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September 2 Energy News

September 2, 2018


¶ “Market speeds coal’s demise” • FirstEnergy Corp announced that it will close Pennsylvania’s largest coal-fueled power plant by 2021, along with three smaller plants in Ohio. FirstEnergy tried to blame federal energy policy. But policy makers should note that coal has become uncompetitive, and its economics will not improve. [Scranton Times-Tribune]

Coal-burning power plant (Photo: J David Ake | AP)


¶ “Cerro Pabellón: Taking Geothermal Power to New Heights” • South America’s first and only geothermal power plant, the 48-MW Cerro Pabellón project, sits at an elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level in Chile’s harsh and remote Atacama Desert. Building and operating a plant in these extreme site conditions was no easy task. [POWER magazine]

¶ “Solar panels are worth considering, say energy experts” • While a decade ago solar energy provided virtually no power, around 840,000 homes in the UK now have solar panels. Solar panel installations have slowed because the incentives for home installations have been reduced. But there are still reasons to install them. [The Westmorland Gazette]

Lighthouse with solar panels (Pixabay image)

¶ “China-backed solar-power plant settles atop remote mountain peak in Argentina” • Atop a remote mountain peak near the borders of Chile and Bolivia, in the remote northern-most region of Argentina, workers with the Shanghai Electric Power Construction Company built a Chinese-financed solar project 4,000 meters above sea level. [Xinhua]

¶ “Award-Winning Pumped-Storage Hydro Facility a Modern Marvel” • The Frades II pumped-storage project in Portugal took advantage of existing dams for a scheme that includes the largest variable-speed reversible units ever installed in Europe. The facility provides a versatile option for managing wind and solar power fluctuations. [POWER magazine]

Frades II

¶ “Australia will honour Paris climate agreement, Simon Birmingham says” • After the Coalition government removed the emissions reduction component from its national energy guarantee, the trade minister claimed Australia will honour its Paris climate agreement commitments. He did not say how that would be done. [The Guardian]

¶ “Champagne region struggles to adapt to climate change” • Temperatures have risen 1.2° C (2.16° F) in 30 years, and pickers are scrambling to bring in yet another early harvest. The spectre of climate change is haunting the vineyards of France, and its creeping effects, including chaotic weather, are becoming the new normal. [CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News]

French grapes (Photo: Virginia Mayo | AP)


¶ “Repeal of the Clean Power Plan could mean more pollution for PA” • The Trump administration’s expected replacement of the Clean Power Plan is unlikely to reduce harmful greenhouse gases by much at all, and it could end up making air quality in parts of Pennsylvania worse, according to several analyses and experts. [StateImpact Pennsylvania]

¶ “Companies Have Bought More Clean Energy Than Ever This Year, and It’s Only August” • According to the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewables Center, increased corporate procurements of renewable energy have already made this year a record breaker, with four months still to go. There are nearly sixty companies leading the way. [Gizmodo UK]

Wind turbines at night

¶ “Salesforce funds wind energy project, expands business in Chicago” • Salesforce, a cloud computing mammoth based in San Francisco, has made plans to support a wind farm construction project in central Illinois, reports say. This is to enhance its reach in the Chicago region. The project represents an investment of $300 million. [CMFE Research]

¶ “Renewed Vision Shines Light on Dormant Nuclear Site” • An abandoned nuclear project, with the framework of a cooling tower and weathered concrete walls with empty windows, sits in rural Tennessee. The remains of what might have been provide the backdrop for what is: a solar farm that is boosting economic development. [POWER magazine]

Abandoned nuclear project with new solar array

¶ “Andrew Cuomo Faces An Environmental Revolt” • There was a time when New York Gov Andrew Cuomo fashioned himself as the nation’s most aggressive governor on climate change. But many environmentalists say Cuomo’s climate policies amount to half measures he maintains along with lucrative ties to donors in the fossil fuel industry. [HuffPost]

¶ “Cynthia Nixon Promises to Convert Cayuga Power Plant Into a Renewable Energy Facility, Vows Plant Will ‘Never’ Run on Fracked Gas” • Cynthia Nixon, a candidate for the Democratic party nomination for governor of New York, announced her intent to convert the Cayuga Power Plant into a renewable energy facility. [The Cornell Daily Sun]

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