica]

Chevy Bolt and a Volta EV charging station (Photo via Volta)

¶ “Apple Announced Ten Renewable Energy Projects Worldwide” • Apple announced its latest efforts to meet its climate goals. Its Power for Impact program is launching ten projects around the world. Projects will be developed in partnership with Sioux tribes in the US, a school in South Africa, a healthcare center in Nigeria, and others. [The Mac Observer]

¶ “Iran Agrees To Restart Nuclear Talks As Pressure Grows” • Iran said it will resume talks with world powers on reviving a nuclear deal in November, after a five-month gap, as mounting warnings showed international patience was wearing thin. Iran had been in negotiations with the Biden administration, but talks went on hiatus in June. [International Business Times]

Nuclear plant in Iran (Nanking2012, CC-BY-SA 3.0)


¶ “Biden Heads To Europe With A Bit Less Shine And More Work To Be Done” • June’s three-stop tour of Europe was a parade of “America is back” reassurances, but this week’s excursion to summits in Italy and the UK will reflect a more workmanlike attempt to unify US partners against the world’s most pressing challenges. [CNN]

¶ “Fossil Fuel Executives Set To Testify At House Oversight Hearing On Climate Disinformation” • For the first time, the executives of major fossil fuel companies and industry groups will testify before a Congressional Committee about the spread of disinformation on the climate crisis and the role their organizations have played in it. [CNN]

Petrochemical plant (Malcolm Lightbody, Unsplash)

¶ “NREL Research Supports Equitable Deployment Of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure” • A National Renewable Energy Laboratory report sheds light on the potential for residential charging access. Funded by the DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Office, the report provides insight into potential roadblocks for residential charging access. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Turning The Tide For Renewables In Alaska” • A highly energetic corner of the Pacific Ocean, Cook Inlet holds one of the greatest tidal resources on Earth. All that energy has the potential to reduce Alaska residents’ dependence on declining oil and gas production and provide excess renewable energy that could stimulate the Alaskan economy. [CleanTechnica]

Surveying for tidal power (Illustration by Al Hicks, NREL)

¶ “Hinsdale Solar Project Shines Light On Deficiencies In NH Renewable Policies” • By the middle of November, NextEra will present to New Hampshire’s Site Evaluation Committee its plan for a 50-MW solar farm on property held by private landowners in the commercial/industrial district on both sides of Lipscombe Brook in Hinsdale. [Brattleboro Reformer]

¶ “Stonyfield Organic To Use RECs And Solar To Reach 100% Renewable Energy Three Years Early At NH Plant” • Yogurt maker Stonyfield Organic announced that it will be leveraging renewable energy credits and new solar facilities to achieve 100% renewable energy at its Londonderry, NH, plant three years ahead of schedule. [Environment + Energy Leader]

Yogurt and dahlias (Alisa Anton, Unsplash)

¶ “Amazon Climate Pledge Fund Invests In Three New Tech Startups” • In 2020, Amazon launched its $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund to support the development of sustainable and decarbonizing technologies and services. This week, Amazon announced investments in three new companies working to develop sustainable technologies. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “California’s ‘Biggest Hybrid Renewable Power Plant’ Under Construction, Clearway Says” • Clean energy developer Clearway is combining 482-MW of solar PV with 394-MW of battery energy storage in the Daggett project, which is being built adjacent to a retired coal and natural gas power plant in San Bernadino, California. [Energy Storage News]

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