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June 8 Energy News

June 8, 2021


¶ “Synthetic Fuels Won’t Replace EVs” • Synthetic fuels, done correctly, are carbon neutral, and they’d have almost as much energy density as gasoline or diesel. With all of their advantages, some have said they’re a great alternative to electric vehicles. But when the math is done, and all examined, synthetic fuels just aren’t going to replace EVs. [CleanTechnica]

Chemicals (Alex Kondratiev, Unsplash)


¶ “Climate Change Could Push Temperatures At The Tokyo Olympics To The ‘Danger-Zone’ For Athletes” • Intense heat and high humidity could pose a serious risk to athletes at the Tokyo Olympics, says a report by the British Association for Sustainable Sport. It details concerns of athletes and scientists about health impacts of soaring temperatures in Japan. [CNN]

¶ “Candela C7 Electric Speedboat Takes Flight” • A hydrofoil uses an underwater wing to produce lift, hoisting a boat out of the water for a faster, more efficient ride. It’s a clever solution that’s been around for decades, but hasn’t really gone anywhere, as yet. Candela, based in Sweden, has a revolutionary hydrofoil that has reached series production! [CleanTechnica]

Candela C7 Electric Speedboat (Courtesy of Candela Speedboat)

¶ “An Army Of Tesla EVs Is Lined Up On The Docs Of Port Kemdla, Australia” • An article in The Driven says Tesla shipped 1,500 of its Model 3 EVs to Australia last month and owners should start taking delivery of their vehicles soon. But EVs have a 2% share of the Australian market, and even a record high for sales is not nearly enough. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “EU Considering Border Tariffs On Electricity, Cement, And Steel” • Reuters reports that the EU is considering a draft proposal to impose tariffs based on carbon emissions on some imported goods, including steel, cement, and electricity. The tariffs would protect the EU members from cheap products of countries with few or no emissions restrictions. [CleanTechnica]

Steel production (Inna67895, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

¶ “Railways To Fast-Track Renewable Energy Projects” • Indian railways are gearing up to reach the goal of Zero Net Carbon Emitter by 2030 by fast-tracking renewable energy projects, such as setting up of solar plants on unused railway land and along the track. Southern Railway has identified 437 acres of land for solar power development. [The Hindu]

¶ “EDF Commissions 60 MW Of PV In Israel” • EDF Renewables commissioned the 60-MW Timna solar power plant in Israel. The plant is located close to the historic Timna copper mines in the far south of the country. Its 154,000 bifacial PV panels will help Israel meet its objective of increasing the solar contribution to the energy mix to 30% by 2030. [reNEWS]

Solar farm (EDF image)

¶ “As Battery Costs Tumble, Coalition Puts Australia On Most Expensive Energy Path” • A major Australian report shows how much the costs of solar, wind, and especially batteries have fallen in the past year. It says they will continue to fall, given the right renewable energy policies. And Coalition government policies are not helping reduce costs. [Renew Economy]

¶ “Peak Oil Moves Closer As Energy Majors Shift To Renewables” • In 2020, the largest oil and gas companies increased investment in clean energy by 34%, despite a 6% fall in global energy demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to new research. Oil and gas majors investe $8.8 billion (€7.2 billion) in 2020, up from $6.6 billion the year before. []

Pump jack (Zbynek Burival, Unsplash)

¶ “China And IRENA Boost Ties As Leading Renewables Market Eyes Carbon Neutrality Goals” • The International Renewable Energy Agency and the National Energy Administration of the People’s Republic of China have agreed to increase cooperation as China builds momentum towards achieving its goals for carbon neutrality. [Modern Diplomacy]

¶ “EDF Energy Permanently Closes Dungeness B Nuclear Plant In Southern England” • EDF Energy, the owner and operator of the UK’s operational nuclear fleet, said it was closing and moving to defueling the two reactors at the 1,250-MW Dungeness B nuclear plant in Kent. The plant has been offline since 2018 and has technical challenges. [PV Tech]

Dungeness Power station B (Julian P Guffogg, CC BY-SA 2.0)


¶ “NREL Inventiveness Sets New Record For Patent Activity” • Forty US patents issued to NREL during fiscal 2020, up from the 32 issued during the prior fiscal year. Of the 269 disclosures filed with the laboratory’s Technology Transfer Office as steps toward patent or copyright protection, 153 are in the category of record of invention and 116 are software. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “California Utility Wraps Up Transmission Upgrades” • To facilitate over 7 GW of renewables and battery storage capacity in coming years, Southern California Edison completed upgrades to its West of Devers transmission lines, increasing their capacity. The transmission lines will bring power from California’s desert areas to its population centers. [reNEWS]

Wind turbines and transmission lines (Vestas image)

¶ “Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions To Build Largest Solar Project to Date; Pharma Company Signs VPPA” • Charles River Laboratories International signed a solar energy virtual power purchase agreement for 102 MW for 15 years. To provide the energy, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions will build a 250-MW solar project. [Environment + Energy Leader]

¶ “Renewables To Yield Half A Million US Jobs By 2030” • In the US, decarbonisation has the potential to create 500,000-600,000 new jobs across the solar, wind and battery storage industries by 2030, according to a report published by the American Clean Power Association. The jobs would have higher than average pay and could be unionized. [reNEWS]

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