September 11 Energy News

September 11, 2022

Science and Technology:

¶ “Identifying Undocumented Orphaned Oil & Gas Wells” • Los Alamos National Laboratory is leading a research consortium funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to identify and evaluate the hundreds of thousands of undocumented orphaned wells in the US. It will determine environmental impacts with a focus on methane emissions. [CleanTechnica]

Orphaned well (Pennsylvania DEP image)

¶ “How To Cut Steel Industry’s CO₂ Emissions And Climate Threat” • RMI’s Climate Intelligence has released guidance for steel companies to report and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions impact of their products, giving them a competitive advantage as the preferred suppliers to corporations with ambitious climate targets. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “At Current Rates, Five Key Climate Tipping Points Are Already Possible, New Study Warns” • At current rates of global warming, the world is perilously close to five tipping points that could send global weather systems into irreversible collapse, a study found. Two of them are an abrupt thaw of the permafrost, and the end of a Labrador Sea ocean current system. [CBC]

Antarctica (Dylan Shaw, Unsplash)


¶ “Three Ways Climate Change Is Making Adventure Tourism Riskier” • Climate change can make adventure tourism more challenging and even riskier, experts said. Rockfalls on Alpine hiking routes, wildfires threatening campsites in Europe and the US, and landslides and floods on South American rafting rivers can all be seen as impacts of climate change. [BBC]

¶ “Rivian And Mercedes In Talks To Start Van Production In Europe” • Rivian and Mercedes have signed a “memorandum of understanding” to work together on production of electric vans in Europe. The companies will jointly invest in adapting an existing Mercedes production site in central or eastern Europe for building new electric vans, they said. [CNN]

Electric van (Rivian image)

¶ “Coal-Fired Power Station Closures Are Expected Early In Australia” • A report by Energy Resource Insights declares that coal-fired power stations in Queensland will close decades earlier than planned, or 2 to 3 times faster than previously expected. Their demise will be aided by the rapid increase in solar and wind farms throughout the state. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Low-Income Households In Belgium To Get Financial Benefit From 400,000 Solar Panels” • Helping two birds with one hand, a program in Belgium is looking to help cut emissions and provide a little financial boost to lower-income households. Thousands of social housing units will be receiving 400,000 solar panels via a €150 million investment. [CleanTechnica]

Belgian rooftop solar systems (Courtesy of Aster)

¶ “Time For Green Hydrogen In India Is Now, Says RK Singh” • The time for green hydrogen in India is now, Union Minister of Power and New and Renewable Energy, RK Singh, said while addressing the First EU-India Green Hydrogen Forum in New Delhi. India is already setting up its own manufacturing capacity for making hydrogen electrolyzers. [Down To Earth]

¶ “German Farmer Grows Fruit Under Solar Power Equipment” • A German farmer is successfully growing apples beneath solar power equipment that produces electricity. Many of the farm’s trees grow beneath solar panels that have been producing power. In addition to providing electricity, the panels protect the fruit below with shade. [VOA Learning English]

Apples growing (Jeremy Bezanger, Unsplash)

¶ “Zaporiyia Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down Its Last Reactor After Power Outages” • The only reactor still operating at the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine has ceased operations, even after the facility was reconnected to the general power grid, according to operator Energoatom. Shutting the reactor down is the safest thing to do. [MSN]


¶ “Sunrun And Tesla Solar Roofs And Batteries Saving The Day In California” • Thanks to solar PV and battery companies, the California grid is much better equipped to deal with challenges of heatwaves than it was a decade ago. A leading force in these industries is Sunrun, the largest home solar and battery storage company in the USA. [CleanTechnica]

Installing rooftop solar (Kate Costa, US DOE, public domain)

¶ “Electrify America Has A Plan To Simplify EV Charging” • Electrify America is the EV charging network Volkswagen created as part of its diesel cheating settlement with the US government. At first, its chargers were not highly rated, but the company is about to up its game, starting with replacing the chargers in 300 locations with new equipment. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Energy Developer Minimizes Grand Junction Solar Farm’s Visual Impact” • SolarGen, a Denver-based renewable energy company developing a solar farm in Grand Junction, on land now used as an illegal trash dump, plans to minimize the visual impact of the energy park. It plans to use solar panels designed not to exceed 16 feet in height. [NewsBreak Original]

Have an inexpressibly gorgeous day.

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