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May 13 Energy News

May 13, 2019


¶ “These Days, It’s Not About the Polar Bears” • Social-science investigators have found that the most effective tools for engaging the public in the subject of climate change are those that appeal to core human tendencies. For example, people tend to focus on personal and local problems that are happening right now. [The New York Times]

Children protest (Chris J Ratcliffe | Getty Images)

Science and Technology:

¶ “There Is More CO₂ In The Atmosphere Today Than Any Point Since The Evolution Of Humans” • According to data from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, the concentration of CO₂ in the atmosphere is over 415 ppm, far higher than at any point in the last 800,000 years, since before the evolution of the species Homo sapiens. [CNN]


¶ “Yes, The International Monetary Fund Is Waking Up To Financial Risks Of The Climate Crisis” • The IMF is exploring ways in which it can help address the climate crisis. It is working to reflect climate resilience, assess the fiscal impacts of climate policy choices, and evaluate climate risks in its assessments of countries. [CleanTechnica]

Extraction machine at a coal mine (Max Pixel)

¶ “Elonroad EV Charging System To Get First Trial In Sweden” • After eight years of research by the University of Lund, with funding from the Swedish government, the city of Lund is about to begin installing the first kilometer of Elonroad track along a heavily used bus route to recharge electric bus batteries as they drive. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “EDF Climate Corps Fellows Unearth Energy Savings For BYD” • As a leader in not only plug-in vehicles, but also in stationary energy storage, and grid scale solar, BYD is always looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint. It reached out to the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps program for external expertise. [CleanTechnica]

BYD Electric Truck factory (Kyle Field | CleanTechnica)

¶ “Australian Islanders To Lodge Landmark UN Complaint On Climate Change” • According to lawyers involved in the action. a group of indigenous people is filing an unprecedented legal complaint against the government of Australia, accusing it of breaching their human rights by falling short on its Paris climate accord pledges. []

¶ “Climate And Energy Goals Can Be Met Without Sacrificing Rivers: WWF” • A report from the Nature Conservancy and the WWF showed that the renewable energy transition can solve the world’s climate and energy challenges without sacrificing its remaining free-flowing rivers and the benefits they provide to people and nature. [Saurenergy]

Renewable energy and river

¶ “Renewables MMI: World Bank Launches Fund For Sustainable Mining Practices” • As the world increasingly moves toward having its energy needs met by renewables, the environmental impact of the metal mining needed for renewable energy has come into focus. So the World Bank launched a Climate-Smart Mining Facility. [MetalMiner]

¶ “German Onshore Wind ‘Collapse’ Jeopardises EU Renewable Energy Goals” • The “collapse” in the growth of onshore wind energy in Germany is jeopardising renewable energy targets, Trade body WindEurope says. Only 134 MW of German onshore wind capacity was installed in Q1 of 2019. It was the worst first quarter since 2000. [Energy Live News]

Onshore wind turbines (Shutterstock image)

¶ “UN Chief: Climate Change ‘Running Faster Than We Are'” • UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said “Climate change is running faster than what we are.” He pointed out that Countries are not living up to their commitments under the 2016 Paris Agreement, even though the last four years have been the hottest in history. []

¶ “TEPCO tests halting water injection into crippled reactor at Fukushima No 1 nuclear power plant” • The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant conducted a test, temporarily halting the water injection into one of the reactors that suffered a core meltdown in 2011. The test will provide core temperature data. [The Japan Times]

Fukushima Daiichi (Kyodo image)


¶ “Tech Giants Get Antsy In Northern Virginia: Give Us Renewable Power, There’s A Planet To Save… And PR To Harvest” • A letter signed by Apple, Microsoft, and several other businesses demands that “energy providers” in Virginia – which basically means Dominion – offer more solar and wind power to data center operators. [The Register]

¶ “On Climate, Washington State Back In The Lead” • The state of Washington closed out its 2019 legislative session with some big wins for the climate. The legislature passed a 100% clean electricity standard, new efficiency policies, and regulation of super-pollutants. But there is more to do, especially in regards to transportation emissions. [CleanTechnica]

Charging station (Washington State Dept of Transportation)

¶ “Minnesota Power Offers Renewable Energy Programs” • Some energy resources are more environmentally friendly than others. Minnesota Power has rolled out several different options for home and business owners to use clean energy sources with its EnergyForward program for customers looking to turn to clean energy. [KBJR 6]

¶ “Tucson Electric To Save $13 Million Through Partnership With ‘Real-Time’ Wholesale Power Market” • Tucson Electric Power Co announced that it will join the Western Energy Imbalance Market, a move it says will save $13 million a year. It signed with the California Independent System Operator to participate starting in April 2022. [Arizona Daily Star]

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