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September 22 Energy News

September 22, 2019


¶ “Tesla Vs Porsche EV Rivalry Accelerates The Death Of Fossil Vehicles” • If Porsche wants its Taycan to keep pace with the Tesla Model S Plaid, Porsche will have to allow it to outperform the company’s current flagship Panamera combustion sedan. And that will only highlight the inferiority of vehicles powered by fossil fuels. [CleanTechnica]

Porsche Taycan (Porsche image)

¶ “The World Is Installing A Ton Of Renewables, But Coal Could Screw Things Up” • The International Energy Agency expects the capacity for renewable energy to grow by almost 12% this year. The problem is, the world is still having a dirty love affair with coal. Worldwide, new coal projects under development come to 579 GW. [Gizmodo Australia]

¶ “Hawaii Wants To Lead The Renewable Revolution” • In 2015 Hawaii became the first US state to mandate a full transition to renewable energy. With high energy prices and an ingrained environmental ethos, Hawaii positioned itself as a pioneer in the move to a future free of fossil fuels. But it is easier to make a promise than to fulfill it. [Scientific American]

Solar array in Hawaii (Julie Thurston Getty Images)

¶ “How Russia Seized Control of the Uranium Market” • Mines in Canada and elsewhere, which have supplied uranium for nuclear fuel, have been closing, as Russia and Kazakhstan put pressure on the market. The US imports 93% of its nuclear reactor fuel, and much of this is from Russia, but President Trump says this is not a problem. [The Market Oracle]


¶ “The Amazon Burns. But Another Part Of Brazil Is Being Destroyed Faster” • The Amazon blazes have captured the attention of the world and its leaders, and for good reason. But just miles away, another part of Brazil, home to 5% of the planet’s plants and animals, and a carbon store of its own, is being destroyed at a faster rate. [CNN]

Land clearing (Nelson Almedia | AFP | Getty Image)

¶ “Deep Geothermal: Is This NZ’s Clean Energy Future?” • The key to driving New Zealand’s emissions to net zero by 2050 may lie deep beneath our feet. A new project will explore how tapping deep and hot geothermal resources could yield an unlimited source of clean energy for the country, at a time it’s searching for bold ways to decarbonize. [New Zealand Herald]

¶ “Germany To Join Alliance To Phase Out Coal” • In the wake of the global student climate strike, Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said Germany would move further in its efforts to phase out coal. Berlin is hoping to shut down all its coal-fired power plants by 2038. The country will be joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance. [Deutsche Welle]

Mine and turbines (S Zeise | ©Picture Alliance | DPA)


¶ “California Is Investing $95 Million Into Clean Transportation” • California wants to make sure that its citizens eventually use only zero-emissions vehicles. It recently announced that it is investing $95 million into clean transportation. One goal is helping those living in the state’s disadvantaged communities get access to clean transportation. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Minnesota Wind-Solar Hybrid Project Could Be New Frontier For Renewable Energy” • As an experiment, a wind turbine and small solar array sit in a cornfield near Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. By capturing both sun and wind power, they can provide a more stable supply of electricity than either energy source can provide alone. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

Wind turbine (Clean Energy Economy Minnesota)

¶ “Trump Administration Suppressed Over 1500 Climate Change Studies” • The Trump administration systematically suppressed and minimized the results of more than 1,400 studies related to climate change at the Department of Agriculture, information released by Sen Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) shows. Farmers are not getting facts they need. [The National Memo]

¶ “Climate Activists Blast NorthWestern Energy For Reliance On Fossil Fuels” • More than 100 activists brought the Climate Strike to NorthWestern Energy’s office in Missoula, Montana, urging the company to stop using coal and natural gas to produce energy and convert to wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources. [KPAX-TV]

Demonstration in Missoula (Dave Stalling | Missoula Current)

¶ “Salt Lake Students Skip Class, Take Part In Global Climate Strike” • Young people across the world Friday rallied for a bigger response to what they say are dire threats to people everywhere from climate change. Conservatively, Salt Lake City’s event drew several hundred demonstrators. Many of them were high school students. [KUTV 2News]

¶ “The Heat Is On The Rise And Climate Change Is Affecting Tampa Bay” • Climate change is real, and it’s happening now: That’s the message protesters wanted the nation to hear. Heat and coastal flooding are the main issues people in Florida are seeing. The water level in Tampa Bay is 7.8 inches above what it was in 1940, and it is rising. []

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