March 27 Energy News

March 27, 2023

Science and Technology:

¶ “As Flooding Increases, These Cities Are Designed To Work With – Not Against – The Water” • With the climate crisis threatening cities, some are trying a different way to protect themselves from rising water levels. These vulnerable urban areas are looking to work with, rather than against, the water. There are many ways to accomplish this. [CNN]

Floating homes in Amsterdam (Courtesy of Space&Matter)

¶ “Tesla Supplier CATL To Produce M3P Batteries That Will Deliver Big Boost In Range For EVs” • The world’s largest battery manufacturer CATL is to begin production of its M3P batteries, which are 15% more energy dense than LFP (LiFEPO₄) batteries, and will perform better and cost less than nickel and cobalt-based batteries. [The Driven]


¶ “As Antarctica’s Penguins Struggle With Record Low Sea Ice, One Species Is Adapting – It Offers Lessons To Us All” • While Adélie and chinstrap penguins are stuck in their ancient ways, the much more flexible gentoo penguins are ranging ever farther south. And as they show willingness to abandon a nest or chase new prey, their numbers are exploding. [CNN]

Gentoo penguins (Derek Oyen, Unsplash)

¶ “Germany-EU Spat Over E-Fuels Ends Amicably – For Now” • The EU was to ban new cars with internal combustion engines 2035, but Germany insisted they be allowed if they were to run only on green synthetic fuels.  The two sides have reached a compromise that would put sensors into the cars to prevent their running on fossil fuels. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “TRIG And BT Ink Blary Hill Power Supply Deal” • TRIG, the Renewables Infrastructure Group, has entered into a corporate power purchase agreement with BT for output from its Blary Hill wind farm in Scotland. TRIG’s 35-MW subsidy-free Blary Hill wind farm, was completed in early 2022 within budget and ahead of schedule. [reNews]

Wind farm (RES image)

¶ “EDF And Maple Power Win 1-GW French Offshore Tender” • EDF Renewables and Maple Power won a tender to develop an offshore wind project off the Normandy coast. The competitive tender for the 1-GW Centre Manche 1 site scored candidates’ bids on various factors, including blade recycling and contribution to a biodiversity protection fund. [reNews]

¶ “Enel Green Power Inaugurates PV Plant In Italy” • Malvezzi solar park, the first PV power plant with active involvement of the local community, is now operational in Poggio Renatico, in the province of Ferrara, Italy, thanks to the online crowdfunding initiative Scelta Rinnovabile (Renewable Choice) promoted by Enel Green Power. [Energy Global]

Solar farm in Italy (DavidSmat, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “Boris Johnson’s Climate Adviser Backs Labour’s Energy Security Strategy” • Boris Johnson’s former climate adviser has backed Labour’s plans to make Britain energy secure by 2030, the Guardian learned. His endorsement came after Rishi Sunak signalled the end of a moratorium on new onshore wind projects after facing a Conservative rebellion. [The Guardian]


¶ “CATL M3P Battery Production Begins, DOE Predicts 1000 GWh Of North America-Built Batteries By 2030” • CATL, the world’s largest lithium battery maker, is ready to make its M3P batteries, which have greater energy density for longer range. The US DOE said it expects US battery production in 2030 will be 20 times what it was in 2021. [CleanTechnica]

CATL display (CATL image)

¶ “Ford CEO On EV Transition: ‘Batteries Are The Constraint’” • Companies such as Ford are collectively pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into EVs. But as the industry transitions toward zero carbon emissions, battery supply chains could stand in the way of those ambitions, Ford CEO Jim Farley said in an interview with Yahoo Finance Live. [Yahoo Finance]

¶ “The Chevy Bolt EV Is On The Verge Of Overtaking The Ford Mustang Mach-E” • The Chevy Bolt EUV makes a strange rival to the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The Bolt EUV can’t compete with the Mustang Mach-E in performance. They are not rivals for speed records. However, the Bolt EUV is about to overtake the Mach-E in sales. []

Chevy Bolt (Kevauto, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

¶ “Eolian Starts Operations At Texas Battery Duo” • US energy storage developer Eolian has begun commercial operations at 200 MW of battery capacity in Texas. The Madero and Ignacio energy storage plants were provided by Wärtsilä and consists of two interconnected batteries. Construction of the projects began in January 2021. [reNews]

¶ “Monticello Nuclear Plant Leak: Xcel Energy To Host Another Open House Q&A” • Xcel Energy temporarily powered down the plant Friday after finding a new radioactive leak. The company first found a leak in November, which amounted to about 400,000 gallons of radioactive water. Xcel Energy is hosting a Q&A webinar today. [CBS News]

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