July 16 Energy News

July 16, 2020


¶ “Why Transmission And Distribution Are The Clean Energy Transition’s Secret Weapons” • As the world pushes towards the Great Reset, there is considerable talk about powering our future with renewable energy. Increasing energy generation from clean sources demands an increase in transmission and distribution networks. [World Economic Forum]

Texas farmland (Lucas Jackson | Reuters)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Lasers Etch An Efficient Way To Address Global Water Crisis” • A third of the world’s population does not have reliably clean water to drink. University of Rochester researchers have now found a way to address the shortage of potable water by using sunlight to evaporate and purify contaminated water with greater than 100% efficiency. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “The World’s Methane Emissions Are At A Record High, And Burping Cows Are Driving The Rise” • Methane emissions are at their highest level ever, with agriculture and fossil fuels the biggest drivers, new research from the Global Carbon Project says. Climate models suggest that methane could drive global temperatures increase by 3-4°C by 2100. [CNN]

Cattle (David Gray | Bloomberg via Getty Images)

¶ “UNSW Research Disproves Outdated Claim That Energy Transition Is An Economic Hindrance” • Research from the University of New South Wales disproved claims by fossil fuel advocates, nuclear power supporters, and mercenary economists that the transition to renewable electricity would hinder the global economy. [pv magazine Australia]

¶ “Climate Change: Siberian Heatwave ‘Clear Evidence’ Of Warming” • A record-breaking heatwave in Siberia would have been almost impossible without human-caused climate change, a study has found. The Russian region’s temperatures were more than 5°C above average for the period between January and June of this year. [BBC]

Land surface temperature anomalies, 3/19 to 6/20 (NASA)

¶ “Small Lab Makes Big Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion Tech” • Nuclear power has had high hopes for nuclear fusion, but high development costs have kept the goal out of reach for decades. A company in New Jersey, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc, may soon be leading the way in transitioning over to nuclear fusion through dense plasma focus. [OilPrice.com]

¶ “World Population Could Peak Decades Before UN Forecast, Study Says” • UN demographers projected a peak of 10.9 billion people in the world by century’s end, compared with roughly 7.8 billion now. But a study published in the Lancet asserted that the global population could peak at 9.7 billion by 2064 and decline to 8.8 billion by 2100. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

Earth (NASA image via AP)


¶ “Belgian school selling solar power to neighbors” • The energy regulator for the greater Brussels area has granted market and pricing exemptions to support development of a pilot project for selling energy in a local community. It will come from 34.7-kW solar sysem on a school building and a 2.4-kW system on the roof of a nearby homeowner. [pv magazine International]

¶ “Fossil Fuel Companies Are Losing Value Globally” • A paper published by the Australia Institute details how fossil fuels are the worst-performing sector on the ASX 300 and have been for the past decade. $100 invested in the S&P ASX 300 Energy Index back in 2010 was only worth $104 by January 2020. It dropped to $51 with COVID-19. [CleanTechnica]

S&P 500 vs S&P 500 Energy (Australia Institute)

¶ “Hoti: 105-MW Wind Park Bajgora In Kosovo To Come Online By April” •  Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti of Kosovo visited the future site of a wind farm in the municipality of Mitrovica. The project is a joint venture with investors from Israel and Germany. Hoti said the 105-MW wind park is scheduled to be completed by April. [Balkan Green Energy News]

¶ “Greenlink Interconnector Wins First Consent” •  A proposed 500-MW, 200 km Ireland-Wales Greenlink Interconnector was awarded the first of several consents the project needs to secure before it can start construction by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. This marks the first step in a series of planning consents required for the link. [reNEWS]

Big spool on a ship (DeepOcean image)


¶ “Trump Weakens Environmental Law To Speed Up Infrastructure Projects” • President Trump has announced alterations to a landmark environmental law, in a controversial move to allow projects to go ahead with less oversight. Mr Trump touted changes to the National Environmental Protection Act as a “historic breakthrough.” [BBC]

¶ “Key Trends To Disrupt The US Renewables Market In The Next Six Months” • A Deloitte study examines the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that may affect the US renewable energy industry in the second half of 2020. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the US renewable energy industry’s long-term growth trajectory appears intact. [Smart Energy]

Renewable energy (Image credit: Stock)

¶ “Biden Plans Massive Electric Car Push” • Details about Joe Biden’s environmental plans are beginning to emerge, and they include a massive push for electric cars and trucks. According to Car and Driver, part of the plan is a program that offers financial incentives for Americans to trade in their gas guzzlers, replacing them with efficient EVs. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “FERC Data Shows Fossil Fuels Are Failing” • Currently the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has four commissioners, all Trump appointees. They have been seen as pushing a fossil fuel agenda. Nevertheless, for the first time, FERC is projecting a net decline of US fossil fuel generating capacity over the next three years. [CleanTechnica]

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