March 6 Energy News

March 6, 2023


¶ “Gas Stove Culture War Boils Over: What Did The Industry Know, And When Did They Know It?” • After a study found connections between use of natural gas stoves and childhood asthma, it was denounced by the gas industry. But it turns out that the gas industry had investigated the possibility and found the connection fifty years ago. [CleanTechnica]

Gas stove (SubZero image)

¶ “Minority German Party Tries To Block EU Rule To Go 100% BEV By 2035” • After agreeing to the EU regulation to ban light internal combustion vehicles by 2035, the FDP, the smallest member of the German governing coalition, is walking back its agreement. The author advises the EU to give the FDP what they want. It will be an empty promise. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “The Economic Case For Renewable Energy” • Energy security is a pressing issue of our time. Without energy security, we can forget prosperity. The power outages that Bangladesh has gone through recently may have resulted from market volatility, but they did give a glimpse of what may come if Bangladesh does not secure its energy supply. [The Daily Star]

Wind turbine (, CC0)

¶ “Idaho Falls: The Untold Story Of America’s First Nuclear Accident” • On a quiet morning in 1961, the residents of Idaho Falls were jolted awake by an explosion. It had happened at the nearby National Reactor Testing Station, where a nuclear reactor had experienced a catastrophic meltdown, releasing a cloud of radioactive steam. [NewsBreak Original]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Speeding Up Extreme Fast Charging Capability In Lithium-Ion Batteries” • While most research on batteries is focused on the design of active materials and improved mass transfer of electrolytes, one study provides a different approach via the design of specific binder material which promotes lithium-ion intercalation of the active material. [CleanTechnica]

Charging a car (Ernest Ojeh, Unsplash)

¶ “Scientists Found Stray Dogs Of Chernobyl Are ‘Genetically Distinct’ 40 Years After The Massive Radiation Leak” • In a report published in the journal Science Advances, scientists examined the genetic structure of 302 dogs representing three distinct “free-roaming dog populations” at distances from the Chernobyl plant to understand radiation exposure better. [Yahoo]


¶ “Costa Rica Reached Highest EV Market Share In The Americas In 2022” • Costa Rica retained its leadership position within the Latin American region in 2022 with a record market share of 7.3% for the all-electric light passenger vehicle segment. In fact, Costa Rica ranked as the country with the highest market share for the BEV segment in the Americas. [CleanTechnica]

Limón, Costa Rica (Balou46, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

¶ “Shell, SEPH, DOE Ink Deal For EV Charging Stations Powered By Renewable Energy” • Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp and Shell Energy Philippines have signed a tripartite deal with the Philippine Department of Energy for the deployment of EV charging stations powered with renewable energy, according to a statement by the companies. [ABS-CBN News]

¶ “NPC Deputy Calls For More Storage Facilities To Ensure Safe, Stable Supplies” • In China, national legislator has called for construction of more high-capacity energy storage facilities on the power consumption side as the country strives to increase the use of clean energy as a major approach to achieving its carbon neutrality goal. [China Daily]

Wind power plants in Xinjiang (Chris Lim, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

¶ “Townsville Primed For Renewable Energy Training As Cabinet Heads Back To TAFE” • The Premier, Ministers, and local MPs helped turn the sod on the new Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Training Facility and an Advanced Manufacturing Skills Lab to start construction of Technical and Further Education Queensland’s Bohle campus. [Media Statements]

¶ “TotalEnergies Acquires 200-MW Polish Solar PV Pipeline” • TotalEnergies is developing its renewable activities in Poland by acquiring a 200-MW development pipeline of solar projects. The projects are in northern and western Poland. They are expected to come online starting 2025. The company is in support of the European Green Deal. [reNews]

Solar array (TotalEnergies image)

¶ “Netherlands Produced 20% More Renewable Energy Last Year” • In the Netherlands, electricity generated by renewable sources, such as wind and solar, increased by 20% last year. Electricity generated by fossil fuel sources fell by 11%, Statistics Netherlands said. However, the largest share of energy in the country still comes from fossil fuels. [NL Times]


¶ “Why Frankfort, Kentucky, Set A 2023 Clean Energy Goal” • NREL became involved after a city commissioner saw how the laboratory helped Louisville, Kentucky, plan for its own clean energy goals. NREL can guide cities along the process, providing helpful data so a city can plan out how it can reach clean energy goals equitably. [CleanTechnica]

Downtown Frankfort (Kaplansa, public domain)

¶ “Sixth Warmest January On Record In Lower 48” • This January was the warmest on record in seven states, including all of New England. It was also the sixth warmest on record for the Lower 48 states. Five of the six warmest Januaries in the US have occurred since 1990. We have entered a new chapter in the climate and ecological crisis. [Augusta Free Press]

¶ “How Climate’s Future Could Impact New York’s History” • Across the state, extreme weather, including hurricanes, rising sea levels and the heat island effect, are changing the way people live. But the impacts of climate change will also affect economies and culture, prompting NYSERDA to do a two-year assessment of the state’s future. [Times Union]

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