March 13 Energy News

March 13, 2023


¶ “With Heat From Heat Pumps, US Energy Requirements Could Plummet By 60%” • The actually useful energy we have to make will drop drastically when we apply heat pumps everywhere we can. The energy we have to replace is not what is on the left side of the Sankey diagram, but the rejected energy, the gray area on the right. Electrifying will reduce it a lot. [CleanTechnica]

Please click on the image to enlarge it. (LLNL image)

¶ “Geopolitics Cast A Shadow Over Russian Nuclear Supplies” • Russia’s strengths in nuclear energy are multifaceted. It mines about 5% of the world’s uranium. But more importantly, it has almost half of the world’s enrichment capacity, to produce uranium suitable for nuclear fuel. Even the US and France depend substantially on Russia. [The National]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Longest-Lasting Tropical Cyclone On Record” • For over a month, Tropical Cyclone Freddy has cast about in the Indian Ocean, bringing powerful winds and downpours to anything in its long and wandering path. The storm first developed off the North Australian coast on February 6, 2023. On March 8, it was hitting Mozambique for the second time. [CleanTechnica]

Cyclone Freddy (NASA Earth Observatory)


¶ “Why East Antarctica Is A ‘Sleeping Giant’ Of Sea Level Rise” • Scientists once thought the East Antarctic ice sheet, which has enough water in it to raise sea levels 52 meters (170 ft), was stable. But now its ice shelves are beginning to melt. Some glaciers in what one explorer called the “home of the blizzard” are melting and might be at risk of sudden collapse. [BBC]

¶ “Monster 66-Tonne Electric Truck Unveiled For Trial Run In Norway” • Scania has established a track record for electrification in Norway, where it already has more than 100 electric trucks on the road. The new model represents a step up, and according to Scania, it is the first of its kind. It apparently is still in a pilot project stage. [CleanTechnica]

Super-sized electric truck (Scania image)

¶ “BrightNight And ACEN Partner To Deploy 1.2-GW Hybrid Renewable Power Portfolio In India” • BrightNight, a global renewable power producer that offers dispatchable solutions, has partnered with ACEN Corporation to accelerate development, construction, and operation of its 1.2 GW multi-technology renewable power portfolio in India. [SolarQuarter]

¶ “Electric Vehicles Proliferate In New Zealand Market” • With over a dozen new models being released in New Zealand this year, it looks like the NZ electric vehicle buyer will be spoilt for choice. Most of these vehicles have already been released in the UK right-hand-drive market. But for those of you who wish to taste a great summary, have a look. [CleanTechnica]

LDV eT60 (LDV image)


¶ “Britain’s Tax Take Risks Blowing Green Energy Off Target” • A cap on revenue and the lack of the kind of incentives offered to oil explorers are blocking the development of renewable energy in Britain, according to industry officials who are pressing for changes ahead of this week’s budget. They say goals could be missed without policy changes. [Yahoo Finance]

¶ “A Tidal Power ‘Mega Project’ In One Of Europe’s Iconic Waterways Could Power A Million Homes. But The Costs Are Huge” • If all goes to plan, the Mersey could also play a major role in the UK’s sustainable future. Authorities in Liverpool want the river to be home to a huge tidal power project which, they say, could power up to 1 million homes. [CNBC]

Liverpool from across the Mersey (, CC0)

¶ “Consent Granted For Wales’ First Floating Windfarm” • The Welsh Government has granted consent for Wales’ first floating windfarm located 40 km off the coast of Pembrokeshire. Project Erebus will house seven next-generation 14-MW turbines on floating platforms, providing enough low carbon energy to power 93,000 homes. [GOV.WALES]


¶ “Another Step Toward Zero Emissions: A Medium-Duty Electric Mack Truck” • Mack Trucks has announced its Mack® MD Electric, the first electric Mack Truck in the medium-duty segment of the industry. The Mack MD Electric will be available in Class 6 and Class 7 ratings. Both models are exempt from the 12% Federal Excise Tax. [CleanTechnica]

Mack® MD Electric (Mack Trucks image)

¶ “Virginia General Assembly Split On Whether To Pursue Nuclear Power More Aggressively” • Virginia’s Republican House of Delegates and governor want to encourage nuclear and SMR use. But the majority of Senate Democrats have balked, saying they’d like to see more research into SMRs in particular before committing to develop them. [Virginia Mercury]

¶ “Duke Energy’s Largest Solar Power Plant Begins Commercial Operations” • Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions announced the successful operation of its largest solar power plan. The 250-MW Pisgah Ridge Solar project in Texas will help DESS expand its renewable energy resources, offering energy to commercial customers. [Environment + Energy Leader]

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