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July 13 Energy News

July 13, 2022


¶ “EVs Provide Energy Security, Aid Energy Transitions During Conflicts” • Society has had to transition from and use backup energy sources multiple times. The problem can be caused by political conflicts, shortages caused by natural disasters, financial troubles, and environmental issues, and wars. EVs offer a degree of energy security. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Model X charging (Tesla image)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Developing Nations Now Have A Scientific Basis For Legal Action Against Us, China For Climate Damages” • In a Dartmouth College study, researchers put dollar figures on economic harm caused by the countries most responsible for the climate crisis. The data could serve as a starting point for legal action against the world’s wealthiest nations. [CNN]


¶ “Volvo Cars Withdraws From EU Automakers Organization” • The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association formed in 1991 so European vehicle makers could have a common voice. Stellantis quit last month because it thinks the EU wants change too soon. Now Volvo Cars has quit because the EU’s plans are not aggressive enough. [CleanTechnica]

Volvo XC40 Recharge (George Sargiannidis, Unsplash)

¶ “80% Of New Offshore Wind Capacity In 2021 Was Installed By China” • Offshore wind had a great year in 2021, with over 21 GW installed. If you read CleanTechnica regularly, you may have heard of several offshore wind installations in the North Sea. But 17 GW of the 21 GW of offshore wind power, about 80% of the total, was installed in China. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Federal Government Puts Up $10 Million For Clean Energy Projects For Saskatchewan First Nations” • Five Indigenous-led initiatives have been given boosts by the federal government. Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources John Wilkinson has announced that $10 million would be dedicated to five projects in Saskatchewan. [CBC]

Solar array in Saskatchewan (computer_saskboyCC-BY-SA 2.0)

¶ “German Official: Nuclear Would Do Little To Solve The Gas Issue” • Germany’s vice chancellor defended the government’s commitment to ending the use of nuclear power at the end of this year, arguing that keeping its few remaining reactors running would be complex and do little to address the problems caused by a possible natural gas shortfall. [KSTP]


¶ “Labor’s Renewables Target Is Ambitious But Achievable” • In Australia, renewable energy is set to speed up. To achieve its 82% target, Labor has to build renewables around five times faster than the past two decades, and build storage at about ten times the rate of the past five years. Energy economist Bruce Mountain offers a blueprint. [Michael West Media]

Wonthaggi wind turbines (Simon Yeo, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

¶ “Renewable Energy On The Rise As Household Energy Bills Soar” • Amid an energy crisis and rising inflation rates, trying to navigate your household energy bills can be daunting. And as Australia is on track to getting half its electricity from renewable resources, environmental experts will tell you that the best move is to switch to gas-free lifestyle. []

¶ “Queensland To Install Batteries At Coal Plants” • Queensland will install renewable energy components at coal-fired plants but remains ambiguous about future plans for fossil fuels. Energy Minister Mick De Brenni says that adding battery storage and hydrogen production facilities to power plant sites will be in the government’s 10-year energy plan. [Eden Magnet]

Gladstone power station (LBM1948, CC-BY-SA 4.0)


¶ “More Than 200 Congressional Staffers Urge Pelosi And Schumer To Act On Climate” • In a rare move, more than 200 congressional staffers have sent a letter to Democratic leadership in the House and Senate, demanding they close the deal on a climate and clean energy package and warning that failure could doom younger generations. [CNN]

¶ “25,000 PG&E And Tesla Customers Invited To Form World’s Largest Distributed Battery To Support Grid Reliability” • Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Tesla launched a virtual power plant pilot to support grid reliability and save customers money. Tesla invited about 25,000 PG&E customers with Powerwalls to join the VPP. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Powerwall (Tesla image, cropped)

¶ “Funding Notice: Community Geothermal Heating And Cooling Design And Deployment” • The US DOE announced a funding opportunity for Community Geothermal Heating and Cooling Design and Deployment. It will award some funding for projects that help communities design and deploy geothermal district heating and cooling systems. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Solar Sal Electric Boat Cruises All Day On Nothing But Sunshine” • The Solar Sal 24 electric boat can cruise all day on sunshine alone. Sure, it has batteries onboard that can be used to power the boat after dark, but by careful attention to the natural world, ten people can enjoy a day on the water and never burn a drop of fuel or stop to recharge. [CleanTechnica]

Solar Sal boat (Solar Sal image)

¶ “New York Officials Explore Large Scale Renewable Energy At Two Municipally Owned Sites” • Two municipally owned sites in New York may get renewable energy development. NYSERDA signed memorandums of understanding with Dannemora and Brookhaven to explore the feasibility of developing renewable energy projects. [Solar Builder]

¶ “False Alarm At Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant” • There was an accidental warning about an emergency at the Seabrook nuclear power plant on Tuesday morning. Reports of a problem at the plant and potential evacuations surfaced about 11 a.m. But the reports were unfounded, and multiple Seacoast first responders said it was a false alarm. [Yahoo News]

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