September 16 Energy News

September 16, 2022

Science and Technology:

¶ “New ‘Gen6′ BMW Battery Promises 620 Mile Range” • When BMW recently announced the 46 mm round battery format, they said the new cells would offer more range than their current EVs, but we didn’t know how much more. Now we do: over 1000 km (about 620 miles). The Gen6 EV battery also offers significantly faster charging. [CleanTechnica]

Gen6 batteries (BMW, via Autocar)

¶ “China Approves World’s Largest Pulsed-Power Plant; Sets Eye On Achieving Nuclear Fusion Energy In Six Years” • Professor Peng Xianjue of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics announced that the Chinese government approved construction of the world’s largest pulsed-power plant in Chengdu, Sichuan province. [EurAsian Times]


¶ “Experts Slam ‘Pittance’ In Aid To Pakistan As They Find Climate Crisis Played A Role In Floods” • An analysis of Pakistan’s devastating floods has found “fingerprints” of the human-made climate crisis on the disaster, which killed more than 1,400 people and destroyed so much land and infrastructure it has plunged the South Asian nation into crisis. [CNN]

Floods in Pakistan (Ali Hyder Junejo, CC-BY-SA 2.0, cropped)

¶ “Will Paris Succeed? Research Assesses If Governments Will Make Pledges A Reality” • A study published in Nature Climate Change is the first to provide scientific evidence assessing how effective governments will be at implementing the commitments they made to the agreement that will reduce CO₂ emissions causing climate change. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Volvo Trucks Ramps Up Big Electric Truck Production” • This week, Volvo Trucks made waves in the heavy-duty truck space by becoming the first manufacturer to begin series production of an all-electric, 44 ton heavy-duty semi truck. The Volvo Trucks line-up includes six electric semi truck models for a wide range of applications. [CleanTechnica]

Volvo Trucks trucks (Volvo Trucks image)

¶ “Peugeot Introduces First 100% Electric Wagon For Europe” • Peugeot continues to expand its lineup of 100% electric cars. The newest addition to its electric fleet: the e-308, a fully electric wagon version and a fully electric sedan version. The e-308 wagon is reportedly the first fully electric wagon on the market in Europe. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Indonesia Unveils New Regulation To Boost Renewable Energy Use” • A new Indonesian regulation is to encourage its renewable energy use. Indonesia is world’s largest exporter of coal and one of the biggest carbon emitters, but it hopes to retire some coal plants early and increase the proportion of renewables in its energy mix to 23% by 2025. [The Straits Times]

Jakarta (Afif Kusuma, Unsplash, cropped)

¶ “Renewable Energy Accounts For 40% Of Cambodia’s Total Energy” • Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said renewable energy from hydropower, solar, and biomass accounts for 40% of the kingdom’s total energy. Hun Sen said Cambodia will keep its focus on the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy to the fullest. [Khmer Times]

¶ “Siemens Commissions 8.75-MW Green Hydrogen Plant In Germany” • Siemens announced that it has commissioned one of Germany’s largest green hydrogen generation plants. The plant has an electrical capacity of 8.75 MW. It is able to produce up to 1,350 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, powered by wind and solar capacity in the same area. [Energy Digital]

Siemens green hydrogen plant (Siemens image)

¶ “UN Nuclear Agency Resolution Seeks Russian Retreat From Ukraine Atomic Plant” • The board of governors of the UN nuclear agency asked Russia to withdraw its troops from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, a move praised by Ukraine. The text was approved by 26 of the 35 member states sitting on the Council of the IAEA. [Kyiv Post]


¶ “Biden Administration Announces Plan To Develop Floating Offshore Wind Turbines For The West Coast” • Several new initiatives to develop technology for massive, floating offshore wind turbines were announced by the Biden administration as part of the effort to launch offshore wind in California and elsewhere on the US coastlines. [CNN]

Floating offshore wind turbine pilot by the University
of Maine, 2013 (Jplourde umaine, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “Goldman Sachs Ignites Energy Storage Gold Rush” • The ink has barely dried on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, and one of the world’s top investment firms is already leveraging the law’s new tax credit for energy storage. That would be Goldman Sachs, which seems determined to get a lead on the sparkling green economy of the future. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Giant Steps And Baby Steps For Fuel Cell Trucks In The US” • Fuel cell trucks have yet to crack the US market, but it looks like things are about to pop open. Last month Bosch announced a $200 million investment to upgrade a fuel cell facility in South Carolina aimed at heavy duty trucks, and now here comes Ford Motor Company with a pilot test. [CleanTechnica]

Fuel cell truck (photo courtesy of Ferguson)

¶ “Black Hills Energy Sets Net Zero By 2035 Target; Plans To Add 650 MW Renewable Energy, Storage Capacity By 2030” • Black Hills Energy, which operates electric and natural gas utilities in Wyoming and seven other states, said it has updated its clean energy targets to achieve further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. [Oil City News]

¶ “Petoskey On Track To Reach 2035 Renewable Energy Goal, Despite Supply, Labor Setbacks” • Despite setbacks due to supply chain issues and labor shortages, the City of Petoskey, Michigan, reports that its renewable energy usage is at 24% and that the city is on track, possibly even ahead of, its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035. [Petoskey News-Review]

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