May 10 Energy News

May 10, 2020


¶ “Clean Trucks Like The Tesla Semi Are More Important Than Ever” • According to Popular Mechanics, there were at least 2.8 million semi trucks registered in the US in 2016. These trucks are heavy polluters, and research shows that almost 80% of those who died of Covid-19 across four countries were in heavily polluted regions. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Semi Truck Specs Event

Science and Technology:

¶ “New Solution For Cooling Solar Panels” • A technique for cooling solar panels has been under development in Egypt. The PV modules are cooled from underneath by a mixture of water, aluminum oxide, and calcium chloride hexahydrate. Earlier work in France, which increased the PV power generation by 8% to 12%, provided a basis for the new research. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “3D Printing Has Entered The Nuclear Realm” • In 2017, Siemens achieved the industry breakthrough with the first successful commercial installation and continuing safe operation of a 3D printed part in a nuclear power plant. This was an amazing achievement because of the requirements put on the components used by nuclear power plants. [Forbes]

Oak Ridge National Laboratory 3-D printer (US DOE image)


¶ “Argentina Halts Renewables Rollout Amid Coronavirus” • Like many other countries under quarantine, Argentina paused to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The measure has paralyzed the economy, and since renewable energy is not considered essential, Argentina’s recently reinvigorated renewable energy development has stalled. [Buenos Aires Times]

¶ “Finland Aims To Boost Wind Power By Leasing More State Land For Construction” • The government of Finland aims to expand wind power production by offering more state lands for construction. They are overseen by Metsähallitus, a state-owned company that administers more than 12 million hectares of state land and water areas. [YLE News]

Wind turbine near the Bay of Bothnia (Image: Yle)

¶ “ACWA Power And Silk Road Fund Announce Finalizing Their Partnership Owning ACWA Power Renewable Energy Holding Ltd” • ACWA Power, which focuses on power generation and water desalination, announced finalizing its parnership with the Silk Road Fund, now 49% owner of ACWA Power Renewable Energy Holding Ltd. [Construction Business News]


¶ “Lawsuit Filed Over The Reopening Of Tesla’s Factory In Fremont” • Tesla wanted to reopen the Fremont plant safely, based on what it learned at its plant in China with 7,000 workers and not one death (as Elon stated on the Joe Rogan Experience). Alameda County officials are not allowing Tesla to reopen, so Tesla is going to court. [CleanTechnica]

Screen Capture from Joe Rogan Experience YouTube

¶ “Nautilus Solar Energy Leads Maryland’s Community Solar Market” • Nautilus Solar Energy LLC has become Maryland’s foremost owner and operator of community solar PV projects. With more than eleven projects the company has over 32.8 MW of total capacity, all qualified under Maryland Community Solar Pilot Program. [The Southern Maryland Chronicle]

¶ “Renewable Roundup: Solar And Wind Dominate New Energy Installations (Even After The Coronavirus)” • The US Energy Information Administration’s latest information on new capacity additions shows it expects 42 GW to start commercial operation in 2020. Solar and wind represent almost 32 GW, which is 76% of these additions. [Red, Green, and Blue]

Please click on the image to enlarge it. (Image source: EIA)

¶ “Company Seeks Its Shovels Back From Two Wyoming Coal Mines” • A mining equipment company based in Wisconsin wants to be paid or get its equipment back from a Wyoming coal mine that continues to operate the pair of its large coal shovels. Eagle Specialty Materials acquired the mine after Blackjewel went bankrupt. [Casper Star-Tribune Online]

¶ “New California Oil Permits Rose 7.8% In 2020’S First Quarter As Oil Prices Plunged” • As the price of oil went below zero, new oil and gas drilling permits actually increased 7.8% in California during the first quarter of 2020, according to a report by two watchdog groups. Another thing that increased was spending on oil lobbying. [SF Bay Area Indymedia]

Toluca Street, Los Angeles, ca 1900 (Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Oil Drilling Collapses To 11-Year Low With Explorers In Retreat” • Oil and natural gas exploration fell to an all-time low as the Covid-19 pandemic snuffed out the remnants of the US shale boom. In the span of just eight weeks, 53% of active oil and gas rigs in the country have gone dark, according to data released by Baker Hughes Co. [Free Malaysia Today]

¶ “TVA Refuels Nuclear Plants; Workers Screened And Work Limited Due To Pandemic” • Because of the COVID-19 virus, the Tennessee Valley Authority is scaling back some maintenance work it planned to do during refuelings, and it is performing health screenings of all TVA employees and contractors coming to the plants. [Chattanooga Times Free Press]

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