February 20 Energy News

February 20, 2023


¶ “How Much EV Range Is Enough? How To Maximize EV Range” • The answer to the question of how much EV range is enough depends on the individual and their needs and habits. The author answers based on some of his own background owning various EVs. As he does that, he also tackles the question of how big of a battery one needs. [CleanTechnica]

GMC Electric Hummer (Image courtesy of GMC)


¶ “Dozens Killed As Deadly Storms Hit Brazilian Coast” • In the Brazilian state of São Paulo, authorities say at least 36 people were killed in heavy flooding and landslides. Over 600 mm (23.6 inches) of rain fell in some areas in one day, twice the expected amount for the month. Extreme weather events are expected to be more common with climate change. [BBC]

¶ “BasiGo Partners With OMA Services To Bring Electric Buses To More Routes In Nairobi” • BasiGo, a Kenyan electric mobility startup working to revolutionize the public transportation sector by providing public transport bus owners with a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel buses, has delivered BYD K6 electric buses to another operator in Nairobi. [CleanTechnica]

Bus on a lift (Courtesy of BasiGo)

¶ “Australia’s Light Electric Vehicle Fleet Grows To 83,000 In 2022, And 79% Are BEVs” • Australia’s EV market has been a bit slow compared to similar markets around the world. The good news is that the market is finally starting to show some significant traction, according to the Electric Vehicle Council’s recently published report for 2022. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Green Energy Innovator MGA Thermal Backed By Shell To Bring 24-7 Renewable Power To The Grid” • Global energy giant Shell has backed Australian clean energy startup MGA Thermal. MGA is to develop a long-duration renewable energy storage system that can potentially transform coal-fired power plants into green energy hubs. [Business News Australia]

Artist’s impression of a green energy facility by MGA Thermal

¶ “India Plans To Export Solar Power” • By 2026, Indian industry will be able to manufacture 100 MW of solar modules annually, and help the country be a net solar PV exporter. This would aid India’s target of installing 500 GW of electricity capacity from non-fossil sources by 2030, the Secretary of the Ministry for New and Renewable Energy, told The Hindu. [The Hindu]

¶ “French Energy Giant EDF Posts Record Losses Due To Nuclear Reactor Outages” • French energy giant EDF posted a record loss for 2022 after necessary repairs to its nuclear power reactors saw a serious decline in electricity output. A company spokesperson said stress corrosion on sixteen of its reactors as a key reason for its output decline. [Utilities Middle East]

Cooling towers (Pixy.org, CC0)

¶ “Russia Blocks Access Of IAEA To Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant – Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry” • Russian forces are not allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency to rotate their monitoring group at the Zaporizhzha nuclear power plant, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry claims. By occupying the plant, Russia violates norms of international law. [UAZMI – Ukraine News]

¶ “Uranium Enriched To 6% Less Than Required To Make Nuclear Weapons Found At Nuclear Plant In Iran” • Citing two anonymous high-ranking diplomats, Bloomberg reported on February 19 that nuclear inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency found uranium had been enriched to 84% in Iran. [Euro Weekly News]

Iranian nuclear reactor (Nanking2012, CC-BY-SA 3.0, cropped)


¶ “Wasted Wind Energy And Tenable Transmission During Winter Storm Elliott” • It has been nearly two months since Winter Storm Elliott caused energy emergencies across the US and rolling blackouts throughout the Southeast. Among the lessons are that windpower and interregional transmission can reduce blackouts. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Buses, Beer, And CARB Kept BYD Busy Through The Winter” • At the Harbor Trucking Association’s Zero-Emission Ride and Drive event in Long Beach, California, BYD showcased the 8TT and 8Y all-electric trucks, tractors like those now operated in the port of Long Beach. Heavy EVs are a crucial part of reducing carbon emissions. [CleanTechnica]

BYD K8M electric bus (Courtesy of BYD)

¶ “In Skeptical Wyoming, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Pushes For Renewable Energy” • Talking about climate change in Wyoming, where roughly half the state government revenue is from fossil fuels, can make for “tough conversation.” But for the second time in four years, the Citizens’ Climate Lobby toured the state to talk about “climate solutions.” [JHNewsAndGuide.com]

¶ “Public Lands In The US Have Long Been Disposed To Fossil Fuel Companies. Now, The Lands Are Being Offered To Solar Companies” • The Bureau of Land Management has outlined a plan that could reshape the development of solar energy projects in the Western United States as the nation transitions to more renewable energy sources. [Inside Climate News]

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