September 13 Energy News

September 13, 2022


¶ “Can The Electric Grid Handle EV Charging?” • As the adoption of electric cars, trucks, and buses gains momentum, many people are wondering if the electric grid is up to the task of charging all of those vehicles. On the near term, we can be assured that it is. For the long term, it will require some planning, but it should not be difficult. [CleanTechnica]

EV charging (Possessed Photography, Unsplash, cropped)

¶ “How Fossil Fuel Companies Overpromise But Under-Deliver On Climate Goals” • InfluenceMap is an independent research group doing data-driven analysis of climate impacts of business and finance. They recently showed that fossil fuel companies might pay lip service to reducing emissions, but they are acting to keep pushing fossil fuels. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “How Sunlight Could Turn Seawater Into Freshwater For Coastal Communities” • Over two billion people worldwide lack easy access to clean water, the World Health Organization says. One solution is desalinization, but the plants doing that use energy and send concentrated brine into the sea. Manhat, a company in Abu Dhabi, has another way. [CNN]

Manhat desalinization system (Manhat image)


¶ “Pakistan ‘Still In Danger’ And Flooding May Take Up To Six Months To Recede, Authorities Say” • Authorities in Pakistan have warned it could take up to six months for deadly flood waters to recede in the country’s hardest-hit areas, as fears rise over the threat posed by waterborne diseases including cholera and dengue. [CNN]

¶ “Are Drying Rivers A Warning Of Europe’s Future?” • Nearly two-thirds of Europe suffered drought conditions this year, the worst in 500 years. Scientists say global warming has played a large role in the crisis. Crops were lost. River shipping slowed. Nuclear power plants were shut down for lack of cooling water. But extreme weather is becoming normal. [BBC]

Dry river in Northern Ireland (K Mitch Hodge, Unsplash)

¶ “Charles Will Not Cool On Climate Action, Say Friends” • Will King Charles III turn his back on a lifetime of environmental campaigning? As Prince of Wales he spent decades campaigning, cajoling, and convening meetings for action on environmental issues. As king, his politics are supposed to be neutral, but friends say he will not cool on environmental issues. [BBC]

¶ “Ditch The Plane, Take The Night Train” • People who travel by train leave a carbon footprint 50 times smaller than those who fly. Recognizing how dramatic the difference is, many Europeans now prefer to take the train rather than fly. Nightjet, a service of ÖBB (Austrian Railways), is increasing the allure of train travel by adding 33 custom designed trains. [CleanTechnica]

Night train berth (Night Train image)

¶ “Zenith Plans Australia’s Largest Off-Grid Hybrid Power Plant For Mining Op” • Liontown Resources is the latest mining company to back renewables to power its off-grid operations, engaging remote power generation specialist Zenith Energy to build a 95-MW hybrid solar PV, wind and battery energy storage system in Western Australia. [pv magazine Australia]

¶ “US Government Offers To Build Nuclear Power Plants In Poland” • The Government of Poland has received a Concept and Execution Report for Civil Nuclear Cooperation from the US to build six large nuclear reactors using US technology. The report was given to Poland’s Climate and Environment Minister by the US Ambassador. [Power Technology]

Cooling towers (Kelly, Pexels)

¶ “IAEA Chief: Russia, Ukraine Interested In Protection Zone Around Nuclear Plant” • Ukraine and Russia have expressed interest in a proposal put forward by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN nuclear watchdog ,to create a protection zone around the Russia-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, its chief Rafael Grossi said. [Khabarhub]


¶ “NY Governor Hochul Announces Winner Of 2022 New York–Israel Smart Energy Innovation Challenge” • Gov Kathy Hochul announced the winner of the 2022 New York-Israel Smart Energy Innovation Challenge, a competitive award that enables New York State to partner with an Israeli company to develop an innovative energy technology. [CleanTechnica]

EVolve NY Cross-State Charging Network site (NYPA/EVolve)

¶ “Solving Rooftop Solar Permitting Challenges In USA: New American-Made SolarAPP+ Prize” • The SolarAPP+ Prize is designed to accelerate adoption of Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus. The DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office will award prizes of $15,000 to local governments that can adopt or pilot SolarAPP+ in about five months. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “The Gulf Of Maine And Its Lobsters Are At Risk From Climate Change” • According to an article published earlier this year in the National Fisherman, 82% of lobsters caught in the US come from Maine. A new report from The Washington Post details the effects of the current climate crisis on the Gulf of Maine. The lobster industry is in trouble. [InsideHook]

Lobster boat (Thomas Dewey, Unsplash)

¶ “How MIT Is Working To Reduce Carbon Emissions On Our Campus” • Joe Higgins, vice president for campus services and stewardship, speaks here about the coordinated effort underway to address the Institute’s carbon-reduction goals, the challenges and opportunities in getting there, and creating a blueprint for a carbon-free campus in 2050. [MIT News]

¶ “Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Steve Bannon She Plans To Impeach Joe Biden Over Renewable Energy” • US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) revealed to Real America’s Voice talk show host Steve Bannon that she has drafted articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden over his investments in renewable energy. [MSN]

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