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April 24 Energy News

April 24, 2019

Science and Technology:

¶ “Your Renewable Energy Technology Is Growing Old – What’s Next?” • The cutting-edge research at the US DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory will one day go to waste. But it will not go into a landfill. Researchers at NREL are making strides toward ensuring that old technology objects can be more easily recycled. [CleanTechnica]

NREL’s Flatirons campus (Dennis Schroeder, NREL)

¶ “Study Sets Economic Impact Of Melting Arctic Permafrost At $70 TRILLION!” • Researchers at Lancaster University studied the effects of melting Arctic ice. They concluded that permafrost melting, with a release of greenhouses gases, and melting the ice that reflects the sun’s heat back to space will increase the cost of climate change by $70 trillion. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Solar Dominates Latest German Renewable Auction” • Germany’s Federal Network Agency announced that the solar industry has walked away as the sole winner from Germany’s most recent solar and onshore wind tender, receiving contracts for the entire 210 MW awarded in an auction that was heavily oversubscribed. [CleanTechnica]

Saerbeck Energy Park

¶ “Solar Storage Team Eye Green Peaker Plants” • CellCube, a company based in Canada, is teaming up with Hive Energy and Immersa to build and develop grid-scale solar and energy storage projects in the UK. The consortium, known as HICC Energy, aims to offer green peaking and reserve power capacity to the market. [reNEWS]

¶ “Victorian Water Utilities Join Forces To Source Cheap Solar Power” • Thirteen Victorian water utilities have banded together to forge a major renewable energy off-take deal, Zero Emissions Water Ltd. The new company is to supply each corporation with 20% to 50% of its total electricity needs and lower water bills for their consumers. [RenewEconomy]

Hamilton Water Treatment Plant

¶ “UK Businesses Speed Up Shift To Clean Energy” • British companies RBS and Landsec have raised the bar for corporate leadership by taking ambitious steps across electric transport, energy efficiency, and renewable power, three critical areas for delivering a clean economy by 2050. Each company listed a set of steps it will take. [The Climate Group]

¶ “Penguin Primed For Tallinn Departure” • Finnish wave energy developer Wello’s WEC2 Penguin device has been completed and is ready to depart from a shipyard in Tallinn, Estonia, for testing in Orkney, Scotland. According to the company, the new technology has a 380% increased power production, compared to the WEC1 model. [reNEWS]

Wello WEC2 Device (Wello image)

¶ “Japan Will Not Extend Deadline For Anti-Terror Nuclear Retrofits” • Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority refused to extend deadlines for utilities to build emergency facilities for reactors in the event of a terrorist attack and will shut the units if the safeguards are not finished in time, officials from the agency said during a meeting. [Bloomberg]

¶ “‘Renewable Energy Is The Solution For Australia’ – Finance Expert Reveals Why” • Three reasons why a renewable energy solution is the answer to Australia’s future: cheaper, cleaner, and industry-building, according to a report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. It also demolishes the “baseload myth.” [Energy Matters]

Baseload power


¶ “Verizon Commits To Going Carbon Neutral By 2035” • Leading American telecom giant Verizon announced that it is strengthening its commitment to sustainability. It is to go carbon neutral by 2035 through a range of tools including reducing emissions directly and procuring renewable energy for its operations. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Bloomberg Philanthropies Commits Another $5.5 Million To United Nations Climate Change Secretariat” • Michael R Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg LP and former mayor of New York City, has committed $5.5 million to the UN Climate Change Secretariat to make up for the funding gap left by the US federal government. [CleanTechnica]

Michael Bloomberg

¶ “Dominion Energy & Facebook Announce 350 MW Of New Solar” • American power and energy company Dominion Energy announced together with Facebook that it would add six new solar facilities in Virginia and North Carolina totaling 350 MW for the sole purpose of supplying electricity to Facebook’s local operations. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “New York Opens Third Large-Scale Renewables Solicitation” • New York state is seeking bids in a request for proposals for its large-scale renewable energy projects, which are aimed at helping it reach a goal of sourcing 50% to 70%, of its electricity from renewables by 2030. This is the third solicitation under its Clean Energy Standard. [Renewables Now]

New York sunrise (Anthony Quintano, CC BY 2.0)

¶ “MTA Looks To Rooftop Solar Power To Raise Much-Needed Funds” • In New York, the MTA is looking to lease over 10 million square feet of rooftop space on its buildings to companies that install solar panels. Fully realized, the project could generate over 100 MW of renewable energy, enough to power 18,000 households in the state. [Curbed NY]

¶ “Ohioans Could Be Charged More Fees In Their Electric Bill” • Environmentalists and consumer advocates warned that a bill pending in the Ohio House would increase costs for consumers and stifle renewable energy and conservation programs. The bill is a bailout for two aging nuclear power plants that are owned by FirstEnergy Solutions. [Dayton Daily News]

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