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April 5 Energy News

April 5, 2019


¶ “Wind Turbines Don’t Cause Cancer, But They Are Absolutely Killing Coal” • Somewhere deep within the bowels of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a small cadre of presidential aides is working feverishly to unearth proof that wind turbines cause cancer. Meanwhile, out in the sunlight, the US wind industry is bursting into flower. [CleanTechnica]

Coal-burning power plant

¶ “Donald Trump Is Trying To Kill You” • Donald Trump’s legacy will be a hugely important factor for the 2020 election. Though there is a lot we do not know about it,  one thing seems sure: Even if he’s a one-term president, Trump will have caused, directly or indirectly, the premature deaths of a large number of Americans. [New York Times]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Swiss Startup Innolith Claims 1000 Wh/kg Battery Break-through” • Swiss startup Innolith says it developed a lithium-ion battery with an energy density of 1,000 Wh/kg. This is four times the 250 Wh/kg rating of the latest battery from Tesla. It already has one of its batteries installed to back up the grid in Hagerstown, Maryland. [CleanTechnica]

Innolith battery (Credit: Innolith via YouTube)

¶ “Siemens Gamesa Unveils New 5.8-MW Onshore Wind Turbine” • Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy unveiled what is believed to be the world’s most powerful onshore wind turbine this week, a new 5.8-MW turbine in two models that boast some of the largest onshore components available on the market to date. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Toyota Decides To Share Its Hybrid Powertrain Technology With The World” • In a complete policy reversal, Toyota decided to stop suing every manufacturer that offers a hybrid vehicle to the public in an effort to protect its patents on the technology. It says everyone may use the patents without royalty payments until 2030. [CleanTechnica]

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid (Credit: Toyota)

¶ “Global Wind Turbine Order Capacity Increased 31% In 2018, Finds WoodMac” • According to Wood Mackenzie, Global wind turbine orders increased by 31% in 2018 thanks in part to a 20% fourth-quarter increase which saw 18 GW of new capacity added. The US bucked this trend, however, seeing a decline in capacity orders. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “GE Renewable Energy To Supply 342-MW Phoenix Wind Project In Aragón, Spain” • GE Renewable Energy announced this week that it has been selected to supply wind turbines to the 342-MW Phoenix project, which will develop 10 new wind parks in Aragón, Spain. The project will use 91 of GE Renewable Energy’s 3-MW turbines. [CleanTechnica]

GE 3-MW turbine

¶ “2018 Smashed Renewables Records Across The Board, CEC Finds” • Australian investment in large-scale renewables grew from $10 billion in 2017 to $20 billion in 2018 and the amount of renewable energy capacity financially committed increased from 5.6 GW in 2017 to 14.8 GW in 2018, Clean Energy Council data show. [pv magazine Australia]

¶ “Spain To Shut Down Nuclear Plants And Push Forward Clean Energy Plan” • Amid a Europe-wide debate over the future of nuclear power in a renewable energy future, Spain has rolled out a schedule to close its seven nuclear power plants. At the same time, the government proposes an ambitious shift away from fossil fuels by 2050. [South EU Summit]

Almaraz nuclear plant (© Gelpi |


¶ “Power-Hungry Texas Oil Drillers Get A Little Help From Solar” • Developers are set to quadruple Texas’ solar capacity by 2022, but they won’t just power homes. Solar developers are responding to demand from oil and gas drillers, whose booming operations are gobbling up electricity and pushing prices spiking above $1,000/MWh ($1/kWh). [Energy Voice]

¶ “Judge Raps Ruling Cutting Electricity Price For Small Solar Power” • A district court judge overturned a Montana Public Service Commission ruling that reduced by more than half the price NorthWestern Energy must pay for electricity generated at small solar facilities. The judge said the PSC action was in “direct contradiction” to laws. [Great Falls Tribune]

Solar pilot project (Photo: NorthWestern Energy)

¶ “Donald Trump Said Wind Turbines Cause Cancer. Chuck Grassley Called That ‘Idiotic.'” • Iowa Sen Chuck Grassley (R), a champion of wind energy, said President Donald Trump’s comments that wind turbines cause cancer were “idiotic,” in a call with reporters. There is no evidence that wind turbine sounds cause cancer. []

¶ “Two Days After Trump Claims Wind Farms Cause Cancer, Iowa Leaders Push For More Wind Energy Investment In The State” • Gov Kim Reynolds and Iowa business leaders announced a renewed push to expand Iowa wind energy two days after President Trump said there is a link between the noise from turbines and cancer. []

Wind turbines in Iowa (Brian Powers | The Register)

¶ “Disbanded By Trump, Defiant Climate Committee Moves To Aid Cities, States” • An advisory committee on climate change that was dissolved under US President Donald Trump has launched anew as an independent entity, Science for Climate Action Network. It plans to work with governments nationwide to speed up climate action. [Sight Magazine]

¶ “US Test Nuclear Reactor May Run 40% Over Cost” • The versatile test reactor, which DOE Administrator Rick Perry pushed as the flagship of the Trump administration’s advanced nuclear power research program, could cost about 40% more than a government official estimated earlier this year, a DOE document shows. [Reuters]

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