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July 7 Energy News

July 7, 2020


¶ “As Fossil Fuel Pipelines Fall To Opposition, Utilities See Renewable Energy As Safe Bet” • Legal challenges have halted several major pipeline projects across the US in recent days, underscoring a seismic shift facing the US utility industry: the rise of renewables as a potentially less costly and less risky alternative to fossil fuels. [Greentech Media]

Light at the end of the pipeline (Shutterstock image)

¶ “Gigantic Atlantic Coast Gas Pipeline Done In By Humble Household Heat Pump” • Dominion Energy and Duke Energy cancelled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. They may not know it, but activists and land owners who fought against the project did them a favor by giving a message for all fossil fuel stakeholders: Get out now while you have a chance. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “‘World-Leading’ Machines In Moray To Ease Renewable Power Into UK Grid” • Two “world-leading” machines are to be installed in Moray, Scotland, in a £20 million project to make using renewable energy in the electricity grid easier and cleaner. The “Rotating Stabilizer” will provide stability of supply without fossil fuel-powered generation. [Energy Voice]

“World-leading” machine


¶ “The Law That Could Make Climate Change Illegal” • The short-term cycles of government can be a real problem for climate change. But the Danish Parliament passed what could turn out to be one of the closest things yet to a law that would make climate change – or at least the lack of effort to stop it – genuinely illegal. [BBC]

¶ “Solar Farm Fitted With Batteries To Meet Grid Output Control Requirements Goes Online In Japan” • One of the first large solar farms in Japan with battery storage to meet the requirements of a local grid operator and utility, has been completed on the island of Hokkaido. The 64.4-MW Tomatoh Abira Solar Park 2 has 19 MWh of battery storage. [Energy Storage News]

Solar park fitted with battery storage (Image: Softbank)

¶ “Odisha Plans Solar Power Projects To Ramp Up Renewable Energy Generation” • The government of the Indian state of Odisha is planning several solar power projects in the state, officials said. To meet its renewable energy goals, the state needs 1,500 MW of solar power by 2022. It has 474 MW now and 460 MW in the pipeline. [Republic World]

¶ “Baywa Sells ‘Largest Floating PV Park Outside China’” • The German renewables company Baywa re has announced the sale of the largest floating solar project outside China. The developer did not reveal the sale price agreed for the 27.4 MW Bomhofsplas project, which it said yesterday had taken only seven weeks to install. [pv magazine International]

Bomhofsplas project (Image: Baywa re)

¶ “Rwanda’s Green Energy Sector Could Create 31,000 Jobs Annually – Report” • With ambitions of investing in renewable energy in Rwanda in the build-up to 2030, a report has noted that the sector could lead to the creation of around 31,000 direct jobs every year. The report was prepared by Global Green Growth Institute. [The New Times]


¶ “Judge Orders Temporary Shutdown Of Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline” • The Dakota Access Pipeline must shut down by August 5 as an in-depth environmental review is carried on for the controversial project, a district court ruled Monday. The pipeline will remain closed during the review, which will take about thirteen months. [CNN]

Dakota Access Pipeline (Tony Webster, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Supreme Court Deals Major Blow To Keystone XL Project” • On Monday, the Supreme Court cleared the way for several pipeline projects to proceed under a fast-track permitting process that allow projects to go ahead while the environmental reviews are done, but it excluded the Keystone XL expansion from the ruling, forcing major delays. [CNN]

¶ “Tucson Electric Power Plans To End Use Of Coal-Generated Electricity By 2032” • Tucson Electric Power says it will stop using coal to generate electricity by 2032 and will increase its share of renewable energy to over 70% by 2035. It will stop buying electricity from its two units at its coal-fired Springerville Generating Station by 2032. [Arizona Daily Star]

Wind farm (David Sanders | Tucson Electric Power)

¶ “Climate Denial Spreads On Facebook As Scientists Face Restrictions” • Facebook allows groups that reject climate science to promote misleading theories global warming. But it restricted the ability of one of the country’s most visible climate scientists, Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University, to share information and fact checking. [Scientific American]

¶ “New Turbines Go Online, Tripling Northern Colorado’s Wind Power” • The Roundhouse Renewable Energy Project, Northern Colorado’s largest source of wind energy to date, is now online. The project comprises 83 new turbines scattered along the state line, as well as a transmission cable that carries the electricity that it produces south. [KUNC]

Roundhouse project (Courtesy Pete Arnold, Cheyenne, Wyoming)

¶ “MA Lawmakers Still Working To Reach 100% Renewable Energy By 2050” • The goal is to power Massachusetts using 100% renewable energy sources by 2050, and the elected officials who have signed on in support of this plan have outlined how they intend to make it happen. The legislature has two major energy bills before them. []

¶ “US Report Recognises Nuclear As Zero-Carbon Energy Source” • The US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis majority staff report says nuclear power is a zero-carbon source of electricity. However, the report also notes that nuclear power is not pollution-free, as it generates radioactive waste that lasts for thousands of years. [Nuclear Engineering]

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