August 23 Energy News

August 23, 2015


¶ Canadian company Beothuk Energy has kicked off the hunt for cash to support its proposed 180-MW offshore wind demonstrator in Newfoundland. Beothuk appointed renewables investment outfit Jacob Securities Inc to identify project financing for both equity and debt provision, and coordinate with other companies. [reNews]

Image: Beothuk has big plans off Newfoundland (Beothuk)

Image: Beothuk has big plans off Newfoundland (Beothuk)

¶ Visiting her counterpart Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany cemented an important climate link between the largest economies in Europe and Latin America. Germany has had high-level relations with India and China, among nations in the emerging world, but now has put Brazil on the same level. [CleanTechnica]

¶ In the English county of Hampshire, Sparsholt college has unveiled plans to build a new renewable energy plant near Winchester. The anaerobic digester, a large boiler turning grass into gas, is expected to produce annual power for the equivalent of nearly 5,000 homes. But the plans have worried people in the area. [Daily Echo]

¶ Last year, Turkey’s Energy Minister said the government wanted 30% of its energy production in 2023 to come from domestic coal, up from 13% now. Locals in the Yırca district of Manisa province successfully fought expropriation of olive groves for coal mine development, but only after 6,000 olive trees had been felled. [Today’s Zaman]

¶ In Japan, the Kansai Electric Power Co has had trouble with competition, highlighted by the fact that 1,000 Seven-Eleven Japan Co Ltd stores in three Kansai prefectures are switching to competition in a new competitive environment. Kansai Electric says the only way it can compete is to restart its nuclear plants. [The Japan Times]


¶ SmartPower, and its Solarize South Carolina campaign is trying to make answering questions about having solar PVs installed as easy as contacting them, via phone or Internet, for a free estimate and advice at its website. The initiative seeks to outfit 2,000 homes with solar in the state in the next 18 months. [Charleston Post Courier]

Workers from Sunstore Solar Energy Solution install solar panel. Photo by David Quick, Charleston Post Courier staff.

Workers from Sunstore Solar Energy Solution install solar panels. Photo by David Quick, Charleston Post Courier staff.

¶ Ameren, which uses wind farms in Iowa and out-of-state fuel to provide power in Missouri, is turning to the biomass to reduce Missouri’s reliance on non-local resources. It is partnering with ECAP, an organization of more than 500 Missouri farmers, and Enginuity, which will provide additional technology. [Jefferson City News Tribune]

¶ President Barack Obama and Nevada’s Senator Harry Reid are playing key roles in the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. The president will be the keynote speaker. The event will focus on public-private partnerships for clean energy and investments to move the grid beyond its reliance on fossil fuels. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

¶ Opponents of a 900-MW gas-powered plant Invenergy is planning for Rhode Island say that the company’s claim that it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions is inaccurate because it only considers emissions from producing power and does not take into account the potentially substantial leakage of methane. [The Providence Journal]

¶ Minnesota and North Dakota have been fighting in federal court for two years over Minnesota’s cross-border restrictions on coal-based electricity. The Clean Power Plan, the federal government’s even-more-sweeping regulations to cut coal power plant greenhouse gas emissions, is pushing states to work together. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]


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