October 2 Energy News

October 2, 2021


¶ “How Fossil Fuel Companies Use Disinformation and Propaganda To Derail Efforts To Tackle Climate Change” • Researchers at Harvard have shown how oil companiesuse skilful PR and manipulate languageto stall climate efforts. Two of them published a series of studies about the fossil fuel companies’ language and media tactics. [The Independent]

Gas plant (Patrick Hendry, Unsplash)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Exciting Updates On Tesla Battery Production Progress” • It is well understood that Tesla likes to make its own components to reduce dependence on others, a clear result of how Elon Musk sees and approaches work. This is quite the opposite of the big two (Ford and GM), which farm out every single piece of the car they can. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “A Look At The Philippines’ Clean Energy Ecosystem” • A small but mighty group of startups is helping the Philippines forge a clean energy future. According to New Energy Nexus and RMI, 15 young companies are helping transform the climate crisis – and close the region’s energy access gap – with renewable energy and clean-tech solutions. [CleanTechnica]

Wind turbines and home (Brett Andrei Martin, via Unsplash)

¶ “Norway To Provide Renewable Power To UK Through Underwater cable” • Britain on Friday powered up the world’s longest subsea electricity cable with Norway in order to share hydro and wind power, amid ongoing turmoil in the UK energy market. National Grid said the 1.6-billion-euro North Sea Link is starting commercial operations. [The Local Norway]

¶ “Vestas Wins Orders In Brazil And Italy” • Wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has signed an agreement with Casa dos Ventos for a 189 MW wind project in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil and has also won a repowering contract in Sicily, Italy. The Brazil agreement is the fifth contract between Vestas and Casa dos Ventos. [PPA]

Wind turbines (NREL image)

¶ “Ørsted Secures €500 Million Loan To Expand Renewables Portfolio From EIB” • Danish energy company Ørsted is set to expand its portfolio of renewable energy capacity after securing a €500 million ($580 million) loan from the European Investment Bank. Ørsted says it will use the loan to align the business to its sustainability goals. [Power Engineering International]

¶ “Renewable Energy Initiatives Spur Land-Use Debates In Italy” • Ten wind farms, with a total of 146 wind turbines, have been proposed and are pending approval near four well-known wine production areas in Southern Italy: Manduria, Salice Salentino, Brindisi and Squinzano. The projects anger rural communities and winemakers. [Wine Enthusiast Magazine]

Wind farm in wine country (Karsten Würth, Unsplash)

¶ “Paks II Not Given Long-Awaited Permit” • The documents submitted for the construction of a new nuclear power plant are not convincing enough for the agency to give the green light for the project, according to a statement from the National Nuclear Energy Office. The documents lack assessment and analysis data that was needed. [Hungary Today]


¶ “Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, And Disney Lobby Against Biden Climate Initiative” • Some of the largest American corporations, many of whom have made pious pledges to act on climate change, are fighting tooth and nail to defeat the $3.5 trillion Biden infrastructure package, with its many provisions for reducing US CO₂ emissions. [CleanTechnica]

Earth (NASA image)

¶ “FERC Pressed On Gas, Renewables, Cyber Threats” • The operators of the nation’s power systems told federal regulators that the time for talk is over in girding the grid for a clean energy transformation and the threats of devastating weather and cyberattacks. FERC needs to order US grid operators to spell out risks they face from extreme weather. [E&E News]

¶ “Notification system to protect nuclear facilities from natural-hazard risks” • Development of a unique advanced technology system to expand the level of alerts for natural-hazard risks to nuclear facilities is the focus of a new project of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the University of Hawaiʻi’s Pacific Disaster Center. [University of Hawaii System]

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