August 26 Energy News

August 26, 2022


¶ “Sterling: The Inflation Reduction Act Just Shattered The Ceiling For Clean Energy In Vermont” • Incredibly and finally, the Inflation Reduction Act has begun the shift to a clean energy America. What does this mean for Vermonters? A lot. For starters, if you are looking to go solar, you will now get 30% off through a tax credit. [Vermont Business Magazine]

Solar PVs at Middlebury College (PenelopeIsMe, CC-BY-SA 3.0)


¶ “Record-Breaking Heat Wave In Europe Will Be The Norm By 2035, Analysis Shows” • The record-breaking heat wave that hit Europe this year will become the “average” summer by 2035, even if all countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by as much as they have pledged to, according to an analysis by the UK’s Met Office Hadley Centre. [CNN]

¶ “From Energy To Drinking Water, China Has Lots To Fix In Its Economy” • China has unveiled 19 new measures to shore up its economy and its water supply as the country struggles with its worst heatwave in 60 years and rigid Covld lockdowns. The new measures announced by China’s cabinet amount to more than C¥1 trillion ($146 billion) in funding. [CNN]

Great Wall (Bruce Röttgers, Unsplash)

¶ “Pakistan Floods Hit 33 Million People In Worst Disaster In A Decade” • At least 33 million people have been affected by deadly flooding in Pakistan, the country’s climate change minister said. Since mid-June, 937 people have died from heavy rain and flooding across the country, according to the country’s National Disaster Management Authority. [CNN]

¶ “World Narrowly Avoided Radiation Accident At Zaporizhzhia, Zelensky Said” • Europe faced the prospect of a radiation disaster when a Russian-occupied nuclear plant was disconnected from Ukraine’s power grid, President Volodomyr Zelensky has said. Fires had earlier damaged overhead power lines, so the plant had to run on backup power. [BBC]

President Zelensky (President Of Ukraine, Public Domain Mark 1)

¶ “Russia Burns Off Gas As Europe’s Energy Bills Rocket” • As Europe’s energy costs skyrocket, Russia is burning off large amounts of natural gas, analysis shared with BBC News shows. Experts say the gas would previously have been exported to Germany. They say the plant is burning an estimated $10 million (£8.4 million) worth of gas every day. [BBC]

¶ “Roam Launches First Electric Mass Transit Bus In Kenya” • Roam (previously Opibus) is a Swedish-Kenyan company founded in 2017. It develops, designs, and deploys EVs tailored for the African continent, and it wants to catalyze the adoption of high capacity electric buses across Africa. It just announced new electric bus, the Roam Rapid. [CleanTechnica]

Roam Rapid electric bus (Image courtesy of Roam)

¶ “Norway’s Vehicle Fleet Transitions To Electric – How Long Will It Take?” • As of the end of Q2 2022, 24.4% of Norway’s passenger vehicle fleet were plugin vehicles, up from 19.3%, year on year. And 18% were fully electric, up from 13.6%. In 2010, only 0.5% of the fleet were plugins. Internal combustion vehicles are on a steep decline. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Still Disconnected From Grid, Ukraine’s Energoatom Says” • All six reactors of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in southern Ukraine are still disconnected from Ukraine’s electricity grid, state nuclear company Energoatom said, a day after nearby fires allegedly caused by shelling caused the plant to go offline. [Yahoo News]

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant (Ігор Діклевич, CC-BY-SA 4.0)


¶ “California Votes To Ban New Gas Car Sales By 2035” • The California Air Resourcess Board voted to approve stringent rules that would ban the sale of new gasoline cars by 2035 and phase the cars out with interim targets. The measure is historic for the US. It has major implications for the US car market, given the size of California’s economy. [CNN]

¶ “Amazon Strikes Green Hydrogen Deal With Fuel Cell Maker Plug Power” • According to Amazon, Plug Power will supply 10,950 tons of green hydrogen per year for its transportation and building operations starting in 2025. Amazon expects Plug Power to provide enough green hydrogen to power 30,000 forklifts or 800 long-haul trucks. [CNBC]

Plug Power hydrogen delivery truck (Plug Power image)

¶ “California Solar Property Tax Exclusion Extended” • The California State Legislature approved a two-year extension of a property tax exclusion for solar projects, providing stability to solar companies that have been facing significant uncertainty around project development as they work to help California meet its climate targets. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Rhode Island Announces Its First Electric Bus Fleet” • The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority received the first of 14 New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE NG™ 40-foot battery-electric buses. The rest of the order is to be delivered in coming months. The effort advances the state’s climate goals, including reaching zero net emissions by 2050. [CleanTechnica]

Xcelsior electric bus (Photo by Xcelsior)

¶ “Renewable Energy Coming To Campus” • Over the next 25 years, the University of Arkansas is expected to save millions of dollars in electricity costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 8.8% due to a new solar services agreement that was signed by UA System President Donald Bobbit on July 18, 2022. Savings of over $200,000 are expected in its first year. [UARK News]

¶ “DOE Announces $540 Million For Technologies To Transform Energy Production And Cut Emissions” • The DOE announced over $540 million for research into clean energy technologies and low-carbon manufacturing led by universities and national laboratories. The research is to build scientific foundations for reducing emissions. [Department of Energy]

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