January 26 Energy News

January 26, 2020


¶ “What Should You Know Before Signing Up For A Tesla Solarglass Roof” • The Tesla Solarglass Roof finally makes solar beautiful and easy to look at for folks who don’t appreciate the look of conventional solar panels. I think the Solarglass roof tiles are more beautiful, more functional, and more durable than most traditional roofing surfaces. [CleanTechnica]

Components in a Tesla Solarglass Roof (Image courtesy of Tesla) (Please click on the image to enlarge it.)

¶ “How The End Of A Major Tax Incentive May Impact Wind Energy” • Wind energy in the US has more than doubled since 2011. It’s had a big boost from a federal incentive, the Production Tax Credit. But after nearly 30 years, that is set to begin phasing out. Karla Murthy reports from Texas on how the industry is approaching the end of incentives. [PBS NewsHour]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Birds And Oceans And Wildfires, Oh My! How Machine Learning Is Changing Climate Research” • Many researchers are driving programs that will benefit us and the environment using machine learning technologies. Here is a roundup of several research initiatives delivering value both large and small with neural nets. [CleanTechnica]

Neural network (mikemacmarketing, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “Nissan LEAF And Uber Tag Team London” • Uber is getting a partner to help it electrify its fleet in the London area, and Nissan is getting a partner to help it sell a bunch of Nissan LEAFs. More specifically, 2,000 Nissan LEAFs will enter Uber’s London fleet. They will have 40 kWh batteries offering about 168 miles of range on a single charge. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Electric Ferrari Plans Leaked In Patent Filing” • In 2016, Sergio Marchionne, then chairman of Ferrari, said, “With Ferrari, [an electric car] is almost an obscene concept,” adding, “You’d have to shoot me first.” Well, Sergio, times sure do change, don’t they? At least, that’s what plans for an electric Ferrari from a leaked patent filing seem to tell us! [CleanTechnica]

Ferrari 812 Superfast (Porsche Taycan EV Forum, via Motor 1)

¶ “Data Centers To Consume 8% Of World’s Electricity By 2030” • More and more, people rely on the internet and cloud. Old files, photos, and e-mails from years past sit there, awaiting a search. But it takes energy to store them. Today, data centers consume about 2% of the world’s electricity, but that’s expected to reach 8% by 2030. [TechCentral]

¶ “Ambitious Zero Emission Tokyo Plan Wins Praise, Begs For Action” • Late last year, Gov Yuriko Koike revealed the Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy, Tokyo’s long-awaited plan to transition to clean energy. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to spend over ¥74.6 billion ($683 million) to achieve a net-zero carbon emissions goal. [The Japan Times]

Tokyo (Kiyoshi Ota | Bloomberg)

¶ “Malta To Pay Estonia €2 Million In Return For Helping Island Reach Its Renewable Energy Targets” • Malta has agreed to pay Estonia a reported €2 million in return for renewable energy quotas that will help the island reach its EU-imposed targets. Malta’s Energy Minister said Malta was unable to meet this year’s carbon reduction deadline. [Lovin Malta]

¶ “Public And Private Sectors Unite On Need For More Renewables” • Current energy systems are falling short of supporting the transition to a renewables-based system, participants of the third Public-Private Dialogue agreed. The dialog was organised by the International Renewable Energy Agency’s Coalition for Action. [Modern Diplomacy]

Wind turbines

¶ “Hungary Vows To Be Carbon-Free By 2050, Remains Committed To Nuclear Power” • Hungary is developing a plan for emissions reduction. It includes a 90% reduction in carbon emissions 2030, mandating that from 2022 onwards only electric buses will be available in the cities, and a commitment to nuclear power. [International Business Times]


¶ “Trump’s Dismantling Of Environmental Regulations Unwinds 50 Years Of Protections” • In Trump’s first two years in office, the EPA put its efforts into reversing regulations. And in the third year, other agencies also took up environmental regulation rollbacks. This even extends to some protections established under the 50-year-old Clean Air Act. [CNN]

Polluted river (USGS, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Sticker Shock: The Grid Is At Capacity For Solar Power In Parts Of Oregon” • When a PGE customer in Oregon wanted to put up a solar system, he got a report from the utility saying he couldn’t connect his 24.8 kW of solar power to the system until significant upgrades had been made to the grid. The cost of the upgrades was estimated at $539,038. [OPB News]

¶ “New Coal Mine Operator Behind On Federal, County Taxes” • The newest operator of three coal mines has fallen behind on federal and county mineral taxes, officials said. The Navajo Transitional Energy Company owes the federal government more than $10 million in unpaid taxes accrued in September and October. [Gillette News Record]

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