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October 13 Energy News

October 13, 2021


¶ “Should Australia Build Nuclear Power Plants To Combat The Climate Crisis?” • While Australia holds 31% of the world’s supply of uranium, it has always been cheaper to rely on less expensive sources of power, fueled by coal and gas. That situation has not improved for nuclear power. Also, many Australians simply will not accept it. [The Guardian]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Tesla Is Taking Vehicle Crash Analysis To The Next Level” • Tesla just shared on YouTube part of the explanation for how it creates the safest vehicles on the road today. Tesla uses two things to engineer its safe vehicles: Data from the millions of vehicles in its fleet, and observation of replicated real-world crash scenarios. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Argonne Materials Scientists Pursue A New Generation Of Batteries” • Better technologies may replace lithium-ion battery systems sooner than expected, research at the US DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory suggests. Solid-state batteries use a very thin, solid film to separate cathodes and anodes so the battery can charge and discharge. [CleanTechnica]

Battery laboratory (Argonne National Laboratory image)


¶ “Peak Oil Is Coming. That Won’t Save The World” • The shift to clean energy is sending the oil industry into decline. But a much more ambitious plan is needed to save the climate and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, the International Energy Agency said in its global energy outlook. Meeting current targets for 2050 would only reduce fossil fuel use by 40%. [CNN]

¶ “Brazil’s Bolsonaro Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity At ICC For His Record On The Amazon” • Climate lawyers urged the International Criminal Court to investigate President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil for alleged attacks on the Amazon. They accuse him of “crimes against humanity,” with the support of 70 Brazilian organizations. [CNN]

Amazon rainforest (Neil Palmer, CIAT, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

¶ “CATL Plans $5 Billion Battery Recycling Factory” • CATL, China’s largest battery maker, announced it intends to invest $5 billion in a new battery recycling factory in Yichang, a city in central China. The factory will recycle used batteries and produce materials that include lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobaltate, and cathode materials. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Harmony Energy Plans IPO To Fund Development Of 427 MWh Of Tesla Megapack Storage Projects” • Harmony Energy Income Trust announced that it will undertake an IPO to fund the battery energy storage company’s development of 213.5 MW of projects using Tesla’s Megapack battery storage batteries in the UK, Solar Power Portal reports. [CleanTechnica]

Storage system (Harmony Energy image)

¶ “Madhya Pradesh Plans Large-Scale Clean Energy Projects To Make Up For Its Lagging Progress” • Madhya Pradesh, with 16.4 GW capacity of thermal power, ranks fourth in the country as an energy center. The state is lagging in renewable power and has achieved less than half of the target set for next year. It hopes to make up for with large projects. [Mongabay-India]

¶ “Energy Firms Aiming To Develop Major Green Hydrogen Facility In Orkney” • The Offshore Wind Power Limited group announced that it is studying the use of offshore wind to power production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale on the island of Flotta in Orkney. The consortium submitted a proposal to the Crown Estate. [The Scotsman]

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney (Giulia Hetherington, Unsplash)

¶ “Macron Pushes Nuclear, Hydrogen Power In €30 Billion Plan To Reverse Industrial Decline” • President Emmanuel Macron said France would aim to become a leader in green hydrogen by 2030 and build new, smaller nuclear reactors. He has unveiled a five-year investment plan aimed at fostering industrial leaders and innovation. [France 24]


¶ “Solar Project Brings Middlebury College Closer To 100% Renewable Energy Goal” • Senator Patrick Leahy joined leaders from Middlebury College, Encore Renewable Energy, Green Mountain Power, the state of Vermont, and Middlebury to break ground on a 5-MW solar project to provide 30% of the electricity the College needs. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

Groundbreaking (Courtesy of Middlebury College)

¶ “In The US, 18 Weather And Climate Disasters This Year Have Killed Over 500 People And Cost Over $100 Billion” • Weather and climate disasters have taken 538 lives so far this year and cost over $100 billion, according to NOAA. The US averaged seven billion dollar disasters from 1980-2020, but during the last five years, that average number has risen to 16. [CNN]

¶ “US Moving Towards 30% Electricity From Wind And Solar” • A report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis predicts that cheap energy from windpower and solar PVs will push coal and gas out of the energy market space. The report predicts that wind and solar will supply almost 30% of US electricity demand by 2026. [CleanTechnica]

Solar array (Andreas Gücklhorn, Unsplash)

¶ “New Report: Private Sector Investment In US Offshore Wind Will Soar To $109 Billion By 2030” • New peer-reviewed projections show investment by the US offshore wind industry will total $109 billion within 10 years. That figure represents a 40% increase from an earlier estimate that was calculated just two years ago. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “California Can Cut Electricity Costs By Almost A Fifth If It Achieves 100% Renewables By 2040” • California can cut its cost of electricity generation by almost a fifth (17%), compared to 2020 levels, by accelerating the pace of renewable energy deployment to reach its 100% Renewable Portfolio Standard by 2040, a study by Wärtsilä says. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

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