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September 19 Energy News

September 19, 2018


¶ “Q&A: Why Offshore Wind is the Future” • Energy company Ørsted has abandoned the oil and gas business it began with for renewables. Now it has eleven offshore wind farms in the UK, including the world’s biggest, Walney Extension. Matthew Wright, Ørsted UK managing director, explains the thinking behind the move. [Raconteur]

Ørsted offshore wind farm

¶ “Russia Wins 2016 Election, Loses Energy Race” • Russia’s interest in US politics looked like a win, when Donald J. Trump took occupancy of the Oval Office in 2016. But now the US DOE says the US is leading the rest of globe in oil production and ramping up its natural gas exports – at the expense of Russia, of course. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Giant towers proposed to clean Delhi’s toxic smog” • During one bad spell in 2017, air quality in Delhi was so poor breathing it was equivalent to smoking 44 cigarettes per day. The Smog Project,” designed by Dubai-based architecture firm Znera Space, is an ambitious proposal to clean the air in one of the world’s most-polluted cities. [CNN]

Giant smog filtering towers (Znera Space and R-Code)

¶ “Is air pollution tied to higher dementia risk?” • A study published in the medical journal BMJ Open found that among older adults in London, those living in areas with the highest concentration of air pollution annually were at a subsequent higher risk of dementia compared with those living in areas with the lowest amount. [CNN]

¶ “Ocean Plastic Cleanup Project Is Better News Than You Might Think” • There are plainly evident risks and potential downsides for the Ocean Cleanup Project. There are still failure points that will be tested, and it’s clear that cleanup is only part of a solution. But the problems appear to have been considered fairly carefully and mostly avoided. [CleanTechnica]

Ocean Cleanup Project barrier


¶ “European Nations Plan to Use More Hydrogen for Energy Needs” • Dozens of European countries are backing a plan to increase the use of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels to cut the continent’s carbon emissions. Energy officials from 25 countries pledged to increase research into hydrogen technology and accelerate its everyday use to power factories, drive cars, and heat homes. [Voice of America]

¶ “More Than 130 Companies Have Made Science-Based Targets This Year Alone” • Since the beginning of the year, more than 130 companies have joined the Science Based Targets initiative, pushing the total number of companies close to 500 and representative of about one-eighth of total global market capitalization. [CleanTechnica]

Mexico City

¶ “Sarawak to expand renewable energy use” • Sarawak Energy Bhd aims to expand the coverage of renewable energy to rural communities in the Malaysian state of Sarawak by 2025. SEB’s CEO said he expects to maintain more than 60% hydro in the power mix but wants to add more alternative energy such as solar and biomass. [New Straits Times Online]

¶ “Renewable energy law in the works to speed up development” • Myanmar’s Ministry of Electricity and Energy is drafting a renewable energy law to develop the sector, according to the chief engineer of the Department of Renewable Energy and Hydropower Plants. The goal is for 8% renewable energy in 2021 and 12% in 2025. [Myanmar Times]

Wind turbines in Turkey (EPA photo)


¶ “Trump administration rewrites Obama-era rule for potent greenhouse gas” • The Trump administration has finished rewriting an Obama administration rule on methane pollution from oil and gas wells on public lands. The new rule eliminates regulations for the companies that operate on federal land some call complicated and expensive. [CNN]

¶ “Miami’s Existence Is Threatened With As Little As 18″ Of Sea Level Rise” • Miami is very vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It sees sunny day flooding as regularly as clockwork. It has the third-tallest skyline in the US, but most of the buildings are close are sea level. It is built on porous sandstone, so even a seawall will not work. [CleanTechnica]

Miami area (Hoberman Collection | UIG via Getty Images)

¶ “Xcel Energy opens huge, billion-dollar wind farm on Colorado’s Eastern Plains” • With a plan to get the majority of its power from renewable energy by 2026, Xcel Energy Colorado celebrated completing the 600-MW, 300-turbine Rush Creek Wind Project. It sprawls across nearly 100,000 acres in five counties on the Eastern Plains. [The Denver Post]

¶ “University Announces Massive Wind Power Purchase” • For 15 years beginning in 2020, Boston University will be buying wind power, a major step in the University’s Climate Action Plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions. BU will buy the power from a South Dakota wind farm, resell it in the Midwest, and keep the renewable energy certificates. [BU Today]

Midwest wind farm (NREL image)

¶ “Rhode Island Orders Up More Renewable Energy” • Rhode Island continues to push for more renewable energy, with a call for 400 MW of power from new energy projects developed in and outside Rhode Island. The request for proposals is separate from the 400 MW of offshore wind power awarded earlier to Deepwater Wind. [ecoRI news]

¶ “Indian Point Relicensed – Closing Still Set” • The NRC has approved license extensions for the Indian Point nuclear reactor units 2 and 3 to 2024 and 2025, respectively. Entergy, however, agreed with New York State to cease operations at Indian Point 2 by April 30, 2020 and Indian Point 3 by April 30, 2021, unless some emergency develops. []

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