January 25 Energy News

January 25, 2020


¶ “Davos Ends With Disagreement On Climate And Greta Thunberg On The March” • The annual meeting at Davos of business and political leaders wrapped up with two of the world’s most powerful people disagreeing over the climate crisis and youth activists excoriating the international elite for failing to do enough about global warming. [CNN]

Lagarde and Mnuchin clash over climate crisis (CNN image)

¶ “British Cities To Get Buses That Suck Pollution From The Air” • Using public transport is often a greener alternative to driving a car, and now one company is taking its green ambitions a step further – by developing a pollution-sucking fleet of buses. Go-Ahead Group, a British transportation company, is rolling out 11 new buses that clean the air as they go. [CNN]

¶ “Swedish Player Plans 155-MW Local Wind Build” • Swedish developer Stena Renewable will start work in the spring on the 155-MW Aby-Alebo wind farm in southern Sweden. The Skr1.7 billion (€161 million, $180 million) project will feature 36 Vestas V150 turbines. It is expected to produce about 500 GWh per year of electricity, starting in 2022. [reNEWS]

Wind farm (Stena Renewable image)

¶ “Spain Closes 2019 With Nearly Half Renewable Energy Mix” • According to data furnished by the Red Eléctrica de España, the operator of the Spanish electricity grid, installed non-polluting power capacity in Spain grew by 10% during 2019. Renewable energy now represents 49.3% of the total installed generation capacity in the country. [Saurenergy]

¶ “ADB Loan To Unlock Long-Term Financing For Solar Power In Viet Nam” • The Asian Development Bank signed a $37.8 million loan deal with TTC Energy Development Investment Joint Stock Company to provide long-term financing to develop and operate a 50-MW PV solar power plant in Tay Ninh Province in Viet Nam. [Modern Diplomacy]

Solar farm in Armenia

¶ “Chilean Copper Mines Will Need Over 1 GW Of New Power In 2019-2030” • To meet the copper mining industry’s growing demand for electricity, Chile will have to add 1,387 MW of power capacity by 2030. Copper mines in the region of Antofagasta are expected to remain the biggest power consumers, demanding an estimated 16.7 TWh in 2030. [Renewables Now]

¶ “50Hertz To Turn Wind Into Heat In Rostock” • Some wind energy generated in northern Germany can’t be consumed or transported south. 50Hertz Transmission is working with Stadtwerke Rostock to turn it into heat to be used by a utility. The two companies are building a 20-MW power-to-heat plant in Rostock’s Marienehe district. [reNEWS]

Wind farm (Zbynek Buriva | Unsplash)

¶ “Rolls-Royce Plans ‘Mini’ Nuclear Power Plants By 2029 Delivered In Chunks Via Trucks” • ‘Mini’ nuclear reactors delivered in prefabricated chunks on the back of trucks and assembled cost effectively onsite could become a reality by 2029, according to Rolls-Royce. The company is leading a consortium aimed at achieving the goal. [Forbes]


¶ “The Kids’ Climate Lawsuit Isn’t Dead Yet” • Even though judges tossed out his big case last week, lawyer Phillip Gregory, who represents 21 youth in the climate lawsuit against the US government, was in a superb mood. The case is not allowed to go to trial, for now, but both Gregory and his young clients believe there will eventually be a ruling in their favor. [Mashable]

Climate plaintiffs (Robin Loznak | Our Children’s Trust)

¶ “Sneaky: Energy Department Pushes Electric Vehicles Under Trump’s Nose” • DOE dropped $133 million on a new round of funding for advanced vehicle technology, with the largest piece of the pie going to EVs, EV batteries, EV charging, and other EV things. This is part of the DOE’s Sustainable Transportation Research of almost $300 million. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “NV Energy Seeks Proposals For Renewable Energy Projects” • NV Energy announced it is seeking proposals for biomass, biogas, solar, geothermal, and wind project that are compliant with the state’s renewable portfolio standards. Eligible projects must be at least 20 MW and allow for commercial operation by the end of 2025. [Biomass Magazine]

Transmission lines

¶ “UAlbany Research Says NY Goal Of 100% Renewable Energy By 2040 Possible” • Despite the challenges New York will face trying to meet the state’s move toward 100% renewable energy, Atmospheric Sciences Research Center researchers of the University at Albany say it’s possible. NY took the goal on as part of its Green New Deal. [NEWS10 ABC]

¶ “NextEra Looks To Add Batteries To Its Existing Solar Fleet” • NextEra Energy is combing through its base of existing solar facilities with an eye to retroactively adding batteries, as it adopts a more “aggressive” view of energy storage because of its falling costs. The company is expanding after experience it had with a system built in 2018. [Greentech Media]

Solar farm

¶ “2018’s Four Corners Drought Directly Linked To Human-Caused Climate Change” • Climate scientists from UC Santa Barbara’s geography department found that 60% to 80% of the Four Corners region’s increased potential for evaporation in 2018 stemmed from human-induced warming alone, which caused additional warming of 2°C. [Science Daily]

¶ “Dairyland Coal Plant At Genoa To Close By End Of Next Year” • Dairyland Power of La Crosse, Wisconsin, plans to shut down the coal-fired station near the Genoa lock and dam by the end of next year. Environmentalists have applauded the plan to shut down a coal-burning plant, but they’re not happy that natural gas could be used to replace it. [WIZM News]

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