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June 17 Energy News

June 17, 2021

Science and Technology:

¶ “When It Comes To Nuclear Power, ‘Advanced’ Isn’t Always Better” • There is growing interest in expanding the role of nuclear power to address climate change. A comprehensive Union of Concerned Scientists analysis of non-light-water reactor concepts under development suggests the interest is informed by wishful thinking. [CleanTechnica]

Prairie Island construction, 1970 (US DOE, public domain)


¶ “UK Warned It Is Unprepared For Climate Chaos” • A report by the independent Climate Change Committee predicts warming will hit the UK harder than first thought. It warns of more severe heatwaves and more intense rainfall, with increased flood risks across most of the UK. It says homes, infrastructure, and services must be made resilient. [BBC

¶ “Vast Polish Coal Mine Infuriates The Neighbors” • Access to running water is taken for granted by almost everyone in Europe. But it is not there for thousands of Czech villagers living near a gigantic open-pit coal mine that is just across the border in Poland. The Turow mine is getting closer to the Czech border, disrupting water supplies. [BBC]

Turow open pit mine (Atalanta, CC-BY-SA 3.0, cropped)

¶ “Queensland Premier Has Announced A $2 Billion Fund For A Renewable Energy Future” • Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a $2 billion investment fund to be used to finance a clean hydrogen industry, mining operations for solar panel materials, the emerging EV industry, and greater manufacturing of green energy products. [Energy Matters]

¶ “Volvo And Volkswagen The Only European Carmakers On Track To Electrify On Time” • Transport & Environment’s ranking of the readiness of 10 major OEMs in Europe to transition to electric by 2030 shows there are big differences in ambition and quality of their plans. Volkswagen and Volvo Cars have aggressive and credible strategies. [CleanTechnica]

Volvo XC40 Recharge (Volvo image)

¶ “NSW Commits $380 Million To Speed Up Network Upgrades For Renewable Energy” • The New South Wales government committed $380 million over the next four years to boost network infrastructure for the state’s first renewable energy zones. It hopes this will unlock tens of billions of dollars in new investment in renewables projects. [Renew Economy]

¶ “UK PV Capacity Must Treble To Meet 2030 Target” • The UK Government must treble solar capacity in order to meet carbon zero targets by 2030, according to a report by Solar Energy UK. Its report urges Westminster to set out policy and regulatory changes for the solar sector which would allow the industry to deliver 40 GW of operational capacity. [reNEWS]

Solar array (American Public Power Association, Unsplash)

¶ “China’s Taishan-1 Reactor Has Five Damaged Fuel Rods: Ministry” • There are likely five damaged fuel rods in the 1,750-MW Taishan-1 EPR in China, which led to increased radiation levels within the reactor coolant, the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment said. It is the first official explanation for the reactor’s recent technical problems. [S&P Global]

¶ “GE Secures 149-MW Order In India” • GE Renewable Energy has been chosen by Continuum Green Energy India to supply, install and commission 55 turbines for the 149-MW Morjar, Bhuj wind farm in Gujarat, India. The 2.7-132 turbine has proven to be the technology of choice for customers in India because of its performance at low wind speeds, said GE. [reNEWS]

Wind turbines (GE Renewable Energy image)


¶ “An Eighth Of The US Population Is Sweltering Under A Record-Breaking Heat Dome. Climate Change Is Making It Worse” • This heat wave and the exceptional drought in the Southwest are part of a damaging feedback loop enhanced by climate change, experts say. The hotter it gets, the drier it gets; the drier it gets, the hotter it gets. [CNN]

¶ “GM Boosts Spending On Electric Vehicles To $35 Billion By 2025” • General Motors announced that it increased its planned spending on EVs to $35 billion by 2025. That is a 75% increase since March, 2020, when GM said it would spend $20 billion on EVs by 2025. It has raised the amount twice since 2020, first to $27 billion, and now to $35 billion. [CNN]

GMC Hummer EV (GM image)

¶ “Tesla Solar Is Becoming More And More Affordable” • Elon Musk is making solar more and more affordable, with better rates on solar loans. Tesla’s loan option had been for a 20-year plan with 10% down and 5.99% APR. Recently, Tesla made the loan option much more affordable with a new 10-year plan, 10% of the cost down, and only 0.99% APR. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “The United States Consumed A Record Amount Of Renewable Energy In 2020” • In 2020, consumption of renewable energy in the US grew for the fifth year in a row, reaching a record high of 11.6 quadrillion BTUs, or 12% of total US energy consumption. While renewable energy grew in 2020, fossil fuel and nuclear consumption declined. [CleanTechnica]

Renewable energy (Monthly Energy Review US EIA)

¶ “Brooklyn To Deploy Old Navy Yard For New Offshore Wind Ventures” • The old Brooklyn Navy Yard was the centerpiece of seagoing innovation from its startup in 1801 for 165 years. Tech incubator Newlab has paired with Ørsted, the renewable energy developer, to launch new ventures from the Navy Yard, starting with offshore wind power. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Environmental Council: Iowa Utilities Don’t Need Coal Power To Meet Demand” • Iowa’s investor-owned utilities should speed up the retirement of coal plants because neither of them needs that power to meet demand, the Iowa Environmental Council said in a new analysis. Iowa is one of the nation’s leaders in wind energy production. [Iowa Capital Dispatch]

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