August 6 Energy News

August 6, 2022


¶ “The End Of Net Metering May Be Good For Community Resilience And National Security” • Net metering did a good job of getting people to adopt solar back when battery storage was prohibitively expensive, but the world has changed. We need more solar in most places, but we need the ability to store that energy for night-time. [CleanTechnica]

House with a rooftop solar system (Gus Ruballo, Unsplash)

¶ “LG Energy Solution Tapping Battery Startups To Try To Poach Their Goodies” • The LG Energy Solution Battery Challenge 2022 is now taking applications for startups to participate. LGES isn’t exactly coy about what it is trying to get out of it: “Through international competition, LGES aims to maintain leadership in battery industry.” [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Common Weed May Be ‘Super Plant’ That Holds Key To Drought-Resistant Crops” • Yale scientists describe how a weed, purslane, integrates two distinct metabolic pathways to create a novel type of photosynthesis that enables the weed to endure drought while remaining highly productive. Their paper was in the journal Science Advances. []

Purslane (ZooFari, CC-BY-SA 3.0)


¶ “Russian Rockets Damaged Part Of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant, Ukraine Says” • Ukraine’s nuclear agency says Russian rockets have damaged part of a giant Russian-controlled nuclear power plant, but there has been no radiation leak. Ukraine also accuses Russian forces of firing rockets at civilian areas from the site, employing “terror tactics.” [BBC]

¶ “E.ON And Alpitronic Team Up For 2,000 More Charging Stations” • Noting that the EV market is growing fast, E.ON is investing in thousands of new, ultra-fast charging stations across Europe. To install 2,000 of these charging sites by the end of 2024, E.ON has joined forces with alpitronic, a leading charger station manufacturer. [CleanTechnica]

E.ON charging station (E.ON press photo)

¶ “IKEA Aims For 1,000 EV Stations In Sweden” • IKEA has set a goal to “provide charging wherever the company offers parking.” So, unsurprisingly, the company recently announced plans to put 1,000 charging stations in the lots of its stores in Sweden, IKEA’s home country. They will be available for consumers, co-workers, and IKEA delivery vehicles. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “UK Boosts Renewable Target As Ukraine War Drives Up Prices For Energy” • With energy costs soaring, increased production of more cost-effective wind power is good news for consumers. It provides a potential to export excess UK energy to European countries, which are already struggling because of dependence on Russian energy supplies. [CGTN Europe]

Vacation home in Wales (ClwydianRanger, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

¶ “Renewable Energy Generation Accounts For 25% To 29% Of Total Power Amid High Demand: RK Singh” • Renewable energy made up 25% To 29% of the total power generation recently amid high demand for electricity, Union Power Minister RK Singh announced during a meeting of a Parliamentary Consultative Committee. [Devdiscourse]

¶ “TotalEnergies Completes 2-GW Asia Solar Joint Venture” • TotalEnergies and Eneos have received final merger clearance and have completed a joint venture agreement to develop 2 GW of solar projects across Asia over the next five years. The new joint venture will be called TotalEnergies ENEOS Renewables Distributed Generation Asia Pte Ltd. [reNews]

Solar array (TotalEnergies image)


¶ “GM To Double Miles Of Highway That Super Cruise Works On” • General Motors announced that Super Cruise, which it says is the industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance system, will be expanded to allow it to operate on more roads. Hundreds of thousands of additional miles of roads in the US and Canada may now be driven hands-free. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Ford’s F-150 Lightning Now Delivered To Customers In All 50 States” • In only two months, Ford has delivered electric F-150 Lightning trucks to residents in all 50 states of the US, from the Kenai River in Alaska to Houston and even Hawaii. Though sales are greatest in California and Texas, people all over are looking to electrify their truck transport. [CleanTechnica]

F-150 Lightning in Alaska (Ford image)

¶ “Climate Activists Call On New Hampshire Officials To Invest In Renewable Energy, Divest From Fossil Fuels” • In response to recent electricity rate hikes, climate activists and organizers are demanding state officials expand New Hampshire’s renewable energy resources. The advocates met outside the State House at a press conference. [NHPR]

¶ “Revolve Renewable Power Gets Approval For 250-MW Solar-And-Storage Project From BLM” • The Canadian renewables company Revolve Renewable Power has received approval to build a 250-MW solar-and-storage project in La Paz County, Arizona, on land under management by the US Bureau of Land Management. [PV Tech]

Solar array in Arizona (Purina employee, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “CVS Health Advances Sustainability Efforts Through Purchase Of Renewable Energy” • CVS Health is closer to achieving its goal of using 50% renewable energy by 2040. The company signed a 15-year agreement with Constellation to purchase renewable energy equivalent to the energy use of 309 CVS Health locations in Illinois and Ohio. [Drug Store News]

¶ “Washington Sees Greener Energy Future For The Gulf Of Mexico” • As part of a push toward a green energy future for America, the Biden administration unveiled plans to develop wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico. Though still in their infancy, the initiatives could one day generate enough electricity to power over 3 million homes. [Voice of America]

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