August 24 Energy News

August 24, 2015


¶ In Australia, rather inconveniently for the Coalition’s intentions to reduce its support for renewable energy, the Government’s commissioned modeller found the same answer as several other energy market analysts had before them: slashing the Renewable Energy Target would actually INCREASE consumers’ and businesses’ power bills. [Business Spectator]

Wind turbines in Azerbaijan. 

Wind turbines in Azerbaijan.

¶ Azerbaijan’s State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources is conducting test trials on a new wind plant Yeni Yashma. Simultaneous testing of 18 of a total of 20 turbines of the power plant is underway. The wind plant Yeni Yashma, with a capacity to generate 50 MW, is located in Khizi region of Azerbaijan. [AzerNews]

¶ China’s use of coal is falling. After decades of explosive growth, Chinese coal use fell by as much as 3.5% last year. Some of that is due to a slowing economy, but a representative with the Sierra Club’s international climate and energy program says the government there has declared it is shifting away from coal. [Public News Service]

¶ PV systems installed on residential buildings in Oman could offer an estimated 1.4 GW of solar energy capacity, according to a report. Rooftop PV capacity in Muscat alone is estimated at 450 MW, equivalent to a mid-size conventional power plant, the Oman Observer report added, quoting a senior renewable energy engineer. [Trade Arabia]

¶ The Australian state of Victoria has released a Renewable Energy Roadmap for the state that sets a target of at least 20% of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2020. The roadmap commits the state government to using its purchasing power to support clean energy projects and distributed renewable energy generation. [The Fifth Estate]

¶ Vestas is to supply Glymont, a joint venture between Akuo Energy and Eurus Energy America, with 15 V117 3.3-MW turbines for a project in Uruguay. Delivery is expected to start in the first quarter of 2016, with commissioning expected for the third quarter of 2016. UTE, Uruguay’s state-owned grid operator, will buy the power. [reNews]

¶ Nordex is to supply Gul Ahmed Wind Power with 50 MW for the Gul Ahmed wind farm in Pakistan. The German manufacturer will provide 20 N100/2500 turbines to the company. The wind farm is situated in a semi-desert area in the south of Pakistan, near the city of Jhimpir, where temperatures climb as high as 44° C (111° F). [reNews]

¶ Hirohiko Izumida, governor of the prefecture that’s home to Tokyo Electric’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant, said after meeting regulators that the time isn’t right to consider restarting the facility. While not enshrined in law, local government approval is traditionally sought by Japanese utilities before they turn on atomic plants. [Bloomberg]

¶ China Sunergy subsidiary CEEG (Nanjing) Renewable Energy is to supply China Power Investment Corp with 260 MW of photovoltaic modules for several ground-mounted solar projects in China. The units will be delivered to the state-owned energy group over a period of 12 months, starting from July of this year. [reNews]



Wind turbine and crane.

Wind turbine and crane.

¶ It’s not enough to say that fossil fuels have to go or nuclear is hopeless (which are both probably true statements). The question is: What will replace them? Furthermore, how long will it take? Though solar energy has become the poster child for renewable energy generally, the strongest player in the game, for now, is wind. []

¶ Nebraska is facing pressure to meet federal emission requirements, and renewable energy advocates will push again next year for a state tax credit for wind farms and solar projects. Supporters have spent the summer meeting with senators in hopes of passing the production tax credit, which was narrowly defeated this year. [The Republic]

¶ The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station on Cape Cod Bay in Plymouth remained closed Sunday after going into an automatic shutdown Saturday afternoon, according to station and government officials. NRC officials reiterated Sunday afternoon that there were no safety concerns regarding the nuclear power station. [Boston Globe]

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