April 5 Energy News

April 5, 2023

Science and Technology:

¶ “Melt Water In Antarctica Could Stall Major Ocean Currents” • Those who live along the east coast of the US and in Europe are familiar with the Gulf Stream. Without it, much of Europe would not be uninhabitable, but it would be a lot colder than it is. As the Antarctic ice melts, the Gulf Stream and other ocean currents are slowing down – a lot. [CleanTechnica]

The Ocean Conveyor (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

¶ “Battery News – Water In Texas, Hydrogen In Kentucky” • The lithium-ion battery is a marvelous thing, but it has disadvantages. The search for better, cheaper batteries is ongoing in laboratories around the world. At Texas A&M, researchers are exploring the use of water-based electrodes, and EnerVenue has a long-lived nickel-hydrogen battery. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “New Research Confirms Benefits Of Agrivoltaics” • Combining agriculture and solar panels, agrivoltaic systems can benefit both agriculture and energy. It is a win for farmers, energy producers, and the environment. It provides farmers with a steady revenue stream and actually increases the yield of many crops. It can also increase the output of PVs. [CleanTechnica]

Agrivoltaic pilot, Fraunhofer Inst (Tobi Kellner, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

¶ “New Hydropower Dam Designs Leave Fish Unharmed” • Many fish, including eels, migrate between fresh water and the ocean in their life cycles. Their migrations can be blocked by hydroelectric dams. Hydropower developer Natel has designed an innovative turbine that is designed to allow fish safe passage through the turbine itself. [Public News Service]


¶ “BEV Sales In South Africa Look Set To Double Again In 2023” • Last year, 502 battery EVs were sold in South Africa, up from 218 in 2021. There has been a slow but steady increase in BEV sales in the country, aside from a sharp decline in 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. BEV sales look set to double again, at the very least, in 2023. [CleanTechnica]

BMW iX (Image courtesy of BMW South Africa)

¶ “Brookfield Kicks Off Australian Renewables Splurge With 400-MW Wind Farm And Battery” • The renewable energy arm of Canadian investment giant Brookfield, the proposed new owner of Origin Energy, has plans to co-develop, own and operate a 400-MW wind farm and big battery in Queensland. Construction is to begin in 2025. [Renew Economy]

¶ “ARENA Announces $120 Million To Roll Out Community Batteries Across Australia” • Australia is a world leader when it comes to adoption of rooftop solar. Nearly one in three of its homes has solar panels! They combine for approximately 20 GW of power capacity. The best way to store their energy may be community batteries. [CleanTechnica]

CellCube battery system (CellCube image)

¶ “President Of Philippines Assures Support For Renewable Energy Sector” • Philippine President Ferdinand R Marcos Jr assured investors in the energy sector that his administration remains committed to extending all the support mechanisms needed to ensure a genuine partnership in a mutually beneficial relationship. [SolarQuarter]

¶ “Final Panels Installed At Queensland Solar Farm Called The Nation’s Largest” • Construction on a massive solar farm on Queensland’s Western Downs has been completed. It will have the capacity to power the equivalent of 235,000 homes. Called Australia’s largest solar farm, the 400-MW project has more than a million solar panels. [ABC]

Solar array (Supplied photo)

¶ “Foundation In Fukushima Nuclear Plant Reactor Likely Badly Damaged” • Videos taken in a survey of the Fukushima Daiichi No 1 unit’s containment vessel by operator TEPCO showed major damage to the inside wall of a cylindrical foundation supporting the reactor pressure vessel, raising concerns about its ability to withstand future earthquakes. [Xinhua]


¶ “Home Electrification Incentives In The Inflation Reduction Act” • Home electrification upgrades like solar panels, electric stoves, heat pumps, and EV chargers are a means to a cleaner, cheaper, and more resilient home energy ecosystem. Sadly, most of us don’t have the money it takes for those upgrades. A look at the IRA might help. [CleanTechnica]

Rooftop solar system (Krišjānis Kazaks, Unsplash)

¶ “US House Republicans Push Through An Energy Bill That’s A ‘License To Pollute’” • House Republicans passed an energy bill aimed at expanding mining and fossil fuel production that would repeal sections of the landmark climate change legislation signed into law last summer. White House advisors called it “a thinly veiled license to pollute.” [CleanTechnica]

¶ “EDF To Deliver 425-MW Indiana Solar” • EDF Renewables North America has signed solar agreements with Indiana Michigan Power by which I&M will add 425-MW of solar energy to its clean energy mix. EDF will also purchase 100% of the equity interests in the 245-MW Lake Trout Solar, following completion of construction activities. [reNews]

EDF solar farm in California (EDF image)

¶ “Biden Wants Coal Country To Rise Like A Phoenix” • The Biden administration is urging renewable energy companies to consider areas where coal-fired power plants and mines have closed. The latest incentive is a bonus tax credit for clean energy projects. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said coal country would rise like a phoenix. [Politico]

¶ “Bipartisan Group Of US Senators Proposes Legislation To Advance Nuclear Power” • A bipartisan group of US senators introduced legislation intended to help expand nuclear power more quickly. The director of nuclear power safety at the Union of Concerned Scientists dismissed the legislation as a “grab bag of special interest provisions.” [Utility Dive]

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