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May 4 Energy News

May 4, 2019


¶ “Will Gompertz Reviews Chernobyl Starring Emily Watson And Jared Harris On Sky Atlantic ★★★★★” • The catastrophic disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Soviet Ukraine on 26 April 1986, is graphically played out over the course of five one-hour episodes. This is TV that doesn’t just get you thinking, it stops you sleeping. [BBC]

Review of Chernobyl

¶ “Brain-Dead Zuckerberg Hires Daily Caller Group To Fact Check Climate News” • Thanks to Joe Romm at ThinkProgress, we learned that Facebook has hired to fact check information on climate change., Romm says, is “an arm of the conservative, anti-science media site The Daily Caller.” [CleanTechnica]
(Note: I have fact checked The Daily Caller a number of times to find out how it could publish information so different from what such financial advisers as Lazard provide. The Daily Caller seems to back its positions consistently with obsolete data. Following the money, I arrive at Koch Industries. GHH)

¶ “India Election 2019: The Killer Air No One’s Talking About” • Pollution killed at least 1.2 million people in India in 2017, but as the country votes in a general election, is fixing the bad air any party or politician’s priority? Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other political candidates visited Kanpur to campaign. Not one of them mentioned pollution. [BBC]

Exhaust (Getty Images)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Tesla Talks Mineral Shortages, Europe Plans New Battery Factory” • Tesla has concerns about having access to enough nickel, copper, and lithium for its future needs. It is also working aggressively to lower the amount of cobalt used in its batteries, because much of today’s cobalt mining relies on abusive child labor practices. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Eliminating Household Fuels Could Dramatically Lower Air Pollution In India” • Wood, cow dung, coal, and kerosene are the primary sources of heat and cooking for about half of India’s 1.4 billion people. In a recent study, researchers show that mitigating the use of these household fuels in India could save 270,000 lives per year. [CleanTechnica]

Wood fire (Pixabay image)

¶ “Amsterdam Is Using Freebies To Help Ban Polluting Cars By 2030” • Amsterdam is handing out perks including free charging stations to residents who help rid the city’s streets of polluting cars. It announced that it will gradually expand a crackdown on dirty vehicles that will culminate in a ban on cars powered by gasoline and diesel oil in 2030. [CNN]

¶ “Winds Of Change As Mars Goes 100% Renewable In Mexico” • RE100 member Mars, Inc has arranged to be powered by 100% renewable electricity for its Mexican operations, as the company signs a new power purchase agreement for energy from a wind farm in Yucatán. Mars was the one of the first members of RE100. [The Climate Group]

Wind turbines (The Climate Group)

¶ “World Bank Invests ‘Three Times More’ In Oil And Gas Than Renewables, Report Finds” • A report by Urgewald, a German NGO, said the World Bank Group plowed investments of £16 billion into the oil and gas sector between 2014 to 2018. This is triple the £5.3 billion that it put up for renewable energy projects over those years. [Energy Voice]

¶ “GE To Build Kosovo’s New 500-MW Coal Power Plant” • Kosovo and London-listed power firm ContourGlobal said they have chosen a consortium of General Electric subsidiaries to build and equip a new 500-MW coal-fired power plant in the Balkan country. Kosovo has 14 billion tonnes of proven lignite reserves. []

Lignite-fired plant in Kosovo (Lograsset, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “US House Passes First Climate Bill In A Decade” • The US House of Representatives passed its first climate-change bill in a decade, voting 231-190 to require that Trump administration keep the US as a party to the Paris Climate Agreement. It would require the administration to set climate goals in accord with the agreement. [Reuters]

¶ “‘Shale Is Not Superman.’ Geopolitical Chaos Is Testing The Limits Of America’s Oil Boom” • America’s new role as the world’s leading oil producer made it easier for President Donald Trump to crack down on Venezuela and Iran with punishing sanctions. But don’t be fooled. The US cannot rely solely on domestic oil. [CNN]

Pump jacks (David McNeil | Getty Images)

¶ “ComEd Loses Bid To Bar Local Utilities From Selling Credits On Renewable Energy Market” • A three-justice panel of the Illinois Second District Appellate Court said ComEd cannot block local utilities from participating in the renewable energy credit market, affirming an Illinois Commerce Commission ruling. [Cook County Record]

¶ “As Nuclear Costs Soar, Sides Split Over Energy Source’s Future” • Activists in Monroe, Michigan held a “funeral” for nuclear energy, represented by an old power industry mascot, Reddy Kilowatt. They were celebrating the nuclear industry’s financial struggles, which forced several reactors to close while others seek bailouts. [Detroit Free Press]

Reddy Kilowatt’s funeral (Photo: JC Reindl)

¶ “Michigan Regulators Reject DTE System-Access Charge For Renewables” • The Michigan Public Service Commission denied DTE Electric Co’s request to assess a special access charge for customers who have renewable energy systems. The MPSC found that DTE’s proposed charge is not based on customer usage and is not equitable. [Solar Industry]

¶ “Scott Pruitt Fails To Stop Indiana’s Move To Renewable Energy” • Indiana’s third-largest utility analyzed the economics of its power plants and decided to shift from coal-fired power plants to renewable sources. Coal companies hired former EPA chief Scott Pruitt to fight back. Pruitt failed, according to a post at Utility Dive. [Digital Journal]

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