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May 1 Energy News

May 1, 2020

Science and Technology:

¶ “The Ocean Genome Helps Fight Disease: Here’s How We Save It” • The ocean plays a surprising role in fighting Covid-19. The “ocean genome” is a rich source of anti-viral compounds. And enzymes from a remarkable hydrothermal vent bacterium have been key to the technology in virus test kits, including those used to diagnose Covid-19. [CleanTechnica]

Source of important medical materials (Photo: Aquapix | NOAA)

¶ “A New Way Of Measuring Ice Melt In Antarctica, Greenland Sounds Alarm About Global Sea Level Rise” • Using  new data measurements from several NASA satellites, scientists found that Greenland’s ice sheet lost an average of 200 gigatons of ice per year and Antarctica’s ice sheet lost an average of 118 gigatons of ice per year since 2003. [CNBC]


¶ “In The Middle Of A Pandemic, Renewables Are Taking Over The Grid” • Renewables have increased output while demand dropped because of Covid-19. In Germany, a record that was set in March was broken again on April 20, when solar generated 40% of the country’s electricity; at the same time coal and nuclear power generated just 22%. [Grist]

Solar farm (Gerard Julien | AFP via Getty Images)

¶ “Global Energy Use Suffers ‘Historic Shock'” • A report from the International Energy Agency said demand for energy could crash 6% this year if lockdowns persist for many months and the economic recovery is slow. Such a scenario would be seven times the size of the 2008 global financial crisis, and the IEA said it looks “increasingly likely.” [CNN]

¶ “Vestas Secures 64-MW Double In Vietnam” • Vestas secured turbine orders totaling 64 MW for two wind farms in Quang Tri province, Vietnam. The deals are for  a total of sixteen V150-4.2 MW turbines delivered in 4.0 MW operating mode. The two projects are owned by local companies, Huong Tan Wind Power and Tan Linh Wind Power. [reNEWS]

AVestas turbine (Vestas image)

¶ “Tokyo 2020 Targets 100% Renewable Energy To Power The Games” • The Tokyo Olympic Games are to be powered by electricity from 100% renewable energy, the Sustainability Pre-Games Report says. The report covered more than electricity. It said even the Olympic medals will be made from metals recycled from electronic devices. []

¶ “SA Winemaker Completes Shift To 100% Renewables With Solar Car Park” • With completion of a solar-powered car park, the last of a 3-MW solar system has been installed at Pernod Ricard Winemakers’ Barossa Valley wineries in South Australia. It rounds out the French company’s journey to 100% renewables for Australian operations. [One Step Off The Grid]

Pernod Ricard car park

¶ “Wave Of Green Energy Set To Wash Over Western Australia’s Wheatbelt As New Laws Shake Up Electricity Industry” • A wave of renewable energy is set to wash over the farming heartland of Western Australia under new laws that enable authorities to disconnect customers from the grid in favor of “stand-alone” power systems. [ABC Technology]

¶ “Enel Green Power Turns Sod On Spanish Wind Farm” • Enel Green Power Espana has begun building a 21-MW wind project in Spain. The €20 million wind farm will be constructed in the Teruel and Zaragoza provinces. The facility will be comprised of 3.55-MW turbines and is expected to enter operation before the end of the year. [reNEWS]

Wind turbine (Image: Enel Green Power)

¶ “Zambia Explores Renewables, Energy Surplus By 2022” • Zambia’s constant power cuts are now a thing of the past. Thanks to a robust hydraulic and solar power generation industry in recent years, the country is now self-sufficient in energy. And, there is even better news for the country. Electricity production could soon be in surplus. [Smart Energy]


¶ “The Oil Bankruptcies Are Just Beginning. Here’s Who Could Be Next” • The oil crash is blocking US fracking companies from accessing the cheap credit that fueled their prolific rise. That reversal of fortunes could prove fatal for overleveraged shale oil companies, and the weakest players are likely to be tipped into bankruptcy. [CNN]

US shale gas plays (EIA, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Pandemic Masks Further US Environmental Deregulation By Trump Administration” • A paper published in Nature describes how bringing health data and other evidence to the policymaking table may change if the EPA moves forward with a pair of proposals about the ways that science is used and evaluated at the agency. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Invenergy Fires Up 160-MW Southern Oak” • US renewables developer Invenergy has commenced commercial operations at its 160-MW Southern Oak photovoltaic plant in Georgia. The facility, in Mitchell County, is the developer’s largest solar farm and the hundredth project it has brought online. Construction began in 2018. [reNEWS]

Southern Oak solar farm (Invenergy image)

¶ “Bollinger Unveils First Class 3 Electric Truck Chassis” • Bollinger Motors has issued a press release on two-door and four-door designs for a Class 3 commercial electric truck chassis. It is suitable for SUVs and various commercial truck applications. Bollinger says its B2 chassis will be available to commercial outfitters in late 2021. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “More Money For Brownfield Solar Offered, But Better Land Protection Needed” • Rhode Island is offering money for solar development on land that isn’t forest or open space. Solar arrays proposed for brownfields or contaminated former industrial sites can apply for a share of $1 million through the state Renewable Energy Fund. [ecoRI news]

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